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15-03-2011, 12:15
Lords (9.33%)
1 Night Goblin Gt Shaman 210
Talisman of Preservation, Ruby ring of ruin

1 Night Goblin Big Boss 125
Squig, Armour of Fortune, Relic Sword
1 Night Goblin Big Boss 105
BSB, Bad Moon Banner
1 Night Goblin Shaman 80
Mask of Eee, Enchanted Shield
1 Night Goblin Shaman 55
Iron curse

Core (26.80%)
20 Night Goblins 85
Bows, Fanatic
20 Night Goblins 85
Bows, Fanatic
20 Night Goblins 85
Bows, Fanatic
61 Night Goblins 238
Full Command, Fanatic
10 Wolf Riders 110
Short bows

Special (27.64%)
Wolf Chariot 50
3 Spear Chukka 105
Rock lobber 85
36 Squig Herd 324
12 herders
9 Squig Hoppers 12

Rare (17.78%)
1 Mangler Squig 65
1 Anachnarok Spider 290
1 Pump Wagon 45

Total 2250 points.

So, in the realms of 'having fun, but not getting my bits handed to me every game' where does this army stand. Any glaring ommissions? Anything to make it a wee but more competetive? Is an all goblin army even viable?

Just one thing - no orcs. At all. I can't stand most of the models, whereas the gobbos are generally more characterful and fun.

15-03-2011, 14:01
well first, lobbas are now rare. I would think of bumping your big boss to a warboss for the 20pts investment, the +1 ld is well worth it. I think you need one more big block of goblins (40+) to help in combat and your list looks fun and decent. With all the small blocks of 20, i think it will be just too easy to runover your army.

15-03-2011, 16:03
Hmmm, I did wonder about the units of 20... I was thinking of flexibilty in movement and deployment - getting 3 separate units in different places, each with bows...

Is a doomdiver preferable to a Lobber these days?

How about dropping the Bad Moon Banner, upgrading to a Warboss, and adding somesort of magic protectyness?

Losing a Spear chukka and the Wolf chariot could get enough points for another 20 NGs to add to an existing unit of 20... Maybe then add one unit of 20 to the 60 unit to make a unit of 20, 1 of 40 and 1 of 80? Shame to lose the chariot, but the rest is fun :)

THanks sever14.

Any more thoughts?

15-03-2011, 16:40
i think doom divers are better than lobbas, I mean we do not really have problems with low toughness troops with little armor. Lobbas are great vs these, and maybe the occasional monster or war machine with a direct hit.

DD are better vs high armor enemies which we have a hard time cracking with low str attacks and are ok vs monsters but not war machines. SO depends on what your facing or what you want it to do. I take DD, i like the idea better :)

As per the unit size, 2 at 60 would prob be better than 1 at 40 and 1 at 80.
I wouldnt put any proctive items on boss, you can use the tactic of placing him in 20 ng bunker behind the 60s so he cant be attacked but gives his ldshp bonus. If you want him to fight, then yes, something would be worthwhile to keep him alive.