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09-03-2011, 09:59
Been playing 40k for 10 years+ and now our little gaming group have expanded to fantasy so with no further ado, here is my list.
I know that a L4 i almost mandatory but our group usually don`t build powerlist or use deathstars.

My primary reason for posting is ofcourse if the following list is fun to play and most importantly fun to play against.
And should I exchange a unit of knights for a 10 man unit maruder horsemen and then give the other knight unit mark of khorne?

Will be playing Brettonnia, high elves, skaven, ogres, dwarfs.

hero:exalted, shield, bsb, tzt, 4+ward-195
hero:L2 sorcerer, spell familiar, eye of tzeentch-160

core:19 warriors, tzt, stb, mus, rapturous standard-362
core:15 warriors, kho, shi, hile, mus-303
core:30 maruds, fc, tzt-225

special:5 knights, mus-210
special:5 knights, mus-210
special:4 ogres, chaos armour, gw-200


09-03-2011, 13:15
You need a lord. drop both chrecters and the chariot for a lv.4, MOt, Thrid eye of tzeetch, Talismain of Preservation, Puppet.

The tzeentch warrior have the right idea, but i would give them blasted standard for the 4++ against shooting.

I dont know what 'hile' means on the khorne warriors, but what ever it is, give em halberds. And make them up to 18 (6x3)

The ogres are rubbish. One of the worst choices in a WoC army. Drop em for more knights or a hellcannon/warshrine.


09-03-2011, 18:26
Knights are not bad but...but i'd go with only one unit.

A warshrine could help your troops.

I'd get a lvl4 with either Tzeentch or Nurgle.

If you plan on keeping your general with your troop, try Chaos trolls!

09-03-2011, 19:08
I'd go with that list except that I'd try to squeeze in the Talisman of Endurance and the Charmed Shield for your sorcerer.

Your Tzeentch warriors have shields, right?

10-03-2011, 14:38
Hile is an abbreviation for halbeard in my language :)
Yes the tzeentch warriors have shields.

Howcome trolls are rated higher than ogres? Ofcourse they have regeneration and get to roll on the eye of the gods table but even with a ld8 reroll, isnt their stupiditety i liability?

Main reason for not using a level 4 mage is that its kinda overpowered but still, will be trying out the tzeentch l4 mage.

Rules question: Does the eye of tzeentch work against cannons and bolterthrowers and the like?

10-03-2011, 19:22
You would only fail that stupidity 10% of the time. So I wouldn't be that worried.

I wouldnt be suprised if you see a lv4 in half of your 2k games. I regularly see one in almost every game I play. And he's as defensive as offensive.