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Silent Surrender
25-03-2006, 21:48
Heres another sketch of mine, this time done with graphite.

http://img365.imageshack.us/img365/7366/innocence6eq.th.jpg (http://img365.imageshack.us/my.php?image=innocence6eq.jpg)

Enjoy! :p

Warboss Garfang
25-03-2006, 21:50
Looks good, although the legs seem a little too bulky and rectangular. The pose, face, and left arm came off very well.

25-03-2006, 22:07
he has an aquilla on his chest, but an 8 pointed star on his bolter, what is his allegiance?

25-03-2006, 22:23
and he's holding a neckless with an 8-pointed star on it

Silent Surrender
25-03-2006, 22:24
Hehe yeah I made the legs extra bulky with purpose, I like big thighs :P

And about the allignment, hes a good boi so far... ;)

Anvils Hammer
27-03-2006, 00:21
he is obvioulsy holding captured chaos weapons and a talismen, that he has taken for testing.. or somthing.

I like it alot, enter my temuchin artwork comp!

Silent Surrender
28-03-2006, 16:37
Yep that was exactly what I thought about when I drew it Anvil.

And Im right now working on a contribution to your competition :)

Silent Surrender
13-04-2006, 23:07
Here comes another sketch.

http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/8447/ecamptusbarhelgian5zp.th.jpg (http://img155.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ecamptusbarhelgian5zp.jpg)

14-04-2006, 10:11
Likey likey, likey a LOT

Silent Surrender
15-04-2006, 14:56

Here is yet another one.

http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/1674/fateofdestiny5zj.th.jpg (http://img84.imageshack.us/my.php?image=fateofdestiny5zj.jpg)

15-04-2006, 15:01
A very nice shot on the first one. Great basic detail and structure.

Your second one was very detailed but could use a spot or two being a tad darker for contrast. But great chaos marine.

Number three looks good but the hands are a tad under done or out of scale, even through it could just be the armor throwing me off. Very well done and nice skill.

Silent Surrender
15-04-2006, 18:49
Hey thunderer! Good observations there, will help alot in improving the pictures, thanks alot :)