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15-03-2011, 22:30
Ok I first posted in this thread (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=296618&page=2) ... But I realize now it's more a question than an answer to a poll ... so here I go :

Hi there I'm the kind of kind who is hated because I always want to enforce the 1'' rule, and furthermore, I love to use this rule to prevent my opponent to do some charges, or to make him move in the direction that I want, etc.

Most of time, there is no ambiguous situations (of course stranges situations happen, but we always manage to sort them out by playing RAW).

But last Sunday we encounter what we think isa flaw in the 1'' rule :'(

Here is the case : Unit Abandonning a building.

it is said that : "... Place the unit in any desired formation, with at least one model in the rear rank touching the building..." => the unit is within 1'' of the building.

and "..for the most part, buildings act as impassible terrain..."

So we can admit that when exiting a building the 1'' rule can be overruled ...

BUT ...

Considering the figures in attachment ...

If a unit exits the building like in situation A, can it go in straight line next turn (situation B) or moreover, can it stay where it stands ? in either cases, the unit will move or stay within the 1'' limit ... which is forbidden ...

My friend suggested that when exiting a building, only models in the last rank should be within the 1'' limit (situation C), but this is nearly impossible if we got units of human infantry or 20mm models (situation D) ...

Considering this, I really don't know if there is a rule somewhere in the GRB that would allow us to move the exitting unit. If so, please enlight me !

If not, what would you do ? :'(

16-03-2011, 20:15
The BRB faq addresses/fixes this issue. when exiting the building you place the back rank at least 1 inch away from the building.