View Full Version : Silentexile's Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons (Warning, Large Photos)

16-03-2011, 11:31
This army has been in the planning stages for close to a year now and I'm finally starting to work on it now that I've got some of the materials in hand.

Army content will be:
Azhek Ahriman (Grey Knight Librarian)
Phosis T'Kar (Great Knight Grand Master)
Meketre Terminator Squad
2x Grey Knight Strike Squad (Regular Thousand Sons Tactical Squads)
1x Grey Knight Purifier Squad (Pyrae Cult Squad)
3x Storm Ravens (There had to be some kind of smaller transport ship the Legions used during the Great Crusades and I like the model, with a few conversions to get rid of some of the more unrealistic aspects like a top-mounted turret on an aircraft.)



For progress on the Warlord Titan, visit my other thread:

25-03-2011, 03:53
Here's a pic of all the MK IV armor that comprises the 32 Thousand Sons in this list. Lots of resin for sure.

05-04-2011, 08:01
Started some work on Ahriman, Phosis T'kar, and 5 marines. The bases are not glued as I'm using an airbrush on this army to get a clean and uniform color scheme, and the overspray would ruin the grey on the bases.