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Light of the Emperor
26-03-2006, 04:39
Hey everybody...after lurking for quite some time, I've decided to sign on. Over the months, I've seen some great projects on here and with codex cityfight forthcoming I thought I'd try something out myself.

So, fellow gamers, I bring you the Kasr Tannenberg project...an 8x4 ft. city fight game table. Yes, you read right, 8 feet by 4 feet.

Note, some of the material I post may seem obvious or rudimentary because I'm taking some sections from my article series that I am writing for a website which is also read by non wargamers.

Some intro fluff...On with the show!

+++Incoming Message++++
Access level: beta
Thought of the day: Chaos runs where Angels dare to tread

Lord General, forgive me for being repetitive, but it may have already come to your attention that Kasr Tannenberg is falling. Our attempts to bolster the city defenses has all but ground to a standstill due to the unrelenting barrage from enemy mortars and artillery. My engineer squads and even the holy Techpriests of Mars are pinned down in the rubble under constant sniper fire. I have currently dispatched three squads towards the north sector in the hope that there are a few defense weapon emplacements still operational. As much as it pained me, I could give them no support of any kind. They are now in the hands of the Emperor.
Should we capture the defensive positions, my regiment would then be able to undertake one final, massed counter assault. Any remaining artillery will be required for this undertaking, but their effects will not be optimal. The enemy is heavily entrenched in the ruins and every yard of ground… [unintelligible]… killing field. This city can only be taken back with rifle stocks and bayonets. It is in the bloody melee of close combat that the Imperial Guard shall perform its… sacred duty.
If the [unintelligible] then we mu…[unintelligible]. There is only the Emperor, may h… [unintelligible]…ur hand. If we fail wi…[unintelligible]…im, then we… [unintelligible]…re..truly… lost…
+++comm. Interrupted+++
+++cannot reestablish+++
Message ends

Light of the Emperor
26-03-2006, 04:42
As many of you may know, Gamesworkshop is planning to release Codex: Cities of Death this summer. It is the 4th edition successor to the popular battlezone codex in which the armies of the 41st millennium fight apocalyptic battles amongst the ruins of Imperial cities. Not wanting to miss out on all the action, I’ve decided to once again build another gaming table (see landraider.com/terrain)...but this time the trees become street lights and hills of grass turn to mounds of rubble. Say so long to the countryside and hello to the city…Oi! Where did my line of sight go?

The first stage of this massive undertaking involves quite a bit of planning:
What theme am I going for?
What stage of conflict will my city be in?
What do I want my city to be comprised of?
How big do I want my city to be?
Will it be Imperial or Xenos?
What technological state will it be in?

It is better to determine all of this ahead of time before rushing in and spending money and effort on a certain aspect that you may regret later. To give an example of this: I had originally come up with the idea that the city outskirts would lead to a battle worn beach head where it can be assumed that the assaulting armies made their landfall. This concept seemed quite cool but, the more I thought about it, I determined that a) it would take away some of the feeling of a densely packed city and b) it would require extra supplies and time. I decided that I would leave this project for another table. I had however, already purchased some buildings just for this beachhead, but as luck would have it, another idea allowed me to incorporate them into the city…so no money lost…at least for now.

So, after quite a bit of initial planning, I have determined that I want to construct an 8ft. by 4ft. table that will be in the later stages of a war. The buildings would be destroyed and gutted, the streets littered with weapons and debris, burnt out husks of vehicles serving as makeshift bunkers etc etc. My advice now is to take any ideas that come to mind and write them down. Preliminary sketches are good too. By committing ideas to paper, you effectively build your city. If you are in need of inspiration, Imperial cities have a very gothic look to them which is similar to many European cathedrals and medieval architecture. You can find all of this on the net. Use all of this to your advantage when designing your city.

Once the city exists on paper, you can begin to gather supplies. It is worthy to note that brand name products do not always equal better and that the cheapest materials may be just that: cheap. In any case, use your best judgment or find recommendations from other hobbyists. The following is a list of supplies that I will be using:

Basics (all the stuff you should have lying around the house, or can obtain quite easily):
-paint brushes
-super glue
-PVC glue aka Elmer’s glue
-X-acto knife (be careful)
-saw/powersaw (see above)

Building Material (what you need to construct the city):
-plasticard aka sheet styrene
-polystyrene (those pink sheets of insulation)
-cardboard, corrugated cardboard, cereal box cardboard etc
-MDF board (thin board made of pressed wood, very light)
-pressboard/particle board (the heavy stuff usually an inch thick)
-balsa wood
-liquid resin
-PVC piping/ brass piping
-air hardening clay
-thin wires and mesh
-paper mache plaster

Paints (these are both from home improvement stores and hobby stores):
-matte black
-various shades of grays and browns for drybrushing
-your normal assortment of colors
-textured paint (preferably in black)

Other (if you do not want to construct your own buildings, you can purchase them):
-Gamesworkshop buildings (not a wide selection)

-Forgeworld buildings (detailed, but expensive and made of resin)

-Amera buildings
(I will be using their products for this table because they are affordable, light weight and have really good details already built in.

26-03-2006, 04:43
Yes, you read right, 8 feet by 4 feet.

now that's what i'm talking about! :D

i'll be watching this log intently, you'd better not botch it up!!!! ;)

Light of the Emperor
26-03-2006, 05:04
Apparently my early pictures were deleted. I have one at the moment and hopefully I can get the others back from a friend...sorry about that.

The foundation of any wargame table lies with its, well, foundation. Many tables are simply one flat sheet of press board usually 6 to 8 feet in length. This is a fast, easy and affordable way to make a table, but there are some downsides. First of all, press board is usually very heavy which makes hauling it around a work out in itself. Secondly, if the board is not supported right, it is bound to warp over time. Nothing is worse than seeing a great gaming table go to waste because of warping and watching all your dice roll off the sides. With that in mind, I took a different approach:

1. The first thing I had to do was get my supplies. In order to create a sturdy, supportive frame, I bought 2x1 inch wood beams. For the surface itself, I used ¼ inch thick MDF board. This is the stuff that is used behind big picture frames or shelving units. The important thing is that MDF is lightweight. When completed, the table should be light enough for one person to lift. I also picked up four ¾ inch thick, 8x2 feet polystyrene sheets. These will go on top of the table which will allow me to dig craters and sewer systems into the “table” itself. The Home Depot also had some bass wood which I bought to install around the outside to create a nice finished look (more on this later). I also purchased some woodscrews and six unfinished wooden table legs.

2. The amount of buildings and terrain that I have is enough to cover an 8x4 foot table. Since cityfight revolves around tightly packed terrain, you could easily create a 6x4 or even a 4x4 depending on the size of your games or the space you have available. So, I cut two of the beams to 8 feet in length and then five of them to 3ft, 10 inches. Put in a wood screw where the beams connect.

3. For some further support, I cut some more beams to go parallel with the 8ft. sides. These were cut to various length depending on how the cross beams were set up. After some fuzzy mathematical calculations, I cut the wood and had this as a final result (ignore the MDF for a moment):

4. The MDF board came in sheets of 4x2 feet. So I placed these on top and simply nailed them to the beams.

5. I then took the polystyrene sheets and secured them on top of the MDF with liquid nails adhesive.

6. Finally, using the bass wood, I created a perimeter around the entire table. This step is optional, but I did it for two reasons: first, the wood is slightly higher than the polystyrene so it protects the foam from chipping and keeps dice from rolling off the board. Secondly, it hides the multiple layers of wood and foam to give the table a smooth appearance.

The table legs will go on last because I have no way to get the table out of the house with them on. Other than that, the table itself is finished.

Light of the Emperor
26-03-2006, 05:05
Haha I'll try not to MIGHTYpanhead. One more installment for the night coming up.

Light of the Emperor
26-03-2006, 05:07
When playing a game of Warhammer 40K, one must be able to use the terrain to their advantage. Most games are played on flat boards, characterized by a few hills, tree copses and wide open plains which allow long range firepower to dominate (stupid Tau). These types of tables are better used when playing Warhammer Fantasy. Cityfight is quite the opposite with short line of sight that is constantly broken up by seemingly endless buildings, structures and rubble. These terrain pieces are the key to any game and provide the players with many options as to their set up. Advancing infantry can use buildings and bunkers as extra cover while artillery can be deployed far behind and remain unseen as it unleashes barrage after barrage.

Buying Buildings:
This is the easiest and fastest way to create a cityfight table. Games Workshop is ready to release tons of neat stuff in conjunction with the new “Cities of Death” Codex. They will offer grey battle mats that, when unrolled, provide an instant table top surface. They are also planning to release three plastic building kits that can be interchangeable with one another: a high rise, factory, and administration office.
Buildings can also be purchased from other companies including GW’s Forgeworld and Amera. Most of these kits need to be assembled and painted, but when finished, provide for some great looking terrain. The downsize is that, depending on the company, these buildings can make a huge dent in the wallet. The standard table size is 6x4 ft. For a good cityfight game, terrain should cover half the table…not a quarter as in “standard” games. This means that quite a few buildings are needed. Browse the websites and check them out for yourself!

Buying and Converting Buildings:
This is the approach that I am taking on this project. I prefer to convert a lot of my models and terrain to add individuality. I aquired my buildings from Amera and proceeded to add touches here and there. With a nod to gothic architecture, they gained flying buttresses, window panes and intricate details. Many of them had floors added or removed and walls torn out for various battle damaged looks. I even spent a few hours converting a roof for my soon to be imperial cathedral.
Both Amera and Games Workshop offer plastic buildings which are easy to cut and covert. Forgeworld’s buildings are made out of resin and provide a greater challenge for conversion work…but who would want to cut up such beautiful models anyway?

