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30-05-2005, 23:09
I have been working on this codex with a few other people for about a year now, it is a two-part codex but as of now only the first half is presentable.

The first list presents Crone Eldar or “Tainted” Eldar, who have been fighting against daemons and traitor forces in the warp since the Heresy. After a few bloody wars against Chaos they had decided to ally with humans to strength their numbers and to get gain much needed resources from out side the Eye. Later more humans were asked to join from either worlds marked from purgatos or repented heretics. The Eldar them selves have a different view then Craftworld or Dark Eldar as they feel they have failed as the superior race to protect other less races from Chaos and the Eye of Terror is a problem they must correct not run from like other Eldar. Rather then the more selfish Eldar view on manipulating the rest of the races to act as a shield for other Eldar, the Tainted Eldar are more willing to sacrifice them selves to protect the lesser races as a way to make up for their past failures.

The second list is Slaanesh worshipping Eldar and Slave Raiding force it is a step up from Dark Eldar as they have gone all the way into Slaanesh and have developed some fun toys to use for slave raiding.

The background is more story driven or “fluffy”, it revolves around a few central characters to add some depth to it rather then a shallow “Chapter Master Blah Blah” or “General Someone”. Although it doesn’t impact the game directly (unless you field them as special characters) I hope adding some diversity to a codex would give a more interesting playing experience.

Most of the background in the codex is still in its rough draft so don’t bother reading it if typos bother you and its about 31 pages as of now (260k ish) it may take a few seconds for it open on slower connections.

Any (constructive) comments, suggestions, or ideas would be welcomed, thanks for reading.

Link to codex doc (http://ntins.emperorschildren.net/CF0.01F.doc)

31-05-2005, 12:05
Well, I only glanced through, but you definitely need some work on pointing vehicles correctly.

The Vanguard should be around 60pts, not 35pts.

The Ambuscade should be around 180pts, not 130pts.

The Rusher should be around 180pts too, not 115pts.

The Envoy should be more like 150pts, not 100pts.

31-05-2005, 15:05
*edit* My previous post sounded kind of rude.

Since you said you just glanced over it may have missed it but the Ambuscade and Vanguard are listed with out their main weapons so buying the cheapest weapons for both would make the Vanguard 50pts and the Ambuscade 160pts. The list is limited to two heavy supports that always start in reserves so a slightly cheaper main tank isn't to bad since the list can only take two of them and they will show up at a random time.

The transports are a bit of a mixed bag the Envoy is 108pts in VDR but I dropped to 100 just from comparing other Skimmer Transports in the game and their utility. The Rusher is different from the Envoy, as it can't carry Marines along with a reduced transport size to make up for the front energy field and main weapons. The Rusher probably could stand to have a point increase but I think 180pts is a little much for a poor mans Wave Serpent. Its uses are limited really to the Out Runner squad, HQ, and Aspect transports if it was able to carry Marines around I would agree it would require a higher point cost.

06-07-2005, 18:49
this is good and youve spent alot of time. a few pointers.
1- there are too many armour options. you shold have 2-3 sets of armour only.
2- some of the points costs need amending
3- carapace armour is 5pts because guard are a hordearmy (hence 5pt power weapons) rely you shoulkd make it 10pts.

06-07-2005, 22:48
this is good and youve spent alot of time. a few pointers.

1- there are too many armour options. you shold have 2-3 sets of armour only.
The weaker armor (4+, 5+, 6+) is really for modeling purposes on the Tainted Noble HQ, since they have an invun save and not an armor save.

2- some of the points costs need amending
Defintily needs some tweaks, play testing just takes some time to find a good average.

3- carapace armour is 5pts because guard are a hordearmy (hence 5pt power weapons) rely you shoulkd make it 10pts.
I got the armor point scale from the Inquistor Codeci, like 1. the only model that benifits from 4+, 5+, 6+ armor is the Eldar HQ choice. Every Noble in a squad has a 4+ save or better, I did forget to add a note that models can't fleet if they have a 3+ save. That is why the two Eldar Noble armos are 4+ armor. If a player decides to take an increase save they will be sacrificing the fleet ability.

07-07-2005, 16:13
oh right, that balances it out. as i said erlier its a realy cool list and youve taken alot of time on it so well done :)

07-07-2005, 16:48
Thanks :) right now I am working with another guy on making some templates to kitbash Falcons and Vypers into the Bale Vehicles.

14-07-2005, 20:54
Kicking some ideas around with people about increasing the utility of shooting upgrades for squad leaders and HQs. The problem we have is 40k is geared for close combat for HQ (minus Tau but they still get 5S hits) since they get multiple attacks and can upgrade to power weapons or what have you. If they shoot it is limited to a las pistol or a bolt pistol, it is more effective to enter cc rather then stay at short ranged and be blown apart.

Instead of making a page of new ranged weapons I had this idea of making upgrades for shooting weapons, each ranged weapon may take 2 upgrades and rifle weapons may take combi upgrades as well as the 2 upgrades. It starts with the base weapon Echo or Bolt (Echo Pistol, Echo Blaster, Echo Rifle, Bolt Pistol, Bolter, for those who didn't open the doc Echo Pistol Range 12" S4 AP5 Assault 2 *Pistol, Echo Blaster Range 18" S4 Ap5 Assault 1 shoulder mounted, Echo Rifle Range 24" S4 AP5 Assault). First point is for echo, second for bolter.

+1S 5pts/3pts
+1Ap 5pts/3pts
Extra shot 5pts (Bolter +1 shots echo weapons can be either assault 2 or heavy 3)
Accuracy +6" 10/5pts
Pistol Grip 7/4 pts (True Grit)
Silencer 3/2 pts (Raises alarm on a 6)

Twin Linked 5pts
Grenade Launcher 5pts (Range 18" S4 AP- Assault 1 Blast, is not 1 shot)
Resonate Rifle 10pts (Range 24" S6 AP3 Assault 1)
Flamer 5pts
Fusion 10pts (Melt gun)

So with this I can purchase a Bolter and add the Accuracy and AP upgrades for 10pts all together
“Eagle Eye” Pattern Bolter: Range 30” S4 AP4 Rapid Fire

Make a nice objective rifle for a team leader with some anti bunker power using an Echo Rifle, Silencer, and Fusion Combi for 17pts “Ghost” Pattern Echo Rifle.

A nice Tyranid or Ork weapon for an HQ using the Echo Blaster (shoulder mounted) with a +1S and Combi Flamer attachments. Range: 18” S5 Ap5 Assault 1 + Flamer, For 15pts.

I need to play with this a bit in game to see if it can really work out but what does any one think of this idea?