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16-03-2011, 15:17
Having just finished designing and building a new gaming table, a friend of mine invited me over for a game. We decided to play a 4k, because having that amount of time, why wouldn't you? I don't remember the lists precisely, but I'll give it a general go.

Arch Lector on War Altar with the Jade Amulet and the ws10 swords (ignore first wound suffered by the model), in a terrible snit because some ********* stole his speculum
Empire general on imperial pegasus, full plate armor, 4+ ward, sword of fate, dragonhelm.
Level 4 of shadow with the Rod of power, giggling madly at the double entendre
The ********* that stole the speculum: Arch lector, meteoric iron, speculum, great weapon, 4+ ward.

BSB captain, 2+ armor save, the dragon bow (always wanted to try that)
A dispel scroll and his friend the level 1
A master engineer with some PIGEON BOMBS! (always wanted to try that too)
Priest, crown of command, dragonhelm, heavy armor, shield, forgot his book of inspiring speeches at home
Priest, heavy armor, shield

30x Flagellants with a prophet of doom
48 halberdiers with command
48 more halberdiers with more command
5 pistoliers with all their kit
5 more pistoliers with all the same stuff
3 mortars
Steam Tank
27 greatswords with command
30 swordsmen with command
30 more swordsmen with more command
Ten outriders

I won't do as well with his list, because I don't really know the bret book.

The General: re-rolls hits and wounds in challenges, his sword makes you re-roll your successful armor saves and gives him +1str, I think also an enchanted shield.
The Tankbuster: Bretonnian lord with the lance of re-roll failed wounds and HKB
The Chick: Walking level 4 of life with the prayer icon
The BSB: Dawnstone
The Apprentice: level one of beasts, scroll
The Other Twin: level 1 of beasts, riding a horse, crown of command

A great big bus full of grail knights
A dead grail knight being carried around by some angry peasants
Some peasants who aren't nearly angry enough (50 or so)
about 9 knights of the realm
about 9 knights-errant
two units of 3 pegasus knights
3 trebs :facepalm:
30 peasant bowmen, banner of total irrelevancy +3
10 skirmished bowmen

And then we rolled up Battle for the freaking Pass. Lovely. There was some magical terrain, but it never had any effect at all, partly due to both of us forgetting.

This is after my first movement phase. I deployed all the stuff that doesn't care about leadership or leadership re-rolls way on the left, everything else way on the right. The narrowness of the table made it very clear that at least one of my units might as well just pack up and go, because there was no way in hell it would get into combat. The great big pair of wings behind his lines are carrying Heroic Killing Blow, so the tank hung back.

The pistoliers and outriders shot a few knights of various sorts, but couldn't do anything to the pegs. I did score two direct mortar hits on the peasant bowmen, killing lots of them, but they wouldn't panic. Also a PIGEON BOMB went off in the middle of the grail reliquae. Killed a few, which would be important later. In the magic phase, I cast miasma on the right-hand peg knights, not so much because I cared about them, but just to teleport my wizard into the greatswords so he'd be close enough to cast Steed of Shadows on the lordasus. That, however, was failcasted, so there he sits. :bleep: There goes my plan for dealing with the trebs. Also, now the greatswords are hatred-free.


His peg knights leapfrog my lines and head for the mortars like bats out of heaven. His dueling lord and retinue charge the general, who decides to stick rather than be useless for the rest of the game. He's not fast cavalry, do you see. Peasants of various sorts shuffle around a bit, and some knights or other charge the pistoliers, who decide to make rude gestures with their pistols rather than actually fire them. Sweet. The lone treb that doesn't miss manages to misfire instead, prompting some four-letter words from my opponent and a great sigh of relief from me. I bury his magic in a huge avalanche of free DD.

The pistoliers are unsurprisingly wiped out by their foes, who decide to reform. The general challenges, but his sword of fate is out of batteries (or maybe just targeted on the BSB in the grails), so he takes a wound and does none in return. However, he rolls a 3 to stick around and try again next time! :)

I forgot to take a picture, but I charge the pistoliers into the peasant bowmen to get them out of the way, then double-charge the realms and general with the steam tank and the greatswords (flank charge). The Prophet of Doom's BFF was a pistolier and is now a corpse, and the flaggs charge the errants (I think they were errants) for revenge. The pope wagon and some swordsmen turn around to begin the thankless task of chasing flying horses around the map, and all those halberds keep shuffling forward. That's a swamp there, marked by those bushes, so I didn't want to charge right through it and take a ridiculous lot of dangerous terrain tests, particularly given that my BSB is in that unit.