Making Your Own:
If you have enough time on your hands and skill with a blade, then this may be the way for you. Buildings can be made out of almost anything. The preffered materials are foamcore, cardboard, balsa/bass wood and plasticard. Most of these can be found at your local hobby or craft store. This approach provides the greatest possibilities for conversions and individuality as everything is made from scratch. Game Workshop has a cityfight section online that provides templates which can be used to create scratch-built buildings. Depending on the amount of your materials, this method may be the cheapest way to construct a cityfight table.

Light of the Emperor
26-03-2006, 05:15
At the moment, I am mainly focusing on the buildings and structures. I want to provide information and pictures which show how they are built and set up. Painting and detailing of the buildings will be discussed in the future so no need to worry.

The first thing I did, besides gluing everything together, was to map out where each building would go. I came up with this:

There is a gap in the center for a roadway and sewer system. I wanted to have the front be the “entrance” to a city with artillery pieces that suffered under a bombardment. The road would go through the city, over a bridge and turn left at the cathedral and eagle statue. The way it was set up provided players with decent, even cover that they could use effectively to various degrees. Each “side” has some high buildings where squads can provide covering fire from and open areas for tanks to maneauver through.

The top left of the table is comprised of an Adeptus Mechanicus factory. The artillery section occupies a smaller area of the board at the bottom left. The bridge, road and waterway are all now apparent and break up the blocks of buildings. The far right of the table has the cathedral, Adeptus Arbites bunker and more damaged buildings. This layout has three major long range line of sight areas, which are mainly centered around the road areas. Players now have a choice: risk infantry and vehicles in the open to move them faster along clear paths, or take difficult terrain tests and remain in cover.

This is a really early WIP shot...all the buildings will have sand put on them like the one to the right. They will all have flying buttresses as well.


Light of the Emperor
26-03-2006, 05:38
For those of you wondering what that looming building is:


It is the Cathedral Imperator. The three sections are Amera buildings. I converted the roof and buttresses myself out of foamboard. If you look closely, the eagle statue is double headed...made out of flag pole tops. The pillars are the ever ubiquitous wedding cake decorations and the ampitheatre base is another Amera product.
More on this later...enough to keep you guys all interested for now at least.

26-03-2006, 05:44
Looks great so far. I am interested to see a close up of the statue in front.

Light of the Emperor
26-03-2006, 15:02
Ok...much of the writing is over now I swear! I have now reached the stage that I am currently at. I have everything built and complete basic drybrushing on almost all buildings. The next step is to cut out sidewalks out of mdf board, glue the buildings on, and then all the detail work begins.

These are all pictures of the city in its current state..

Mechanicus Factory:

High rise and adeptus arbites pillbox (with searchlight):

Bridge and sewer system:

Light of the Emperor
26-03-2006, 15:08
A few more shots:


scratch built tarantula:

close up of an oil container:

and a WIP landraider/bunker:

Ray K.
26-03-2006, 15:12
Holy **** :eek:

I'm looking forwrad to watching the progress you make with this project. It's really inspirational :)

Light of the Emperor
26-03-2006, 15:22
Thanks Ray K. Glad you like it.

Anyways, I need some help here.

What color would be the best to drybrush the cathedral roof with? I'm using a textured poster board which is quite hard to boldly drybrush over.

Where can I pick up resin and hardner in the US? Like the stuff GW uses. I was thinking Home Depot?

Finally, I'm planning on hanging tattered banners off or every building and the front of the cathedral. So the question is, what color should they be and what color should the aquilla on it have?

26-03-2006, 15:40
oh wow! that's some nice stuff!

the landraider is a nice touch as well.

as to colour for the roof, erm. depends on what the most predominant colour is (besides grey.. =P) but whatever you choose, it shouldn't be too bright.

Light of the Emperor
26-03-2006, 17:05
Here's what the cathedral currently looks like:

It has enough room in the damaged section to fit a sniper or even a small squad.

Ray K.
26-03-2006, 17:45
I'm thinking the roof should be a dark red or dark green spanish tile.

Like so:

http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/1619/sbm64uj.jpg (http://imageshack.us) http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/346/sbm42we.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

As for flags and banners and such.... call me a scumbag, but I think a variation on either of the following would look awesome.

http://img469.imageshack.us/img469/3831/flag202drop1wv6de.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

http://img388.imageshack.us/img388/274/flag201high2le0di.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

They're both visually captivating designs, so each one is going to catch your eye when it wanders over terrain. They're stylish, proffesional, and elegant... perfect military banners, in my opinion. Obviously some Imperial Aquilas and such go in place of the Schwastikas (sp?) and Iron Crosses. I think it would give the city a very decadent, grimy, wartorn, militaristic kind of look... which is exactly what you're looking for.

Let me know what you think.

26-03-2006, 18:35
go for a bright but tattered banner, will be a good contrast. lightblue or that red one

26-03-2006, 18:38
yeah, the red one would be particularily eye-catching.

old guard
26-03-2006, 19:12
This whole project is great and is a fantastic demonstration of what can be done with the Amera vacuformed kits. I dont know how much the stuff sells for in the US but in UK its pretty cheap.
Combining the forthcoming COD stuff with this and armed with a good imagination (which light of the emperor obviously has) will make for some awesome boards.
Come on man MORE!!!!.....Quick

Light of the Emperor
26-03-2006, 19:33
I actually have that Imperial German flag hanging on my wall...next to my other historical flags.

Anyways, I was thinking what you all mentioned too. I think a bright red banner would look best. Tattered of course, with brown and black ink blotches, tears etc...
I want to make them out of real cloth so designs will definately not be intricate because it would have to be replicated on both sides. Perhaps just plain red with an aquilla in the center. I think those brass ones from Forgeworld will work quite nicely...question is what color should they be?
The biggest banner will hand from the cathedral. It will cover those four center windows from the top.

@Ray K: I think I might try that red/brown color. I might even find those shingles in the dollhouse section of my craft store.

@old guard: Thanks. My entire Amera purchase cost me about 270 US dollars. I even got it all within five days! It's great quality and allows for neat conversions. The articles that I am writing are going to be used on Amera's site as well. I email back and forth with him and send him pictures and suggestions for new kits.

Light of the Emperor
26-03-2006, 20:00
More pictures!

Standard building:

HQ/ Administration building:
Nothing fancy yet...the windows will be sandbagged and it will have an ammo dump somewhere inside.

Adeptus Arbites bunker:
They came with pillbox covers but I couldn't cut them to save my life. So, what better than to improvise! The two small pilloxes will have searchlights, while this one will have a tower with speakers blaring propaganda. I'll maybe build another tarantula sentry gun too.

Oh man, I'm running out of pictures...I guess I need to get back to work in order to produce new stuff.
My current challenge is amassing enough barrels, tank traps, and bitz to create a truely "lived in" city. My bitz cases only go so far...

26-03-2006, 20:01
Anyways, I was thinking what you all mentioned too. I think a bright red banner would look best. Tattered of course, with brown and black ink blotches, tears etc...
I want to make them out of real cloth so designs will definately not be intricate because it would have to be replicated on both sides.

i'd try to incorperate the three colours into it (black, red, white) , but definately not as intricate.

maybe a black cross, white circle in the middle of the cross, and a black aquilla in the circle?

Light of the Emperor
26-03-2006, 20:19
I might try the white circle. I was experimenting with various flag designs and had two others that incorporated a white stripe lengthwise in the center with a black aquilla in the middle...maybe even diagonally.
The trick is to make it similar enough to have people see a resemblance historically to WWII Germany, but not make it a direct ripoff.

26-03-2006, 20:34
something like this: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v208/Hazmat_captain_ZERO/untitled.jpg

note the awesome aquilla, complete with only one head!

hope it helps

Warboss Garfang
26-03-2006, 23:42
Woah, awesome board you got there, the Adeptus Arbites bunker is awesome!

Light of the Emperor
26-03-2006, 23:44
Here's the basic one:

Any color can be substituted for the purple. Green was another color, but that is already in use with the arbites bunkers. Red is always good too.

@Warboss Garfang: Thanks! The bunker is still WIP but the basic colors are there.

Anvils Hammer
26-03-2006, 23:47
wow, looking really really nice so far.

Im not a far of the Amera kits, but youve done some cool stuff with em mate.

looking forward to seeing it finnished.

I really need to get of my ass and finnish my city fight board...

Light of the Emperor
26-03-2006, 23:54
@Anvil's Hammer: It was your board that got me thinking of mine. Very very nice indeed. I haven't yet developed the skills for creating molds and woodcutting like you have so I needed to take the easy way out :p .

26-03-2006, 23:54
man that is pure awesomeness.

Ray K.
27-03-2006, 01:33
Here's the basic one:

Looking good, but I'd honestly recommend a brighter color. I think that might "blend in" too well with all the greys and such of a cityfight board. That could also look cool, but it's the opposite "feel". Either one is cool, I guess it just depends on what "feel" you want. Hrm.. alernatively... bright purple? I'm partial to purple, it's my favorite color.. so now I'm giving this purple thing some more thought, lol.

Also.. don't mind if I'm up your thread's ass. It's only because I'm really into your project. Like I said before, it's inspirational. My friends and I are all talking about doing a cityfight board for the summer, but none of us have lifted a damn finger... it's nice to at least have inspiration :p

Light of the Emperor
27-03-2006, 01:54
@Ray K: Not a problem my friend. Criticism and comments always help improve things. I agree with you about the dark color. The only building it would work on is the cathedral because it was drybrushed white. The others have darker colors and it wouldn't show up too well. I personally like the bright red...it will be somewhat darkened anyway after I "wear" it down.

