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20-03-2005, 10:25
Hi there,

Got a new army I'm collecting. I'm looking for part theme/fluff, but also effectiveness.

Thanks for your time :)

2000 Pts - Chaos Roster


Exalted Champion of Nurgle @ 193 Pts
Mark of Nurgle; Shield
Chaos Steed with Barding
Filth Mace

Exalted Champion of Nurgle @ 176 Pts
Mark of Nurgle; Extra Hand Weapon; Shield
Armor of Damnation

Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle @ 200 Pts
General; Mark of Nurgle
Dispel Scroll
Spell Familiar

Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle @ 210 Pts
Mark of Nurgle
Power Familiar


Chaos Knights (6#, 370 Pts)
Mark of Nurgle; Full Command

Chaos Warriors (14#, 290 Pts)
Mark of Nurgle
Full Command

Chaos Marauders (24#, 193 Pts)
Full Command

Chaos Marauder Horsemen (5#, 91 Pts)
Flail; Shield

Chaos Marauder Horsemen (5#, 91 Pts)
Flail; Shield


Nurgling Swarm (2#, 80 Pts)

Chaos Furies (7#, 105 Pts)

Total Roster Cost: 1999

Khorn on the march
20-03-2005, 11:24
You need more core choices and less charakters, nurgel magic isent good so take one Sorcerer and make him to dispel scroll cady.

Ethereal Alpaca
20-03-2005, 11:26
Swap the filth mace on the first ex. champ for sword of might and talisman of protection, far better value for points. On the second champ swap the additional hand weapon, again same points, but with S7 he's more likely to do more wounds than with an extra attack.

Apart from that, there's nothing I'd really change. Looks a little small, but that's probably just the skaven in me talking. ;)

20-03-2005, 14:01
Definantly too much in characters. two exalted chapmions with GW are all you need, mabey gaze on your general and book of secrets on the other for the dice. Nurgle magic is good but only take one wizard because of points restriction. Make him lv2 and give him two scrolls, this means you can throw 3 dice a one spell and two at another which isn't bad. Make the warriors chosen as regular warriors aren't great. Apart from that i'd say it was ok

User Name
21-03-2005, 01:14
Nurgle magic is actually quite useful, especially for killing charicters but thats not the topic of this thred.

Defenatly too many points in charicters and no lord, you definatly want him to boost your army to ld 9

I would suggest you get yourself a bestherd to add a little more bulk and manouverability to your army for very few points

You could also use some more hitting power, if your going to play nurgle then I would take advantage of the 4+ save of nurgle minotaurs with great weapons. They can dish out a hell of alot of pain

Depending on what you want to do and who your regular opponents are I would use brayshamans insted of mortal wizards, they are cheaper and can move around alot faster to avoid any unwanted conflicts if they are by themselves.

If you need a few more points to impliment any changes you want I would suggest taking off the mark of nurgle on your warriors, they probably want be outnumbering anybody and opponents still have to make fear tests if just a fear causing charicter is in the unit

02-04-2005, 07:47
Its not too bad, but you're not taking advantage of the main bonus from fear, that beaing the autobreak by outnumbering. i would defintately suggest, if you're not planning to do it already, putting a nurgle character, maybe even an aspiring champ BSB, into a unit of 29 marauders. then i believe they cause fear?

also, it looks like you've put a sorceror as your general... i thought a sorceror could only be t he general if there were no other characters present except aspiring champs?? :)

User Name
02-04-2005, 17:03
only charicter causes fear, not the marauders, for cheapish outnumbering i would go for pestigors

02-04-2005, 17:40
Drop some of the points used in the characters, get a lord for the ld 9. Mabye get a unit of pestigors and some beast herds to screen. Chaos war hounds are always nice to use as flankers, flank protectors or as screens. Nurgle magic I find is ok, but mabye drop one sorc and use only one as a scroll caddie. I dunno just sum random suggestions I thought up.

02-04-2005, 18:15
Drop characters to Exalted champ and wizz caddie or lord and caddie but i would rather go for 1 asp and 1 exalt and one caddie - you will be enought for most lords not cc oriented ( you can always double team them ) and have much more versality.

Maruders go best in units of 20 and warriors 15 or 16 ( i would use 15 - 5x3 ) or get 14 and add asp ut there.

Get only one swarm of nurglings as thay will not deny rank bonus - skirmishers

bust fureis to 8 and drop one maruder horsman unit - but take the other to 6 and haunds

Oh heck - I can't help myslef

you are probably looking for sometihng like this

1 Exalted Chaos Champion 176 Pts
Mark of Nurgle; General; Halberd; Chaos Armour; Shield
Gaze of the Gods [30]

Flexible AND killy goes with Warriors unit

1 Exalted Chaos Champion 190 Pts
Mark of Nurgle; Great Weapon; Barding
Armour of Damnation [30]
1 Chaos Steed

Goes with cavalry and busts thair kill rate

1 Bray Shaman 131 Pts
Mark of Chaos Undivided; Magic Level 1; Braystaff
Dispel Scroll [25]
Dispel Scroll [25]

Scroll caddie - goes with beast heard

5 Chosen Chaos Knights of Decay 395 Pts
Mark of Nurgle; Barding; Chosen Unit; Shield; Standard; Musician
War Banner [25]
1 Champion

Cavalry reg

14 Chaos Warriors of Decay 305 Pts
Mark of Nurgle; Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician
1 Champion

Main combat reg

19 Marauders 165 Pts
Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician
1 Chieftain

Support Combat reg

6 Chaos Warhounds @ 36 Pts


6 Marauder Horsemen @ 96 Pts
Flail; Musician


11 Beast Herd (Gors) @ 141 Pts
2ndWeapon; Musician
1 Foe-Render @ [20] Pts
8 Ungors @ [32] Pts

Second support combat reg

2 Nurglings @ 80 Pts

8 attacks that can be deliverd with greater mobility and thay are deamons with 8 wounds - good for ting omething down

3 Chaos Trolls @ 165 Pts

Climatic and gets with the rest of the army well - goes close to general ( due to stupidity )

8 Chaos Furies @ 120 Pts

Warmashine hunters

Casting Pool: 3

Dispel Pool: 3

Models in Army: 90

Total Army Cost: 2000

User Name
02-04-2005, 19:47
Take minotaurs insted of trolls, they get a 4+ save with mark of nurgle, dont suffer from stupidity, presue 3d6 insted of 2, can get 3 s6(great weapons) ws and i 4 attacks, a single one of them can take out most charicters (good for taking out a bsb in a unit... stupid griffon banner)

03-04-2005, 10:16
Yeah i know but trolls are much more nurglish - besides i dont realy play nurgle ( mostly khorne and tzeensh )