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12-03-2011, 21:41
Hello everybody :p

I'm just putting a wood elf list together to play my mate. It's his first tine playing fantasy, and he wanted a practice game to see how it works.

He's got a vampire army. It will most likely have most of the following;
*hybrid vampire lord
*pair of necros
*combat vampire
*Wight king bsb
*2x30 ghouls
*sone zombies
*a corpsecart
*Some grave guard
*a black coach

Now I was originally gonna use my daemons. But I wanted to give him a fun/winnable game. So I cracked out the woodelves.

Heres what I came up with;

bow of Loren
arcane bodkins
Alter kindred
Amaranthine broach

Spellweaver w. Lore of beasts

Spellsinger w. Lore of Athel Loren
Feedback scroll

Aysendu's bane
Hail of doom arrow

15 Glade guard
Banner + musician
Banner of +1 ld

15 Glade guard
Banner + musician
Banner of burning

6 Glade guard scouts

6 Treekin


Total = 1999

Bit of everything basically. If it's anygood, might start using it long term...


12-03-2011, 22:20
imo, scouts are not very good, take a unit of 8 dryads or more normal archers instead. Heck, maybe even a unit of waywatchers or glade riders if you can find the points. Not that glade riders are any good but they are still better than scouts. Otherwise pretty decent.:)

13-03-2011, 08:53
Thanks, I wanted to take a small skirmish unit to show him how they worked. And showing how scout worked too was a bonus. Are dryads really that good? I used to use them at the start of 8th, and they couldnt hack it...

But thanks

13-03-2011, 22:06
No dryads are pretty bad in 8th but i thought they still might be better than scouts. For a friendly beginner game this list is perfect. Have fun.:)