27-03-2006, 13:05
Wow, i must say this has definately helped me view how to make a good board. I like the idea with the flag, I think the one you came out with is sort of less detailed and not really like the German One. I think if you kept the one with the Aquilia and had it Red with a Black stripe down the middle of it and maybe to the sides or even a White Stripe with black stripes on the sides. Anyways back to the scenery.
You said it cost 250ish $ for the scenery from Amera, my question is how much did you spend on the base? I dont really know how much mdf board is, so i have no clue how to estimate the costs.
And I like the Cathedral, I wanted to try and make one, but it was gonna be from scratch and i just had no idea how i was gonna make it look. Ive only done a couple of buildings (3) and they are out of Foamboard, would you recommend that or the plasticard more?
Sorry another question, how did you go about glueing the sand? Did you use spray adhesive?
Also Portability, You said it was light enough to carry, im assuming you have somewhere to put it when you dont use it? Because i think i would be in a situation where i could not leave it up all the time / have to transport it. Well i guess thats my problem. heh.
But I definatly like your work and what youve been doing. I wish i had the money to buy that Terrain as cheap as it looks, for the US at least its cheaper than the GW stuff but still pretty expensive. Pounds!! heh. Anyways. I look forward to seeing more.

27-03-2006, 14:39
Looking cool, definetly looking cool. I love making scenery and building boards. I've finally been able to see something done with the Amera kits so thanks for that. You've given me a few ideas....

Light of the Emperor
27-03-2006, 20:19
Glad I could be of help.

The base consisted of the mdf board, the 2x1 wood beams, some wood screws, 2 sheets of 8x4 polystyrene (most expensive) and 6 unfinished table legs. It cost me a grand total of 66 US dollars. Of course, you could just spend 22 bucks and get an 8x4 sheet of pressboard...but good luck hauling that around.
As for buildings, foamcore is fine. I made a city board before this one using it...but you definately need to take your time cutting the stuff and then protecting the exposed foam. Like I said, I built the roof of the cathedral, but the rest is Amera. I think a combination of both works best. Detail and self construction is a good mix.
I bought a a gallon tub of Elmer's glue (Staples/ Office Depot). I then brushed it on and sprinkled the sand on top. Just make sure you don't pour it on too thick otherwise it runs. Don't worry about mistakes, you can take an xacto knife and scrape the dry sand off later.
I have a place for the table...right next to my other two 8x4s...I have a "game" room so to speak.
Hope that helps.

Red Skullz
27-03-2006, 20:40
Holy cr... this made practically drool dude! This is just the thing I would want for the gaming group I`m in.

Great stuff and keep up the excellent work pal! I wanna see more :D

Light of the Emperor
27-03-2006, 23:01
Some more flag ideas:

http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y119/Wicked_Cold/flag3.jpg http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y119/Wicked_Cold/flag5.jpg
http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y119/Wicked_Cold/flag2.jpg http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y119/Wicked_Cold/flag1.jpg

I prefer the one with just the banner and eagle (don't know what color the aquilla should be). It's simple, bold and not a direct rip off of a German flag.
Am I getting somewhere with these?

27-03-2006, 23:02
Looks good, I Like the oil tanks, And the sewer system is gonna be awesome when it is done,

27-03-2006, 23:05
I really like the one with just a black line down the center. But the one with the Aquialla could work too, actually.... any of them would look great. Red is indeed the best colour for this.

keep it up!

28-03-2006, 10:05
Before, I had mentioned a white stripe with the Flag, here is a way i thought of doing it.
Or I was also thinking the black background with Red as the stripe too.
But thanks for the advice on the tables. Unfortunately I dont have a gaming room, so hopefully ill be able to work it out so i can make it more transportable.

Ray K.
28-03-2006, 12:52

I'm partial to this one above the rest, although the single Aquila scheme looks nice as well. I'm just more into decedance :P

Am I getting somewhere with these?

Hell yes! They all look great. You're onto something with teh whole damn project, lol.


Looks great, I too was imagining something like this.


I was actually also thinkings something like this... but with an additional horizontal stripe in a mock rip-off of the Inquisitorial Seal.

Light of the Emperor
28-03-2006, 18:58
Ah, I forgot about the white outline stripe. The problem is cutting out perfect white circles out of cloth and sewing all the strips on both sides.

Wait a minute...
Why not use the red/silver aquilla ones for the more numerous banners that will be hanging from every building facing the street...and then create a larger, more intricate one for the cathedral, mainly because you don't see the back of it?

28-03-2006, 20:37
hmm, that would work. And it would save a lot of time.

your call, I'm sure either would look great.

Ray K.
28-03-2006, 22:09
Ditto the above post.

Personally I would think red hanging form the buildings would look better, but you're talking about investing a LOT of time into a project like that. Since you're making one of each banner anyway, as might as well hang one of each on two separate buildings and see which one looks better =P

Light of the Emperor
28-03-2006, 22:51
Red is definately the way to go. I think I'll go with the basic red banner and aquilla for most of the buildings. The cathedral will then have the bigger, detailed cross banner.

I'm ordering three sheets of brass eagles from Forgeworld, the resin aquilla symbol and the adeptus mechanicus symbol. All those eagles will make great subtle details on ammunition crates, barrels etc.

Light of the Emperor
29-03-2006, 01:03
A small update...

This is the fence style I created to put around the adeptus mechanicus factory. It will be blown/cut open in key areas for models to go through...so its mainly there for good looks.
The beams are from the Mordheim sprue. The building sprue from that game is awesome. I used it for the fencing, the base of the statue and eventually I'll use the gargoyles and those deamon face thingies.

I'm currently drawing up plans to create a working fountain...should be interesting. I need to find a mini pump.
I'm also planning on installing working streetlamps. If anybody knows a site where I can order street lamps from (like from those christmas villages) that would be great.

More updates to come! I'm going all out this weekend...I now have power tools!

Ray K.
29-03-2006, 04:16
You're ******** insane :D

And yea... the mordheim building sprue is amazing. Good luck finding an affordable mini-pump and street lights X.x

29-03-2006, 10:48
Good idea with only make one big detailed one. Otherwise it would take way too much time to make all of the flags that you could be spending on doing other things. Also when you make it, and cut out the circle, i would attach it to a circle base or something and then cut around the piece so you do not just have a drawn circle to cut by. A hard edge is alot easier to cut around than a line where you might slip. I like the fence, and yes the mordheim structure pieces are great, even though i used them just for the mordheim setup.
Good luck with the fountain, i think your going to need it. I think its an interesting idea but i think it would just be too hard to accomplish because you also do not want all of your buildings and stuff to get wet. Water = enemyyy heh. I do like the idea of the streetlights. I would find a hobby store close to you, it might be cheaper and easier. Like a train hobby store or something. Get a blinking one to make it look like all the power is about to go out. heh. sry, just babbling now.
Keep up the good work. Reading it is really making me want to make stuff but im abroad this semester for school so i canttt dooo anythingg and its driving me crazy.

30-03-2006, 11:54
Hello there,

nice project. And good timing:) . I was wondering whers did you find the name Tannenberg from.
It is the German name for a battle between Teutonic Knights (mostly German) and their allies agains Poles and Lithuanians in 1410. We in Poland call it the battle of Grunwald. Basicly the names come from villiges nearby. Guess the Germans were closer to Tannenberg and we were closer to Grunwald.
Nevertheless, was this battle your inspiration?

30-03-2006, 12:01
I always though that Grunwald was polish name for Tannenberg...

On Polish site some Czech fight too...

30-03-2006, 18:35
That was one thing that always bugged me about city scapes with 'workin street lighting'...one would assume that even in a technologically advanced future that when a city gets bombed, the power goes out!

Light of the Emperor
30-03-2006, 18:55
@BlazeXI: I know of that battle but that really wasn't the whole reason why I chose the name. Game and Fluff wise, one of my Inquisitor's was named Tannenberg until he perished fighting a daemonic infestation planetside. The area where he fell was reconsecrated and the city of Tannenberg was built upon it. There are rumors that the Inquisitor's remains and a secret Ordo Malleus weapon remain entombed within the sacred halls of the Imperator Cathedral.

Other than that, I'm half German so such names just sound appealing.

@Wildoxmoan: You bring up a good point. I'll have the lights out most of the time...I really want them so I don't have to make lamp posts. Drawing on my model railroad experience, you can buy conductors that cause the lights to blink and flicker..so that may be a possibility.
Who knows what the adeptus mechanicus is able to do with their power?

Light of the Emperor
02-04-2006, 03:20
1 Building down, 9 more blocks to go...oh boy.

Anyways, here is the finished Adeptus Mechanicus manufactorum (minus the forgeworld AM symbol, and the red banners):

This is a shot of Coke cans turned into tanks.

I used stickers to create the lettering...simply drybrush over.


Spent the whole day putting this one together, but I think it came out quite well. There's little details everywhere that you can't see with the pictures that I've taken. The tarantula sentry gun still needs to be painted, but it will go on the roof with some sandbags (Only fools think Techpriests are unarmed).

Light of the Emperor
02-04-2006, 03:23
And some more!



It's the little details, like the smoke stack running through all floors, which gives the sense of realness.
If you have any questions about what I did, feel free to ask away. Oh, comments, analysis and criticisms are welcome too.;)

02-04-2006, 10:55

That is just ace!

Dave out.

02-04-2006, 13:42
Excellent work, very impressive

Wolf Scout Ewan
02-04-2006, 13:57
The citfight block I made using Alemra is coming along nicely.

I think I have used somewhere in the region of 15 quid on plasticard, plastruct and tread plate. Actually is probably 20 quid

Will post soon

Ray K.
02-04-2006, 17:34
I really like the wire mesh in the windows :D

The factory looks awesome, man. I can't wait to see more updates.

