View Full Version : 1200 pts O&G for small local tournament

08-03-2011, 13:39
Hey everyone!
Just got hold of the new O&G book, and what better place to try it out than the bi-monthly Fantasy tournament arranged by my gaming club?
The armies used are middle of the road, so I'm hoping this list will do well enough. What do you guys think?

Orc big boss: BSB, light armour, shield
84 pts

Orc shaman: lvl 2, Talisman of endurance
130 pts

Night goblin shaman: lvl 2
85 pts

25 Orc boyz: big 'uns, extra choppas, full command, Banner of eternal flame
270 pts

20 Night goblins: bows, 1 Fanatic
85 pts

5 Wolf riders: spears
55 pts

9 Boar boyz: spears, shields, standard bearer, musician
200 pts

Wolf chariot
50 pts

2 Spear chukkas
70 pts

2 Rock lobbers
170 pts

At first I wanted a lvl 3 orc shaman for my general, but he was just too expensive and I'd rather have some more troops.

08-03-2011, 13:56
I'll just run through a quick assessment of what I would change if it were my army.

Drop one of the shamen (which one depends on which lore you prefer), drop the spear chukkas, drop a rock lobba.

This would give you (rapidmaths....) 230-270 points, or something thereabouts.

I'd increase your orcs to 35ish, and quite possibly drop the big uns upgrade (it's expensive at this points level)

Then get yourself another unit of either orcs or gobbos, as cheap and as big as you can manage (I'm thinking night goblins with shields probably).

Give the BSB a defensive item if possible (heavy armour and enchanted shield could be sufficient, as long as you keep him out of the fighting).

Essentially, big units = good