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Big Boss Scholes
10-03-2011, 11:56
Ive recently started an artilery heavy army, and do far have 1 win (OK) 1 draw(Lizards) and 1 loss (DE.....who i have never won a game against in my life)
i have in my possetion at the moment 48 thunderers 20 warriors 2 cannons and a grudge thrower, i have borrowed a lord on sheild bearers for my game, and was wonderting if anyone could help make an effective army out of this, i can buy various its and bobs, but id preffer to use wat i have for the larger extent, and advise? builds? dwarfish grumbling?

Also, i know gunline carry a certain stigma, but my regular group of gamers dont mind them at all and see them as just another challenge


10-03-2011, 12:38
Your biggest problem is not the stigma of gunlines, but rather the effectiveness.

In 8th combat happens a lot fast so you just don't get much shooting off, and then in combat you are slaughtered. You probably have also noticed that for the points the grudge thrower does a lot better than the thunderers, this is because template war machines got a bump and all regular shooting has going for it is shooting in two ranks (so you rank up 5 wide rather than 10).

However if we have to deal with these models then so be it.

Can you tell us what about the LM and DE lists look like?

From what you've given me I can say no more than castle formation and target priority.

10-03-2011, 13:10
With Dwarfs, you'd be better off just running 3 war machines, then perhaps a few guns and the rest combat stuff. An organ gun, a cannon with runes of forging and burning and a Grudge Thrower with 2 runes of penetrating and a rune of accuracy is about all the artillety you need.

There's always been a lot of hype on the internet about how artillery is the best thing around in 8th, but it's really not. Some artillery and then your standard Dwarf warriors will get you further.

I think one of the newest Heelanhammer episodes covers Dwarfs in some depth.

Putting the thunderes in the back ranks would allow you to use them as warriors, and I'm sure your opponents won't mind too much if you ask if you can proxy the cannon as an organ gun (provided you make it clear which one is which of course).