02-04-2006, 18:42
not a direct rip off of a German flag.

you should pay attention to this point...

03-04-2006, 00:10
I always though that Grunwald was polish name for Tannenberg...

On Polish site some Czech fight too...

Yeah, you're right on both.

The building looks excellent. The only matter is the lascannon (?) has limited firing arc. Maybe a higher support couc fix it?

03-04-2006, 07:17
Stop, you're getting me in the mood to make scenery. Looking very good!

Light of the Emperor
07-04-2006, 00:24
It continues...

Here's a regular building. Nothing fancy yet. Again, it still needs some bitz added (which I ordered the other day) and a red aquilla banner as well.




I'm hoping my GW and Forgeworld orders come in so I can start making banners and adding all the cool bitz.
The cathedral and another basic building are up next.

07-04-2006, 00:40
Very cool. I like how it's shaping up so far!

only one odd thing really, the craters seem a bit steep. But it's really just a matter of taste, keep up the good work!

07-04-2006, 00:42
That is some awesome scenery!
It's nice to see somebody using the Amera stuff and making it look good.

I'd love to order a ton of the stuff, but storage space is an issue. :(

Light of the Emperor
07-04-2006, 01:50
I'm lazy so I decided to use the Amera craters I had lying around instead of making my own. They are quite good and come in various sizes. The smaller one (not pictured) isn't that steep. Its mainly because they aren't built into the ground so whatever gets pushed down must be compensated in height.

I probably will end up making some indented craters on the roadway to show a strafing run.

07-04-2006, 10:22
This project looks awesome!
Great plan, great building/conversion job. Can't wait to se the finished table - but following the progress is almost just as fun - keep up the good work :D

The Amera buildings looks extremely well suited for City Fight/40k. That's why I plan to do much the same - ordered lots of buildings from Amera the other day. :p

(I plan to base all the buildings and ruins. What material is best for basing buildings. It should be quite thin, but still solid and most important: must not warp!)

Light of the Emperor
07-04-2006, 15:18
MDF/ hardboard is the best stuff to use. Its thin and lightweight and resists warping alot better. You can also purchase them in various thicknesses. In the recent US WD, the American studio used 1/4 inch thick wood to base all their buildings.

Light of the Emperor
09-04-2006, 01:37
Finally got some more cutting done. I need about two more bases for buildings yet. Once all the buildings are done and based, I'll be able to start work on the board itself. That would include the AA emplacements (bottom right), the sewer system and the roadway.
So, here's what the board looks like at the moment (minus the cathedral):

And here's another building that is mostly done. Those two black areas are mesh flooring. I need to drybrush them with a lighter metal color:



I based my city around 4 different color schemes. The two major ones are dark grey/ light grey and brown/ dark grey/ light grey. The cathedral is the former with white drybrushed ontop while the arbites buildings are dark green/ green.
Everything is drybrushed...the various sands that I used help show different textures.

The paints themselves are from Michaels stores (US). They come in little squeeze bottles for 89 cents a piece. If anyone wants to know the exact colors I'll be happy to post them.

Cathedral is next...

09-04-2006, 20:32
Omg. This is truly amazing!

And is that bridge from some platci toy-soldier set? :p

Light of the Emperor
09-04-2006, 21:05
Nope! Made it myself out of basswood (base), foamboard (sides), mesh and card from a cereal box.

09-04-2006, 21:48
loving this project. keep the pics coming

Light of the Emperor
10-04-2006, 02:16
Hey everybody...just a heads up, Amera now has buttresses to go with their buildings for a more "gothic" look. Check it out:


I wish they were available when I ordered. It would've save me a lot of time...I had to construct mine out of foamboard and balsawood.

The cathedral and high rise are primed and set for painting so hopefully one of them will be done in the next two days.

Light of the Emperor
11-04-2006, 22:29
Another building almost done! This is the high rise...second tallest building on the board so it will have its advantages. Once all the painting is done on it, I am going to take transparency sheets and cut them up to form shattered glass which I'll put in the windows and on the ground.




I need some final touches on the forgeworld mechanicus symbol. I'll have that up later today.

11-04-2006, 23:14
board is looking lovely. Just have a question what did u use to cover the building to give the roguh texture, just sand and pva??? Or something else, i should know but i can't remmeber!

Light of the Emperor
12-04-2006, 00:56
Sand and PVA...nothing fancy...but it looks good.

Anyways, here is a small detail added to the adeptus mechanicus factory:



Light of the Emperor
14-04-2006, 21:47
If any of you reading this plan on purchasing the GW buildings and have no use for the lights/ lamp posts, I will gladly pay you for them. GW split them on the frames so there isn't just one frame I can order, they also include walls and other stuff I don't need. So if anyone has some please let me know...I've given up trying to make lights (the non electrical ones) myself.

Other than that, I'm almost done with the cathedral...should have some pictures later today.

15-04-2006, 13:12
wow, this is amazing! coming along so well! cant wait to see it finished, might have to check out amera... they seem to have helped you out a great deal!

Light of the Emperor
16-04-2006, 00:02
I have updates!
The cathedral is almost done. Just need to paint up some dark elf candles to put by various windows and I need to make the huge banner that will hang from the front.
Overall shot:

Damage shot (beware of earthshakers):

And the front:

Comments welcome as always.

16-04-2006, 00:18
Words cannot describe that.... but ill try and sum it up. Awesome stuff.

Light of the Emperor
16-04-2006, 02:55
Some pictures of the high rise...I added some eagles from the forgeworld brass spures. I know you can't see it that well, but most of the windows have "shattered" glass. I took transparency sheets and cut them up into jagged pieces and used a clear drying glue to attach them to the back. Add some patina and the building is done!



The eagles go all around. Those top two sections don't have them because it will be covered by a hanging banner. It will be hung on a pole perpendicular to the wall so that it hangs outwards in the street.

Warboss Garfang
16-04-2006, 03:16
Probably the best terrain I've seen, keep up the awesome work! You'll have a great board to play on soon.

Light of the Emperor
19-04-2006, 22:21
Back again.

I have the red cloth so flags will be up soon!

Here's what I'm currently working on. I used a plastic cookie tray and turned it upside down. The floor is already textured to look like mesh which saves me some time. The back part will have an attachment for an AA cannon while the front will have the access ramp. I still need to add a few more details, but it should come out quite nice. Those Forgeworld eagles are the greatest things since sliced bread. Add some to buildings and BAM! Instant imperialization! (if thats even a word).


Wolf Scout Ewan
19-04-2006, 22:51
Here is a project I have been working on.

Ewans Cityfight Block (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=32306)

I think those eagles really finish off the look. Damn good work m8! I would be honoured to use the table!

19-04-2006, 23:52
W O W!!! I have not seen much cityfight terrain better than this, this is rivaling studio stuff!!! Awesome work dude!! Keep up the fast work, and could we see it with a few models on it, I saw a Russ in the background of one shot, and it made me realise just how big it is!!

Light of the Emperor
20-04-2006, 19:06
You got it!


This thing is just huge...


A Leman Russ cautiously emerges from an ally

20-04-2006, 20:13
Damn!! Dude that is seriously huge!! I have never enjoyed playing cityfight so much, but I would really want to play on this board! What are you going to use for the "base" like the bits between the buildings? The pink bits?

Thanks for those pics, great work.

Light of the Emperor
20-04-2006, 22:45
Thanks! The wider areas between the buildings are roadways so they will be drybrushed a light grey. As for everything else, it will all be covered in rubble and craters painted to match the buildings it surrounds. There will be almost no open space when I'm done with it. Once all the buildings are painted, I'll outline them on the board and then begin to work on the board itself. The buildings will then be glued on last.

20-04-2006, 23:05
The buildings will be fixed in place? Wouldn't it be better if you were able to move them around a bit? You know, for variety and stuff. Keeps the board fresh and new every time you play on it.

But then again, fixing the buildings may look better.

Great stuff by the way! Hurry up with those banners! :D

20-04-2006, 23:10
this is one awesome gaming board, really looking forward to seeing it finished.

have you got any plans to incorporate the new gw buildings?


Light of the Emperor
21-04-2006, 05:17
The buildings will be fixed in place. It allows me to add details you can't really do when the pieces are movable. Plus, there isn't much room to move them around once all the rubble and craters on put onto the roads.

I really like the GW buildings, but they are a completely different look from the ones I have. I will however be using them for a possible space hulk theme board in the future. The panels from the buildings make great corridor walls.
I do need the lights from those sprues though...so if anyone has some spares, I'll gladly purchase them from you.;)

This weekend I'll have some time to get a lot of it done. As always, I'll have pictures up of progress.

Light of the Emperor
28-04-2006, 20:22
I have returned.

I plan on working on the board itself this weekend and finally start making some real progress.

But for now, some WIP shots:

HQ building with bunker and soon to be ammo dump (stratagem):

Landing pad:

28-04-2006, 20:35
This is a lovely board, Its seems some amera purchases are in order.

28-04-2006, 20:36
It just keeps getting better.

I might eventually take you up on that game offer y'know ;)

Wolf Scout Ewan
28-04-2006, 20:55
Getting better and better. The church thing gives me goosebumps. Excellent use of almera stuffs!

30-04-2006, 01:35
lol, my order from amera is placed! worth every penny :D

Light of the Emperor
30-04-2006, 01:53
Thanks for the kind comments everybody. Its definately good motivation!
I have a few tricks up my sleeve for you all, but that comes towards the end of this project. To my knowledge it hasn't been done yet...

As for Amera, those guys owe me :D

Light of the Emperor
01-05-2006, 22:40
I have some updated WIP shots.

