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09-03-2011, 07:59
Hi all,

Building up to an enormous game against a friend of mine which is a themed game using my new Vampire Counts army against his new Dwarf army.

The game will be approx 4000 pts, purely so that we can use all of the models that we have in 1 crazy fun game.
Just waiting for him to get some more Ironbreakers (ouch) before we can get rolling with this event.

I will post my final list when I have worked out exactly what I am taking but I will let you know roughly what I will be taking.

His list (I think) will be heavy heavy shooting, along with heavy heavy magic defense (Rune Lord and Rune Smiths with multiple runes of spelleating (?)) so pretty much I am screwed lol.

My army is to be themed (ish) along Kemmler's army in Zombie Slayer (Gotrek and Felix) so there is a slight illegality in the list, but my friend INSISTS I do it, so who am I to argue :)

I will be taking

Kemmler (Lv 4 Vampire Lord)
Krell (Wight King) - Mounted on Wyvern (I know I know), Black Axe of Krell
Vampire Thrall - Forbidden Lore (Shadow)...effectively suicide mage!
Wight King BSB - Drakenhoff
2 Wight Kings

Zombies x 120!!! One huge block of undead goodness!
Ghouls x 60
? Skeleton bunker for Lord to sit behind GG
Dire Wolves x 10 (race up flanks to intercept war machines)
Grave Guard (40) - GW, Banner of the Barrows (BSB + WKs sit here)
Varghulf x 2
Wraiths x 6
Spirit Hosts x 3 to sit behind bunker to protect from miners!

And thats about it. Hopefully tarpit his centre with ghouls and zombies while Krell, varghulfs, dire wolves, bats and wraiths harrass his warmachines and flanks.
Suicide mage to attempt Pit of Shades with IF cos I aint getting any other magic through! lol

Should be a cracking game and hopefully a fun report to read.
Thanks for reading :cool:
Fell Bats

09-03-2011, 08:40
black periapt. you won't be using any/many dispel dice, so why not grab an extra power dice every turn for only 15 pts?

Golden Lion
09-03-2011, 21:51
Looks exciting and I like the idea of a story behind the battle! Don't worry about the Wyvern man, it's hardly a powerhouse from hell. Looking forward to seeing the battle posted.

10-03-2011, 07:27
Thanks guys

Ill deffo think about black periapt, every PD I can scrounge and scrape will be greatly received.
Its going to be a great laugh this game, neither one of us is a serious power gamer so we will aim to have fun, no matter what.
The Wyvern had been going to be an Abyssal Terror but he "made me" promise to take the Wyvern, so who am I to argue lol

he has already written my name in the Book of Grudges for turning kragg the Grim in to a Chaos Dwarf Sorceror for my new Chaos Dwarf army!!:D

Gabacho Mk.II
12-03-2011, 22:45
Am rooting for the Dwarves! :D

13-03-2011, 20:15
Am rooting for the Dwarves! :D

Ha ha, just to wind up my bearded friend I have "risen" some undead dwarves to make some stunty zombies and we wont mention the slayer spirit hosts ;)

14-03-2011, 13:22
Sounds good any rough estimates for the game?

14-03-2011, 21:12
Ill post my list soon but I wont have his list until the day which will hopefully be at the start of April when he gets his dratted ironbreakers!!!

15-03-2011, 14:30
Beware flaming cannons and grudge throwers... they make a usually unkillable grave guard horde fall to bits in a couple of turns.