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12-03-2011, 07:33
Hello! Whats your thoughts on this armylist? I havent taken any goblins
becuase i dont find them useful and with ex. skulkers, fanatics or netters they seem to be too expensive. All units include commands.

Black orc on wyvern
wyvern, bashas axe

black orc Orc battle standard(with the black orcs)
Savage orc shaman (maybe with savage orcs)

25 orcs with add. handweapons
25 orcs with add. handweapons
20 savage orcs add. handweapons
10 arrer boyz (no command)

19 Black orcs
10 orc boar boyz shield and spears

3 River trolls
Goblin rock lobber

2000 pts (2007)

12-03-2011, 09:02

Ok, I like the wyvern. Will kill loads of stuff....

The black Orc boss should have defensive kit. Armour of destiny, shield. And suck him in the savage orcs to end the animosity.

The shaman needs lucky head.

I like the 5x5 Orc attrition units. But, you only need one. Use the points to bulk the blurbs to horde. They work well that way...

Drop the rocklobba, use it for extra savage orcs.

The trolls need to be bigger. Drop em, or find the points for 6


12-03-2011, 17:22
If I was going to run any shooting, I would run Night goblins with short bows ever arrer boyz and take a bigger unit.

And no way I would gear out that Wyvern like that, hes good as dead. At least give him the Talis that gives a 4+ ward save for 45 points. Otherwise it seems your just giving your opponent victory points.