This is what the base looks like before the buildings are added:

This is the landing pad. I added the sand to the side for texture (and to cover mistakes). There's still little bitz to be added but drybrushing doesn't really allow for easily breakable things...

01-05-2006, 22:44
Still looking awesome, keep us updated, I am stuck to this thread, find myself wanting to know what more your going to share with us! Good work

Morathi's Darkest Sin
01-05-2006, 22:56
Damn, this is just crazy, but in a really great and fantastic way... makes me wish I had a spare room to attempt something like this myself. Sadly it'll just be a few 40K buidlings and maybe a ruined factory to go on my regular board ready for Medusa V.

Green I tell you Light of the Emperor... I'm Green with envy. :D

Keep up the awesome work.. its an inspiration to us all.

Easy E
02-05-2006, 01:40
This board does lok amazing. I am excited to see the little details that will go intot he finished product. The details you put into the Ad-Mech workshop were very nice.

The LandRaider bunker is an awesome idea. I want to see more of that and the wrecked artillery pieces. Are you going to add any wrecked civilian vehicles?

One thing I try to kep in mind. Often the interior walls of buildings are a differnet color thent he exteriors, or they have bits/remains of interior paints and wallpaper. This will help break up some of the grey monotone of your average city board.

Death Cat
02-05-2006, 08:41
Light of the Emperor ive just ordered a number of those buildings from Amera. Could you tell me if you had any problems with putting them together, stability ect. Oh and your board looks sweet, hope mine turns out as well as yours.

Light of the Emperor
02-05-2006, 19:07
Thanks for the comments everybody.

@Easy E: I plan on doing that with my current building, the HQ. It is pretty open so the additional color will help break up the grey tones. As for vehicles, civillian ones sound awesome. I just don't want it to look like I took a hotwheels car and stuck it to the board...kinda what they did in the GW cityfight codex. I'm thinking six wheeled armored stretch limousines. The ork truks are a good basis for them. But as for now, I'll have the landraider, a land speeder and a submerged dreadnought (in the sewer). I would LOVE to have the crashed shuttle from the McCragge game, but I don't need all the other bitz...

@Death Cat: I recommend a sharp x-acto knife to cut the windows out. They are quite stable because of the base floor. The only things that "give" are the upper floors because they have no supports. But I added 15 metal stormtroopers and noticed no significant drop or bending. So from my experience, the kits work nicely. Good luck on your board!

Now, time to paint that landing pad.

02-05-2006, 19:13
Looking Sharp!

Do as Easy E said on the walpaper, seen It done and god it makes a difference.

I also reccomend 1/48 scale Motorcars, but make them older cars, less curvy ones likt the triumph TR7, and cover them with scrap stuff, or form them into barricades. The added bonus is they cost about £6-£7 each, hardly a huge price tag.

02-05-2006, 19:42
Have you put your cloth banners on your buildings yet? I was keen to see this addition, as it seemed to me that this would give the board a more life like appearance I think. The more I look at your board, the more I see how it all works together, like your craters in the buildings actually look like they were created by a bombing run or the like, and are not just random. Keep up the awesome work.

Light of the Emperor
02-05-2006, 20:11
Hmm...perhaps German Kubelwagen? They have an industrial look to them and can have an aquila on the sides. Perhaps switch out the wheels for those from an ork trukk?

What is the scale for warhammer 40K...28 mm, but what other type of notation?

I had fabric, but it was too thin. When I cut it, it never created good clean seperations...they were all jagged. I'm gonna get some thicker stuff and try that out.

@Kayvaan Shrike: you got it! The area by the adeptus mech. factory suffered under a strafing run. The trick is to make the board as life like in appearance as possible, yet make it playable (which is most important).

03-05-2006, 11:09
Hmm...perhaps German Kubelwagen? They have an industrial look to them and can have an aquila on the sides. Perhaps switch out the wheels for those from an ork trukk?

What is the scale for warhammer 40K...28 mm, but what other type of notation?

The closest scale to GW miniatures is 1/48, but Tamiya's Kubelwagen is not width enough for the GW models. I would go for a 1/35 scale Kubelwagen.

03-05-2006, 11:40
Makes me hate my house :mad: . Would love to have room for something like this. Great Board though.

03-05-2006, 11:42
Probably already been asked. What are those amera buildings like to work with?

Light of the Emperor
03-05-2006, 13:55
I think a Kubelwagen is the way to go. I'll check out both scales.

@cookiescrumble: In my personal experience, I think the buildings are awesome. If you glue them correctly they can hold anything. I put a full metal squad of stormtroopers on each floor to test and it holds well.
If you want you can always strengthen them with a coat of pva.
Easy to paint too

05-05-2006, 03:14
Kudos to you.... A well thought out project with awesome work. Well done, I am looking forward to more posts.

05-05-2006, 16:08
Frikkin Awesome man!!!! Between you, Orcdom, Nightbringer and Anvil, you guys got my wheels spinning into overdrive about getting a board of my own going. Hope to see more pics for inspiration.

05-05-2006, 16:15
Awsome board man i want to build one but not as big. Good luck with the final steps

Light of the Emperor
07-05-2006, 21:37
And the landing pad!



Now then, I started this entire project in January...I have one building left to do and then the entire table itself.

But I'm still looking for cityfight bitz, and eventually the lights from the COD buildings, so this project may never end!


07-05-2006, 22:06
Ah man i love city fight. Agian Great work on the landing pad and all the buildings!

08-05-2006, 10:16
Outstanding work, LotE! :cool: This thread has been very inspiring, your board looks very impressive. I only hope that when I start making terrain later this year it lives up to the standards set by yourself and other on Warseer who've been making some excellent Terrain and boards.

08-05-2006, 17:29
:eek: Wow LotE, this is amazing!

I want to do a cityfight board as well, so this is great. Another question about the Amera buildings, they don't chip do they? And as they're polystyrene sprays will melt them?

Light of the Emperor
08-05-2006, 21:06
Thanks for the comments guys!

Amera buildings are perfectly safe to spray paint and haven't chipped on me (in terms of paint).

I seem to lack actual WIP shots, so I'll definately have some of the table itself as I continue to work on it.

Light of the Emperor
09-05-2006, 01:52
Well, here's a WIP shot of the table. I used plaster to cover all the gaps and began gluing down some sand. Once I primer the table, I'll let it sit for a few days to get rid of the smell. Then I'll take it back down to the basement and finish it up.


09-05-2006, 02:18
i like how your board is coming along, i havent seen it up until now
and just went through all 12 pages.
have a look at the Mining Colony in my sig.


09-05-2006, 03:11
Congratulations LotE you've just inspired me to go out and buy lots of Cityfight things to make a board. I only hope mine can be half as good as yours. Fantastic work.

09-05-2006, 06:53
*drools incessantly*

Keep up the good work! That table is gonig to be sick when it's finished!

09-05-2006, 10:54
Allow me to say... :eek:!

Mere... Words.. Cannot... Describe..!

In fact, putting the minis on really helps to set the perspective...
(Is that a FW Brass Aquila on the landing-pad?)

How do you intend to paint the rest of the board?
(i.e. the streets/baseboard)

My necron tomb CP board turns pale in comarison...

09-05-2006, 14:27
Awesome work, are you still planning on putting banners etc up? I thought that was an awesome idea when you mentioned it a while back, was curious as to whether you are going to do that still?

Light of the Emperor
09-05-2006, 20:11
Thanks as always for the comments everyone! Its good motivation.

The sidewalks which the buildings sit on are drybrushed a light grey. The street will be heavily drybrushed with various shades of grey much like the cathedral. There's gonna be so much damage and rubble everywhere that the grey tones won't be too overpowering (hopefully).
Last_Chancer, you're right about the forge world brass aquila. I am using three sheets of them to make the Amera buildings more "Imperial".
I'll probably end up using the same colors I use for the rubble on my buildings which would be dark browns, dark greys and light greys.

KayvaanShrike, the banners are still being done. I bought some fabric, but it turns out that it stretches too much when cut. I need to go back and pick up some thicker cloth. But don't worry, the banners will happen. I think they'll look really good on the table.

I'm hoping to have this board primed and ready for painting by the end of this week.

Still learning
12-05-2006, 10:08
DEAR LORD..... Light of the emperor i think you are 1 miricle closer to sainthood.

pls pls pls upload some pics.

Light of the Emperor
15-05-2006, 17:54
I have returned!

Good news, the final building is complete! Well, almost. Again, final detail painting to come, but the majority is finished.
I tried something different by drybrushing the inside a different color (brown and red) to represent wall paper/ paint. It came out quite well in my opinion and helps break up all the greys.
I plan on making this a fortified building by adding sandbags to a majority of the windows.
On the same note, this table will have one of each cityfight stratagem built into it. This building is fortified and has an ammo dump.




The table itself is currently in the primer-ing stage. Once it is aired out a bit (primer smell), it goes back down to the basement to receive its legs, paint and buildings.

15-05-2006, 18:41
Looking good ,Your table has inspired me to build my own ,Im still in the planning stage but i will be starting soon.Keep up the good work and Im looking forward to seeing it all finished.

15-05-2006, 18:59
Wow, looking great, approx how much has this cost you, as I'm on a tight budget with me Vostroyans going to cost so much.

15-05-2006, 19:06
Still looking awesome LoTE. Can we hope for some pics with an army fighting its way through once its finished, for an idea of overall scale? And plus it would look cool!!!

Light of the Emperor
15-05-2006, 19:36
@DeadlyHeadly: Love your projects. I'm definately looking forward to your table.