I really botched this magic phase, failing to get off a single spell although I rolled 11 power dice. The pope managed to failcast banishment (needed a 5 on 3 dice) and the rest of my magic is scrolled or dispelled. Problem, as described below.

I fired a large number of mortars at the grail reliquae, and killed a fair number. The pigeon got lost :(

Combat. No shadow spells cast meant I couldn't swap the pope back into the greatswords, and THAT meant that I didn't quite manage to wipe the realms despite steam tank impacts, greatsword attacks, and so on. I won the hell out of the combat, though, despite taking another wound on pegasus guy (although this time I did one back). So yeah, damsel has the crown of command, hanging out there in the middle of the unit. :bleep: The pistoliers and the skirmished bowmen continue to raise the bar of epic combat fail, which is fine with me because it means his great big peasant-bus is stuck. Because I am an idiot, I didn't martyr any flagellants, figuring they'd win the combat anyway. They did, barely, but the knights decided to stick around and wait for the cavalry (heh heh see what I did there?)


His HKB lord charges the tank, and his grail knights charge the flagellants. I was mystified by the latter, as they had a flank charge available on the greatswords. Positioning meant he only got one file of knights into the crazies. One unit of peg knights failcharged the mortars way off in the corner and the others hopped into the backfield.

His magic can't get going, but he did manage to drop a great big rock on the right-hand halberds (remember those guys?), killing 20 or so. They didn't panic, though.

Combat involves a large number of flagellants being pureed and doing nothing in return, a continued derpfest between the pistoliers and the skirmished bowmen, and the HKB lord swatting the tank to kingdom come (he was rolling for 6s with 4 auto-hitting attacks and he got to re-roll all fails... gg tank boy). Nobody wounds anybody in the lords challenge, and the large amount of combat res being generated by the greatswords in the flank managed to counter the 9 wounds he got from the tank, so I only lost by a couple, and held. His heroism lord overruns into the outriders.


No picture. I charged (and obliterated) the peasant archers behind their stakes and reformed to face the reliquae. Magic managed to Miasma the knights of the realm with general, which turned out to be EXTREMELY important (and also got the arch lector back into the greatswords where he belongs.) I shoot some inconsequential mortars and the pigeon gets confused.

By this time all the knights have been wiped out, meaning all that's left is the lord and a level 1 damsel with a crown of command, upon whom I completely forgot to allocate anything. More flaggs die and nobody still cares. The HKB lord kills 4 outriders, but they hold on steadfast. Here's a photo of the important part of the board at the end of this combat phase. The wizard is all alone because the archlector had left his unit to be able to charge in if the magic-swap failed.



Not a ton of movement this phase.

He moves the reliquae to face the halberdiers and charges the peg knights into mortar number 1 to start the dominos falling. I snuff yet another magic phase, and his trebs continue their ridiculous streak of fail. Notice that the Halberdiers are extremely close to getting into combat. They would never get any closer :( Also, his peg knights charge into the flank of the outriders fighting the killing blow lord. This seemed somewhat excessive to me, but there you go.

Combat sees the bretonnian lord (reduced to i5 by Miasma) fail two 2+ armor saves and die, although he simultaneously kills the i5 empire general... epic. My opponent is displeased by this turn of events. With all the knights dead, I only manage one wound on the damsel, who holds. The peg knights and killing blow lord can't QUITE finish off the outriders. The last one runs through the halberdiers, who decide it would be a great time to double-fail their LD9 panic test and run away. Oh, and the peg knights eat a mortar and head to the next one.

Empire 4:

Very blurry photo of the position as it stands. I proceed to charge the reliquae with the halberds. At some point in the next couple turns, I also scrape the pegasus knights off my mortars with the unit of swordsmen that you may have noticed has gone missing. (Didn't really take any photos of that side of the board)The halberds have second thoughts and rally, but the last outrider has had enough.

Magic didn't get anything done, and I killed 6 or 8 peasants with a mortar shot.

