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08-03-2011, 11:11
Hi all,
Been out of the hobby for awhile so this is my first attempt at an 8E list with the new book. Comments/criticisms greatly appreciated.

LORD - Black Orc Warboss [250pts]
General, Armour of Silvered Steel, Talisman of Preservation.

LORD - Savage Orc Great Shaman [220pts]
Level 3, Lucky Shrunken Head.

HERO - Black Orc Big Boss [165pts.]
BSB. Armour of Destiny.

HERO - Night Goblin Shaman [75pts.]
Level 1. Dispel Scroll.

HERO - Night Goblin Shaman [65pts.]
Level 1. Channeling Staff.

29 Orc Boyz [238pts.]
Shields & Full Command.

29 Orc Boyz [238pts.]
Shields & Full Command.

24 Savage Orc Big 'Uns [319pts.]
Big Stabba, Additional Choppas & Full Command.

24 Night Goblins [72pts.]

24 Night Goblins [72pts.]

5 Goblin Wolf Riders [65pts.]
Short Bows & Musician.

5 Goblin Wolf Riders [65pts.]
Short Bows & Musician.

2 Spear Chukkas [90pts.]
2x Bully

2 Wolf Chariots [100pts.]

2 Wolf Chariots [100pts.]

6 Trolls [210pts.]

18 Black Orcs [261pts.]
Full Command. Banner of the Eternal Flame.

2 Pump Wagons [90pts.]

2 Mangler Squigs [130pts.]

Rock Lobber [95pts.]

Doom Diver [80pts.]

Total: 3000 points.

Basic plan is 2 Orc units take up centre (BSB in one, General in other) with Trolls. Savages/Black Orcs take a flank each with Chariot, Pump Wagon & Mangler Squig support. Wolf Riders generally bait/annoy enemy units & Night Goblins babysit warmachines and maybe (if I'm lucky..) kill 1 or 2 models a game.

08-03-2011, 12:07
Overall, the list looks quite good imo. 2500/3000 lists I made in the dark corners of my mind had very similar shaman setups.
Some will say your blocks are too small, but I think everyone has to test for him/herself if he is the "hordy git" or not.

Some ideas: Drop the Black Orc upgrade on the general. Since it costs 50 points to gain not overly awesome advantages, just give the Warboss a twohanded weapon and save yourself points. :) For the points you could upgrade the Great Shaman to Level 4.

The Black Orcs are too small, on the other hand I cannot find a good place to scrap the points to increase their numbers...you have to test them out, I suppose...

For the two small NG mobs, maybe drop one and give the other one 3 Fanatics? They kill more than 1 or 2 models most times.

Otherwise, it looks like a solid list, it's a good 'un. :)

09-03-2011, 04:09
I'd think about dropping bullies, bosses,and maybe dropping the chariots to 2 singles rather than 2x2. I've never found bullies to do much for me and I believe your chariot units will have to pass a panic test if one gets destroyed. You could use the points to beef up that blackorc unit into something nasty

09-03-2011, 08:26
I'd drop the black orc characters to normal orc ones, and probably drop the items on the night gobbo shamen.

Infantry looks fine, though you might want to increase numbers across the board (I'd combine the 2 gobbo units to make one big unit).

I'd drop 1 wolf chariot, and make it 3 seperate chariots instead of 2 pairs of 2.

your black orcs would work best with more (about 30 maybe) in the unit.

I'm not overly keen on having loads of random move rares, so I would drop 1 or 2 of the pump wagon/manglers.

As previously suggested, you should try out units at the sizes you have, and see how they work, but I suspect they'll be a touch too small.

(sorry for the brief and "to the point" reply, I've not got much time...)