@Unique1: Well, I know its quite a bit. The buildings cost the most obviously. All my buildings cost about 280 US dollars. All the wood cost about 80 and miscellanious (paint, sand etc) around 150. I had a lot of my supplies ahead of time and having an extensive bitz box helps too.
If you are on a tight budget, try building it with some friends or fellow club/game members.
Here's another trick: Tell people you will put their names on street signs if they donate to the cause. It worked for me!

@KayvaanShrike: I will definately have pictures after all is said an done. I'm hoping to have some shots with my all inquisitorial stormtrooper army as well as with certain other models (steel legion missile launcher aiming at xenos tank from ruins).
I also have a friend who is willing to photoshop some pictures to make it more "realistic".

god octo
15-05-2006, 20:00
oh my god. i need to to kidnap you and make you build me on of those. it truley amazing.

i cant say how great it looks. i want to eat it.

15-05-2006, 20:58
Out of intrest will you be adding roads ?

Light of the Emperor
15-05-2006, 21:01
Yes indeed. Everything is permanent though so they will go on later. If you look at my overall board shots, you can kind of see the outline of the streets.

15-05-2006, 21:41
Yes indeed. Everything is permanent though so they will go on later. If you look at my overall board shots, you can kind of see the outline of the streets.
Does that mean that your a gluing the buildings to the board ?

Light of the Emperor
15-05-2006, 22:45
Yes...In doing so I can glue and add on all the extra details that I can't do if the table was modular. My other table is modular though so I have the best of both worlds.

16-05-2006, 09:23
sounds good, is that dugout moulded onto the rest of the building?

Still learning
16-05-2006, 12:07
is the red around the edges od the buildings ment to be there????.

16-05-2006, 12:36
Just read the whole thing in one pass. At work, mind you. (I'm not much of an employee, am I.) Needless to say, it is breathtakingly awesome!
You are my hero.


Light of the Emperor
16-05-2006, 20:05
@last_chancer: Yes it is. I attached it to the board so that it looks more seemless. Plus I would have to go through a few more steps if I attached it afterwards...such as repainting, shaking the sand out of the painted areas etc.

@Still learning: Its a brown not a red...the pictures don't really help distinguish it. I plan on adding black to it as well to show the dust, scorch marks from where the rest of the building collapsed. Basically I want to make it look damaged...and not look like a clean break.

@CaputMortuum: Thanks for the comments. I really like you guard army btw. I love that type of painting style, but can't figure out how it works. Maybe we can share tricks of the trade eh?

16-05-2006, 21:30
to cheat on the sand, get a Dust buster hand vaccume and use it, it has a small dirt catcher and is great for vaccuming up flock or sand. bar that use a bagless vaccume with hose attachment, they have a filter you can clean and the container that catches the dirt and you can clean them up and use them for saving your flock and ballasts you buy and make your purchase last longer, and also on larger boards like mine it keeps you from trying to flip it to get the excess off.

also makes less a mess.

Still learning
17-05-2006, 07:34
nice, keep it coming bro, as the cs players say "PWNAGE MAN"

17-05-2006, 08:32
My god its Frikken awsome. How did you get the buildings to look like that if you dont mind me asking?

17-05-2006, 17:51
Well.. I think that just convinced me to play 40K now... now I have to find new 40K friends that have fancy boards like this....

Light of the Emperor
17-05-2006, 20:49
Thanks everybody...definately more to come.

While the board is drying, I'm currently working on:
Magnet attachable dice rolling trays that can be positioned around the table edge

Why you ask? So that no one loses a finger to 28mm scale barbed wire. ;)

If any of you find yourselves in New Hampshire, stop by! I'd be glad to play a game or two with ya'll.

17-05-2006, 21:16
More pics LoTE!! I haven't seen many of the actual base board yet, am intrigued!! Keep on the work!! (I am not likely to be in New Hampshire anytime soon, sorry, would have to be a few thousand mile trip lol)

Still learning
18-05-2006, 06:31
nice idea. on the dice rolling trays.

Easy E
19-05-2006, 02:51
I like your use of the candle bitz.

19-05-2006, 03:41
Great job on the table so far. I know I am not alone in saying that I am anxiously awaiting the final results.

Projects like yours give hope to those of us that actually think we can make something like this. :)

Again, wonderful job.


19-05-2006, 10:05
Great job on the table so far. I know I am not alone in saying that I am anxiously awaiting the final results.

Projects like yours give hope to those of us that actually think we can make something like this. :)
*Nods in total agreeance*

Man, anytime I go over to america... :evilgrin:

Light of the Emperor
19-05-2006, 18:41
Alrighty...here's some updated shots of the table.



The building's are not permanent yet...I just needed to check if everything fit correctly. Now I need to clean everything up and start painting...but I'm in the homestretch.
But no worrys, this project long will continue for quite some time because with all the new cities of death stuff coming out, there will be tons more additions to this board.
I also have a friend whose gonna photoshop some pictures of the table with models to make it look "real" a la GW.
Bring it. :p


19-05-2006, 20:21
Really awesome. Is that your gaming room in the back of that shot? I feel jealous. . . are you going to be applying any kind of markings to the roads themselves (if you paint on double yellow lines, you could always make some heavily armed traffic wardens out of mordian iron guard!)

I look forward to seeing it done!

Light of the Emperor
19-05-2006, 20:54
Yup...its part of my game room. Once I finish rearranging everything, I'll post some pictures. I just got those display cases the other day.

As for the roads, I'm experimenting with some textured roadway pieces, but I might just have to handpaint it. As for markings, I'm not sure yet...but I'm thinking there will be some.

Traffic wardens...sounds like an idea. I do after all have an arbites bunker.

19-05-2006, 21:58
did you by chance make a template of your window layout for the church? if so would it be possible to get a copy of it?

no matter what i do, every time i try it i cant get mine consistantly looking. esp the second layer i try to laminate on the first.

BTW nice looking so far.


Light of the Emperor
19-05-2006, 23:03
Do you mean the window design? The main body of the church is from amera.

Or do you mean like stained glass style templates to cut out and put in the place of windows. That I have.

Maybe I'm not following?

19-05-2006, 23:42
the arched frames themselves, its the arches and the laminated larger arch set over top.

if that is what is from amera then that is probly the route i will have to go.


Light of the Emperor
19-05-2006, 23:47
Yeah thats the Amera kit. I wouldn't have the patience to do something like that by hand.
If you get it from Amera, you could just buy the second story of the building which gives you four full walls of window arches.

20-05-2006, 21:55
Light of the Emperor -

First off, GREAT work. I think your table is probably better than the GW guys - seriously! It looks much more 'real', y'know?

Secondly, those Amera buildings look great, and the price is right too. How sturdy are they? And where did you buy them?

Thanks in advance.

Light of the Emperor
21-05-2006, 00:03
Thanks man.

I think the buildings are quite sturdy. The floors "give" a bit, but I was able to place a full metal squad on them. Hotglue works just fine. If you need to strengthen them, slide some metal beams underneath.

Amera is from the UK, but they do have one seller here in the US:
Minutemen Toy Soldiers
Tel: 781-329-4449

Wolf Scout Ewan
21-05-2006, 00:09
Textured 5 mil styrofoam (http://www.barrule.com/workshop/products-terrainboard.htm). Great for doing roads and walls.

Light of the Emperor
21-05-2006, 02:53
Ooh thats some nice stuff. I just got something similar to make my roads. Its actually doll house flooring, but the design looks like old european roads.

22-05-2006, 10:17
S w e e t n e s s...

(Gaming room? :eek: :evilgrin: :D)

22-05-2006, 12:00
@CaputMortuum: Thanks for the comments. I really like you guard army btw. I love that type of painting style, but can't figure out how it works. Maybe we can share tricks of the trade eh?

Oh, thanks a lot. Just say the word.
I know that I am learning all the time from you. I have my city board project going on aswell, so everything you have done has been viewed very closely.
I too have contacted Amera and found out that they ship to Finland too.
They really do owe you. :D

Your board is shaping up nicely and I just can't wait to see the next batch of pictures.


Light of the Emperor
23-05-2006, 00:44
There's definately more pictures to come...but here's a shot of my WIP roadways:

I thought the old European roadway style might seem right at home. I didn't plan for this at first, but when I was drybrushing the table, I noticed that the polysytrene isn't exactly smooth. It has parallel ridges that look out of place so I had to think of something to cover them up. I think its working out quite well.

I shall have the banners finished soon! Fret not banner fans!


Still learning
23-05-2006, 09:36
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

F$%^#&king speechless................................. that is so good man,

GW i found the new scenery guys that should be head of scenery.

23-05-2006, 10:08
That's just beautiful!!!
Not a biggie, but some of the rockpiles look a bit too organized.


23-05-2006, 11:29
Its looking good ,cant wait to see some more pictures :) It makes me want to start my table ;)

Still learning
24-05-2006, 11:51
yeah whats up with those rock piles??

24-05-2006, 14:51
OMG!!!! Awesome work, simply awesome. What I love about this board is how your buildings and the damage fits together, you see some boards, and you random craters everwhere, but yours all ties together really well, more pics!!!!

Light of the Emperor
24-05-2006, 15:45
Yeah, if you focus on the rock piles you can definately see organization. I do infact glue the rocks all over the place, but they are more secure with others bolstering their sides. The groups in the picture however are through random coincidence, the only groups that look organized. I'm gonna go back and make it look more random...either by taking some out or by throwing some more around.
Thanks for the heads up and kind comments!

24-05-2006, 22:45
@ Light
if you want a good textured grit, go to a concrete supplier where they make thier own block and tell them you would like to get a coffee can of the grit that falls from the block around thier conveyor belt. it is sweet stuff. the other guy helping me on the Mining Colony board works for a local Concrete company and saw this stuff and is what we used around the rouins and as the river bed on my table. and is awesome rubble esp when mixed with sprue rubble.

you should be able to get it for free.


