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11-03-2011, 03:08
Lords - 750

Grey Seer
Book of Ashur
Opal Amulet

Armor of Destiny
Sword of Anti-Heroes
Iron Curse Icon

Heroes - 207
Storm Banner

Lvl 1
Warp Condenser

Core - 804
Stormvermin x 35
Queek's Bodyguard
Full Cmd
Razor Std
Warp Fire Thrower

Clanrats x 42
Full Cmd
Warp Fire Thrower

Special - 559
Gutter Runners x 5
Poisoned Attacks

Gutter Runners x 5
Poisoned Attacks

Rat Ogres x 6
Master Bred
Packmasters x 2 (3)

Rare - 680
Doom Wheel

Doom Wheel

Warp Cannon

Warp Cannon

Plague Catapult

Plague Catapult

3k on the dot

Grey Seer and Engineer go with the Clan Rats (5 wide) and act as an anvil

Queek, Warlord and BSB go with Stormvermin (6 wide, BSB hidden in 2nd rank)
to be the hammer

Doom Wheels on the flanks

Cannons and Catapults behind

Gutter Runners do their thing and pop up to kill Warmachines


17-03-2011, 21:35
BSB is a character and placed in the first rank (?)

17-03-2011, 22:02
doomwheels shoot every round at the closest unit within 18"

18-03-2011, 00:40
BSB is a character and placed in the first rank (?)
Because of other characters and full cmd he will get bounced.

doomwheels shoot every round at the closest unit within 18"
and your point is?

18-03-2011, 08:53
Only two infantry unites? Isn't that going to be way to few for a skaven army at 3k I would drop a lord and get atleast a slave unit or something.

18-03-2011, 09:34
that is one tiny army.....

also, no HPA?? I would assume any 'ardboyz list would have at least two of these....

The Catapult isn't that great either.... perhaps drop them, take a minimum sized unit of PWG's with a death globe and a mortar, then use the spare points to pick up some slaves....

I wouldn't run queek's stormvermin so narrow, you're paying a lot of points to upgrade them and the vast majority aren't fighting... the majority of damage will be coming from queek and the warlord anyway, so it might be worth dropping them to regular SV and freeing up some points, OR deploying them wider (I've had great success with a horde of SV, they can chop up most weaker stuff, and grind the tougher stuff down...)

Also bear in mind the stormbanner will effectively cut your shooting phases in half.... it's great, but if you're relying on a lot of shooting, I think it's sub-optimal....

regardless, good luck and do the skaven proud!!

18-03-2011, 14:14
Yes its small, but that's what I was going for for this round. I know my meta and larger isn't always better.

Abombs can only be run in two and that's takes up close to 500 pts. I just feel those points are better served elsewhere.

I've had great success with the catapults.

The SV are starting 6 wide for ease of movement, but can always in crease frontage if I need them too. Steadfast beats attacks in my opinon.

The SB will only effect my GR and WLC. The gutter runners don't mind the negatives to bad being posioned and thw WLC still have a 50% chance of firing everyturn.

I'm not factoring in the WFT on purpose. 2 reasons, the are generally my first units dead and while the SB is up they can use those turns to move into better positions.