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11-03-2011, 02:47
Hey all. I'm very, very new to the Vampire Counts, and am not used to high points costs and seemingly small-ish force you get at this points level. It's been quite a challenge writing up some army lists as such, but enjoyable and rewarding none the less. I definitely need some help in polishing this baby off, however, as you'll see. In fact, the entire thing may need to be re-written, and if this is the case, I'm more than willing to do so.

I'm really loving the Vamps, love their army list, background, overall character, everything. I have a feeling 8th edition has ended up making some of their army list entries slightly overcosted(maybe...not really sure, and it doesn't matter too much to me anyway) as well, but this isn't an issue. I'm just interested in putting together a solid, characterful 2000 point starting force, that contains some of my favorite things in the army book. Anyway, here's what I'm working with for a 2000 point list currently. It isn't really finished, and there's lots of areas that could be changes. In fact, you have carte blanche when it comes to suggesting possible changes, items, whatever. I'm a blank slate.

Baron Lucius Hess
Vampire Lord-
Forbidden Lore
Dark Acolyte
Summon Ghouls
The Flayed Hauberk
Crown of the Damned

Wight King-
Battle Standard Bearer

Lord of the Dead
Helm of Commandment

Ludwig von Drech
Raise Dead
Corpse Cart

29 Skeleton Warriors-
Standard Bearer

30 Crypt Ghouls-
Crypt Ghast

24 Grave Guard-
Standard Bearer
Great Weapons


Black Coach

Current TOTAL 1942pts.

As you can see, it's fairly rough and unfinished. For all the other things I'd still like to buy for this army, I don't have many points left to spend, and it's getting pretty tight. That said, there's definitely some things that are needed for this army, and the points will have to be found...somewhere.

Anyway, please, let me know what you think of the army, and how I should go about changing it, fixing it, and finishing it off. Any and all thoughts and suggestions are welcome, and I'm most appreciative of whatever you may have to share. Thanks.


11-03-2011, 03:23
One of the things I'm considering at this point is removing the Varghulf, and using the points saved to bulk up my characters with adequate powers and magic items, adding a magic banner or two to the units, beefing out the unit numbers, and adding some more support units if necessary. It seems like it would be a fair trade to me. Let me know what you think.


11-03-2011, 22:34
I think it's a solid enough start but I do have a few questions and changes I'd advise.

Firstly I think the helm of commandment can go on the lord, it's an extra point of WS and your setup indicates that you don't want him in combat much anyway. This frees up options to make the hero vampire a bit more of a combat character. It would eat into the remaining points though. A second wight king would be a cheap option for that role but a vampire bring magic and combat, it'll depend on what you feel will benefit you more.

Quickly back to the lord, which lore were you thinking of using? The vampire lore is great in the current edition because of recasting and the ease with which we can cast the spells. This said the main rule book lore add a huge amount of versatility. You also should really note down which lore you are using when you write the list as well.

I would not put the necromancer on a corpse cart, I like both but putting the necromancer on the cart makes him a big target and one that's not easy to protect. I'd also rather give him vanhel's danse macabre for his first spell or invocation.

With the helm in the list you need a unit to bunker that character (and the necromancer too) in and skeletons make probably the best choice there which means they don't need to be that large. 20-25 is big enough to enter combat if it has to and avoid being wiped out by enemy firepower. Dropping the size down a bit would also help leave some extra points.

There are some great magic banners for undead, grave guard in particular love the banner of the barrows if you can afford it.

Varghulfs are situational. I love them but they're also fragile, regeneration will either work and it'll be an evil thorn in your opponent's side or it will die very quickly. They are excellent hunters of warmachines and flanking units such as light cavalry and can greatly swing a combat in a support role.

The Black coach is a wonderful if unpredictable unit. Easily our toughest single choice and can help against enemy magic, with the unfortunate side effect of also hampering your own. Once it's up to ethereal status on it's evocation of death chart though it'll be a right thorn in your opponents side. Be careful about what you target with it and it'll rarely let you down.

So in summary, I'd swap the helm onto the lord, have a careful think about the hero vampire and put the necromancer on foot. Reduce the skeletons a little and use them to bunker the lord and necromancer. Otherwise I think the list looks fine.