Light of the Emperor
25-05-2006, 00:05
Thanks Orcdom. I'll remember that for future tables.

As for the photoshop pics, it might be a while yet before I get some done...but we'll see how things progress.

Now here's my question:
What color(s) do I paint my bridge? The roadways are a light grey, the buildings surrounding the bridge are browns and greys, there is a green pillbox next to it, and eventual green/yellow resin underneath.
The mesh will be painted a metalic, but what of the rest? So should I paint it to match everything else, or find a different color?

25-05-2006, 01:16
I'd say either match the rest, or try some rusted metal.

perhaps a combination of the two, as the metal might look a bit out of place.

or, maybe.. you could add some moss-algae/green residue, but that might end up looking bleh.

Keep it up!

25-05-2006, 01:36
pends on the material it is from, if its a concrete bridge, try some greys, if its a metal bridge with loads of patches ty metal of all sorts even corroded copper green. would show over the years it has been patched with whatever available.


Still learning
25-05-2006, 07:34
that depends on whether its over a river, i think the river would look good green and the bridge red to match with the flags. Red sides amd grey bottom and road ways to match.

25-05-2006, 08:17
I'd say red or a nice shadow grey...

25-05-2006, 15:23
For the bridge, how about the brownish red hue of anti-corrosion paint?
If it's a metal bridge, that is.


Light of the Emperor
25-05-2006, 21:53
Here's the bridge...maybe that will help:


The 4 inside squares are mesh...Everything else is covered with sand like the buildings. So any color scheme applies.

25-05-2006, 21:59
When its finished you've got to post a battle report with pictures for us.

25-05-2006, 22:11
I'd say, go with the cement-grey colour for the buildings, it may not be exciting, but anything else would look.. out of place

25-05-2006, 22:55
I'd say, go with the cement-grey colour for the buildings, it may not be exciting, but anything else would look.. out of place
i second that

26-05-2006, 07:53
Anti-corrosion paint (reddish brown) or rust for the bridge!
I want to see more pictures, dammit. :D


26-05-2006, 10:31
Yeah I agree with Caput on the anti-corrosion paint, Heres an example of what he means.


26-05-2006, 22:15
If you choose red or blue then I, personally, would contrast the mesh by painting it boltgun metal, then mithril silver...

Just a thought...

god octo
27-05-2006, 13:14
of you did the anti-corrosion paint, but tine it down with some dust or grey paint, it would look good.

Light of the Emperor
01-06-2006, 04:30
I finally have the streets done, so I'll get some pictures up tomorrow. I'm waiting on a shipment of cityfight bitz from my friend which all need to be painted...
Need to do:
Barricades, tank traps, barbed wire
Lamp posts...anybody have extras from that cityfight sprue, let me know;)
Painting touchups
Vacumm...you wouldn't believe what you can pick up when its all done
Add side panelling
Iron the table skirt
Build and add magnetic dice rolling trays

And for now I have a WIP of a photoshop pic:

Still learning
01-06-2006, 07:01
whats with the lighting?? other than that it looks brilliant.

01-06-2006, 07:58
Brilliant! That's a great pic. Even the flames look natural enough.
But yes, your mate could tinker with the contrast a little. Maybe you guys have your gamma cranked a bit on the darkside, because it looks a bit too dusty and bright to me.


01-06-2006, 12:38
Glad to hear you've got the streets done. That pic is looking good the now, but I guess it will look better once its done, looking forward to seeing it!

Light of the Emperor
01-06-2006, 15:47
Yeah the picture has a dust filter ontop to make it look like that...we'll mess around with it some more.

Today I'm hoping to get started on the magnetic trays.

01-06-2006, 16:09
first off: great board I just love it. Simply flabbergasting (I love that word:D). I do however think the photoshop picture would look better if you got a sharp shot instead of the dusty filter thing with the flames in the back. But I guess I shouldn't be questioning the master *runs*

Light of the Emperor
01-06-2006, 21:33
Well I have some pictures of Kasr Tannenberg in its current state:

From the top of the cathedral:

Aerial Recon over the adeptus mechanicus factory:

In the grim darkness of the far future there is only...the confederacy?

Still learning
02-06-2006, 06:53
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: times 999999999999^999999999999999999

thats how good it is.

(p.s) can we get some close ups especially of that gun turret pls

02-06-2006, 10:58
Wow LotE its looking amazing, what have you left to do on it?

Light of the Emperor
02-06-2006, 15:00
Here's a flashback:


Need to do:
Barricades, tank traps, barbed wire
Lamp posts...anybody have extras from that cityfight sprue, let me know
Finish gun emplacement
Painting touchups
Build Propaganda speakers for Arbites bunker
Touch up sandbags
Make more sandbags
Add propaganda posters
Vacumm...you wouldn't believe what you can pick up when its all done
Add side panelling
Iron and add the table skirt
Build and add magnetic dice rolling trays

@Still Learning: I didn't know which gun you meant so I'll post both.

Constructed Guard gun emplacement:
It still needs a lot done...weathering, bitz etc...

Tarantula turret:
Made from cut polystyrene, landraider lascannon sponson, 2 predator lascannons, Chimera/Russ window, bottom half of an old hk missile, leman russ light (back), landraider lense thingy, plasticard and balsa wood.

There's a bit to go yet...I'm ordering the resin stratagems to convert into more terrain. There will be more barbed wire too.

Some guy (UK)
02-06-2006, 16:04
I would just like to say well done- that is a marvellous board, and I hope you enjoy gamming on it :)

Edit: One question though: what is the size of your board in feet???

Later, Some Guy

Heru Talon
02-06-2006, 16:53
I would just like to say well done- that is a marvellous board, and I hope you enjoy gamming on it :)

Edit: One question though: what is the size of your board in feet???

Later, Some Guy

He said right at the start 4' x 8'.

Being following this topic for a week or two (gods it took ages to read every post...), looks great hoping it'll inspire me when I start on my City Fight board.

Wolf Scout Ewan
02-06-2006, 20:40
Wow looking absolutely fantastic m8!

02-06-2006, 22:48
argh, i thing my post has disapeared

anyways the Constructed Guard gun emplacement, is that just the gun of the bassie, with nothing at all done with it i.e. just the gun and the floor plate

03-06-2006, 00:19
i think so and that emplacement IIRC is some vaccume formed terrain by a company in the UK or somewhere over there.


Light of the Emperor
03-06-2006, 04:45
The emplacement is a bunker by Amera...the gun is indeed from a basilisk but its still WIP. Definately more details to come like ammo, rust, helmets, shovels etc...

03-06-2006, 06:46
Great amount of progress there. It's amazing and very pleasing when a project comes to completion.

Light of the Emperor
08-06-2006, 22:14
Finally made some progress on the city. Most importantly, I added the banners. Cutting fabric without it unravelling on you is pretty tough. They may be basic, but it works for me:



The roof on the cathedral needs fixing because its been too moist here lately.


Ok, how long does it take for pics to resize?

08-06-2006, 22:15
they look good, but a bit to bright, maybe if you made them dirtier/burt/torn ect

08-06-2006, 22:20
Actually, I like them bright. Makes the it seem that much more 'downtrodden'

I mean, for an empire, the banners are more important than the buildings :p

Easy E
08-06-2006, 22:50
Buidlings may crumble, but the Imperium is eternal!

This is a board to be proud of. Even without all the little details. Too many and the board becomes unplayable.

One suggestion, the interior walls of the buidlings should be a different collr than the interior walls. This helps add a bit of color to the grey landscape and breaks up the monotony.

08-06-2006, 23:07
i agree on the interior, because it will also help you locate figs in game play as well, esp if you go with the lighter typical interior colors, they could be smoke damaged colors but still some color would be helpfull.


Heru Talon
09-06-2006, 00:21
A suggestion for the some of the banners, try taking a lighter to one or two of them and letting them burn abit as if a stray las-shot caused it to catch fire and perhaps some dust cloud created by a mortar round put it out (leaving it in a sorry state).

Though remember to take the banner off the building and outside first with some water/damp cloth/old shoe to put it out with.

09-06-2006, 03:03
I like it, the banners, the buildings, wow!

Still learning
09-06-2006, 06:31
Thanks light of the emporor,

i ment the first gun and thanks for the pics i like em alot.

for the banners like Heru TAlon said try burning them abit to help them blend in abit more.

great table and keep up the good work

09-06-2006, 10:06
Man, those banners are sweet! They add a lot to the athmosphere.
I guess you could try to give em a gentle drybrush or something, but as it is they already contribute to the overall level of the board!


09-06-2006, 11:20
Love the look of the banners added on, but I would weather them a bit.

09-06-2006, 12:55
Love the banners!! Where did you get the eagles for them??

Light of the Emperor
09-06-2006, 15:50
I think I will go back and weather them a bit...it makes sense and the red is indeed a bit bright. I'll work on some test pieces first and see how they turn out.

As for the inside of the buildings, I went back and painted some with interior colors of reds and browns...it looks a bit better now.

How do you paint scorch marks? Is it brown with black at the edges or vice versa?

@icebergman: the eagles are from the forgeworld brass aquilla sheets.

09-06-2006, 16:01
From the CoD codex it says:
Drybrush Chaos Black onto affected area,then drybrush Scorched Brown towards the edges

09-06-2006, 16:18
I like the banners, tho agree that they need "beaten up" a bit. This is looking excellent LoTE, also hows the photoshop pic coming on?

The boyz
09-06-2006, 16:27
Wow this is one fantastic looking board Light of the Emperor, I love it. I really like the banner's, I do agree they do need to be dulled down a slight bit, they do look a little bright. Great job though on the Board, I especially like the Imperial Cathedral.

