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11-03-2011, 04:24
Got a tournament coming up sunday, 2800 points, stuck stubbernly on all spiders.
Goblin shaman on Arachnarok
Snagla Grobspit
3 Goblin Big bosses on Gigantic Spiders
4 Goblin big bosses on Giant Spiders
10 Spider riders
10 Spider riders
10 Spider riders
9 Spider riders
14 Spider riders- Deff Creepers
Having issues deciding on what magic items to put on who, if the shaman should be level 4, a spidershrine, and if the flinger is worth the points.
The 4 big bosses on giant spiders were to be run with no extra equipment besides bows (everything that can take a bow will). All units of spider riders have a muscian and a standard bearer. Big bosses to go in spider riders and the ones on Gigantic spiders I plan to use for warmachine hunting/ lone charecter hunting.
Any ideas at all?

11-03-2011, 04:39
kinda convienient tournament is just over cost of 2 arachnaroks, isn't much to say really. i think armies like this with new edition (random charge distances) is going to always struggle. could work though.

11-03-2011, 04:59
We were working our way up for 'ard boyz, 200 extra points every 2 months, had to jump a bit with the change to when 'ard boyz was heh, the whole reason I went to O&G was for the big spider, first time I heard of it, decided a spider army would be diffrent (looking at the boards i am very wrong heh) Last 'ard boyz I ran lizard men with 5 or 6 stegadons in my list (was stomped horriblely but I loved every min of it)

11-03-2011, 19:13
I would do this army, but my mate is severly aracnaphobic....

Your missing pout on an oppertunity not having the spider banner on the main unit 'o' spiderz. Make em bigger, pop a bsb in, will make them actually good.

The shaman should be lv.4, ironcurse icon really.


13-03-2011, 17:22
i can't see it being particularly effective considering that you will struggle to break enemy units with a decent rank bonus, although a particularly lucky 'super destructive moon spell thingamagig' could weaken (to put it lightly) the enemies lines in which case your army is very good at mopping up weakened units.

But whatever happens in game your army is definitely gonna look awesome

regards papawolf

13-03-2011, 19:19
I don't think spider riders are that good for a tourney list.

Unless you just have the theme it, then I think its sick.

14-03-2011, 02:59
Well it ended badly heh, I did good against brits and warriors (good as in all 6 rounds and not tabled, dished it out, big spiders were awesome). 3rd and final game, battle for the pass against a dwarven gunline, lost a big spider every turn. That one hurt, alot.