09-06-2006, 18:37
now this shows devotion

10-06-2006, 23:55
wow, thats absolutly amazing! lets hope mine turns out to a simialr quality!

also, maybe have some of the banners with bullet holes and rips in them?

Light of the Emperor
23-06-2006, 20:44
Its been a while...

I finished the side panels which protect the styrofoam layers from chipping. I also added the table skirt which makes it look professional and serves as a great cover to store items.

And here's the rest of my "game room":


All thats left are the magnetic dice trays, banner weathering and painting all the bitz for the extra details.

Now if I could only find some opponents...

23-06-2006, 22:22
Nice very nice,I love the tables and the games room rocks mate. :)

23-06-2006, 23:17
Ohh, a gaming room to be proud of - not to mention jealous of! ;) :p

Very nice - I hope mine will be as good when we move this summer.

Easy E
24-06-2006, 02:32
WOW, Your gaming room holds two full size tables! Color me green with WAAAAAGH!

24-06-2006, 11:53
damn you, i want your gaming room now, oh well i guess i'll just have to start work on one of my own instead.
the city table looks fantastic btw.

24-06-2006, 14:29
Awsome Game room. I have a Spare room that i could do that for about 2 days. Then my lil bro moves in.

24-06-2006, 16:26
Surely he could sleep under a 6 by 4 table. . . He wouldn't mind, not he played the games too.

Dvae out.

Heru Talon
24-06-2006, 18:38
Light of the Emperor have you considered making Lamp Posts out of old pens?

24-06-2006, 18:46
i would like to see some good scratch built Lamp posts.


Light of the Emperor
25-06-2006, 03:41
I second that Orcdom.

I have no idea how to build lamposts that are 40k-ish and to scale. Pens are an idea...
If anyone has examples of lights, feel free to post them.

When I lived in Texas, my game room had 4 tables...now I'm down to two, but I do have a bookshelf of nothing but BL and WD and two very nice display cases. It works for me.

25-06-2006, 04:18
if you look at lamp poles you need a tapered rod, and that might be best if something was actually turned on a lathe and then cast.

getting a piece of aluminum or brass tapered at a machine shop wouldnt cost too much i wouldnt think, and that could be recast with resin very easily, and the lighting array could be simple enough to be attached to the side of it. but you would also have to consider making it functional as well so the piece you cast you would need to drill out or cast hollow and then use tubing for your lighting assembly to hold a small LED.
actually if done right, the base of the pole for example could be a 28mm round base, with a watch battery inside inless your willing to wire the whole table.


Still learning
04-07-2006, 09:59
hows the board going????

Light of the Emperor
09-07-2006, 04:49
By the Golden Throne! There's a Khorne cult on Tannenberg! They've defiled an aquila statue...Heresy!


I have a friend sending me tons of bitz so I can start the finishing touches. I'm waiting for GW to set up bitz ordering from the plastic buildings. All I want is that generic sprue that has all the lights and ladders on it.

09-07-2006, 18:46
Nice touch there LoTE. Wheres the eagle from?

Light of the Emperor
09-07-2006, 23:01
Well I had two eagles from old flag poles. I cut the head off one to make the two headed eagle statue infront of the cathedral. Since I had the body left over, I decided to make a desecrated statue which can serve as an objective.

There's actually a dagger thats plunged into the wing from which the khorne symbol hangs, but it can really be seen in the picture.

16-08-2006, 08:32
That desecrated statue is a nice touch.
Have you gotten the CoD sprues already, or do they even sell them yet?
Any other progress?


Light of the Emperor
16-08-2006, 16:25
Well, I have added a few more details, but I haven't worked on the table for a loooong time. However I have some free days coming up where I plan to add the barbed wire, tank traps etc.
At the beginning, I had my doubts about the CoD sprues. Having now seen them at Warhammer World when I was in England made me change my mind. They add so much more detail and depth compared to the ones I have. So down the road, I plan to phase out the Amera buildings with CoD ones. All I need to do is simply cut some new wood to the correct sizes and switch them out.

I will definately get some more work done in the next couple of days. I'm getting ready to begin working on my new vostroyan army so there might be another project log in the future.

16-08-2006, 17:50
Wow... I wish I even had a gaming room..... Nice table, I still inist you mess up the banner a bit though. And where do you guys get those nice display cases!?

Easy E
16-08-2006, 20:29
Display cases are availale relatively cheaply at IKEA.

16-08-2006, 21:57
Really? I have to get some!

20-08-2006, 14:48
Really? I have to get some!Dude, check this...


All shapes and sizes... :D

23-08-2006, 10:55
I would like to say that this is the coolest Cityfight board ever! I like the buildings from Amera a lot! They're also cheaper (?) than the CoD buildings and look much cooler imo (I don't like the Mechanical buildings a lot..) Can you make a list of what buildings you ordered from Amera? I think my Bro (Jansuh) and me are gonna use these buildings instead of the CoD ones :D


08-12-2006, 01:58
This has inspired me to build my cityfight board.

Don't have $300 AUD to spend on CoD so here comes my time for foamboard.
If i can get a better camera in the next few days I might start my own log :)
Going to get the pinky insulation foam today if i can get down to the shop.

I'll be using this for a lot of it. Btw how'd u make the craters? Did u buy them?
If anyone can post a link for a guide that would be good.

One last thing. Can u try and get the measurements of the amera building. The first pic on page 11.
Looks good. If u have a measurement for the buttresses that would be greatly appreciated.


08-12-2006, 03:26
Now if I could only find some opponents...

If any of you find yourselves in New Hampshire, stop by! I'd be glad to play a game or two with ya'll.

Am I the only one who looked up flight prices after seeing this setup? ;)

Truly outstanding and inspirational.

Light of the Emperor
08-12-2006, 04:43
@liamrob: I bought the craters from Amera, the same company that all the buildings are from. While I made the buttresses, I convinced the guys at Amera to make them so you can buy them with the buildings. Oh they have measurements for all the buildings too. Check them out at: http://www.amera.co.uk/product.php?range=z Quite cheap too...and it beats the polystyrene. Thanks for the comments!

@Paddy: thanks for the interest and comments.

Well I was actually planning to update this log...what a coincidence that it popped up again.

Thanks to Disposable Hero, I have some much needed lamp posts coming in the mail. Thanks!
I also picked up some barbed wire and will be setting that up as well.
Oh, and Rictus was kind enough to post imperial propaganda posters so those will go up too.

So watch this space in the coming days as more details get added to the city.

And if you still haven't had enough, my table will be in the FIREBASE 3 Batrep!


08-12-2006, 05:45
Dude, if I lived anywhere near NH, Id be your couch guy :)

You wouldnt be able to get rid of me, and Id just beg to play 40k with you on an hourly basis.

Great table.

08-12-2006, 09:29
Very nice! You should be very proud!
(And I'm jealous of you gaming room, as I'm a student and live in a cramped room where I have trouble fitting in both myself and my armies...)

08-12-2006, 13:57
Nice to see this log making a come back. More details should take it to an even higher level of loveliness. Looking forward to seeing the Batrep on it as well, bringing it to life even more.

Are you still thinking of phasing out the Amera buildings, gradually replacing them with the CoD ones?

[QUOTE=Light of the Emperor;1130639Oh, and Rictus was kind enough to post imperial propaganda posters so those will go up too.[/QUOTE]


OT(ish): After you suggested using the 'Uncle Sam' recruitment poster I couldn't help myself doing one - but being a Brit I had to turn to Kitchener instead...

08-12-2006, 14:55
Nice to hear that this topic is back LotE,
I'm gonna start on my Cityfight board in about 2 weeks, also using the cheap and awesome Amera buildings. Still have to make a list of buildings, but i'll keep you notified when i'm starting the project LotE!
Can't wait to see another update :)

09-12-2006, 01:23
Well i found some templates. :) If anyone would like them just pm me.

Can't wait till u get the posters up. I saw them earlier, Hmm time to get them shrinked down and ready for my city. I'm doing a 1.2m x 0.9m to start with. Can't wait till we get our big shed out the back. I get half of it for my warhammer. Only if i could find some people in Perth, Australia Good luck on finishing the city.

(btw i thought u had finished warhammer or something cause this hadn't been posted on in ages. So i decided to post :p)

Light of the Emperor
09-12-2006, 01:47
Thanks for all the kind comments!

Nope I play...I just had other projects take over...like the 11th Vostroyan Imperial Artillery Regiment.

I just haven't done anything major on the table since May, June because at that time, I worked on it for 5 months straight and was running out of steam. There's tons of details that need to be added and I just wasn't ready to do any of it. Now I have lamposts, posters, barbed wire...I can do a lot more now.

@Rictus: I'll eventually phase them out, but all money is currently helping to raise the 11th Vostroyan. The plan is for these guys to go into painting comps, tournies, gamesday, baltimore Gt etc. I want an army that I can be proud of...and its getting there.

09-12-2006, 02:28
Sweet once there is a good camera in my house :p i'll start a log on my SM army and my terrain.

Hmm i hope GW will sell the lampsprues and that soon I need em.
I recon u should add the posters and get some pictures of ur NON red vostryans in buildings and that please. It'll look sweet.

Light of the Emperor
31-12-2006, 21:56
Alrighty, its time to bring Tannenberg back to life!

To distract me from my vostroyans, I am in the middle of painting some barbed wire barricades and lamp posts. The propaganda posters are printed and ready to go as well.
I also hope to get the materials for my magnetic dice rolling trays, which will connect to the outside of the table. Its quite an effective solution to prevent damage from dice and keeps them all in one location.

Prepare yourselves citizens! More to come!