The greatswords do a wound to the damsel holding them up, but she makes a lot of ward saves and survives. The halberds win combat against the reliquae, and about 5 of them fail their stubborn 8 and run. I catch them and pursue into the very long flank of his halberds. There is one ninja flagg left after this round of combat :)

Brets 4:

That one unit of peg knights charge the greatswords. Not much else happens.

He finally manages to IF dwellers, and I lose tons of halberds from the hitherto-untouched unit, but the BSB and the priest make it. They also pass panic, for whatever that's worth.
Note that this also heals that wound back up on that damsel.

I finally kill the stubborn damsel, but it's a pyrrhic victory, as the peg knights win the combat with their flank charge, and the stubborn greatswords break with the BSB out of range due to his previous panic-fest. :bleep: The peg knights run them and their arch lector down. Wizard boy also gets wiped out, as you'd expect. The last flagellant gives all of brettonia the bird and then martyrs himself before combat :D Both units reform to face me. The peasants remain steadfast, but fail it anyway. I can't catch them.

Empire 5: now I do a very dirty trick, thusly:

Mister arch lector got there with steed of shadows, which does not require a walking character any more.. woot! So the grails are effectively neutralized. I charge the peg knights with the unengaged halberd unit and they flee. The swordsmen are... um, I dunno, trying to go somewhere... it's after midnight by this point and I don't really know what I was thinking.

Oddly, there are no combats at all.

Brets 5: He charges the grails into the pope wagon, charges the HKB lord into the halberds, and rallies the peasants. He also manages to make a very long charge with those pesky errants into the flank of the swordsmen. He can't get any magic off because, although I've taken gruesome casualties, I'm still only down 2 DD. His shooting still won't work. I challenge and his BSB won't take it. The grails can't kill the pope wagon on the charge, lord guy swats the halberd champion to nowhere, and the swordsmen fail their steadfast 9, but he can't catch them.

We decided to call it there on the basis that nothing else was likely to die. The peasants would go in the building, I couldn't get to the trebs, and the swordsmen had fled through my stubborn halberds, which it would take much more than 2 combat rounds to finish off. I can heal the war altar, so it will never die, etc.

For such a large game, very few units actually died. It ends up being a win for him, about 1400-1000. A very fun game overall, and my opponent is purely a joy to play against, both because he's a nice guy and because his dice are more awful than any dice I have ever seen :)

Some observations:

1) 2 infantry hordes is too many. They're impossibly hard to maneuver.

2) I should spend more dice casting prayers to make my guys unbreakable

3) Flaggs don't suck.

4) There's no good reason to use a general rather than a captain as my pegasus guy. Same wounds, same statline, MUCH cheaper. He's going to die, he might as well not cripple me when he does it.

Thanks for reading!

16-03-2011, 15:55
good report. thanks for writing it up. better luck next time.

16-03-2011, 15:57
Nice battle, too bad you didn't have better pictures but those still made things clear.

It's a shame that empire can shut all magic down in larger point battes. Makes me think that players just agree to have no magic at all or else the empire player has an unfair advantage.

I was sure you were going to have it until the greatswords failed their panic.

I have to disagree with you about hordes. I think it has less to do with the number of hordes and mroe to do with the size of the game on the size of the table on battle for the pass. At that point everything gets mashed together.

16-03-2011, 16:08
@ Mal yes, my camera is a core of fail covered with two layers of suck. Sorry. I would prefer to use battle reporting software, but alas, I don't think it's available for mac.

As for the double hordes, I think I'm still going to take two 50-packs, but start one or both out as a torpedo for possible subsequent reforms. If I had thought to do that this game, I'd have had a lot more room to get more dudes fighting and it might have gone differently.

Here's the thing about empire magic defense: we're about the only army who has a chance at shutting down a slann or a level 4 of being a dark elf (arguably dwarfs, but they have to dedicate a lot more points to achieve the same result). I am sort of glad the empire's wall-o-dice exists in the metagame, to make such players think twice about bringing that sort of thing. I agree it's frustrating for anybody who doesn't have one of those things, but in general I think it's good for the metagame. But of course, for why I feel that way, see my sig quote :)

Gabacho Mk.II
23-03-2011, 05:47
Great report!

Pics or no pics, it was still a good read.

Go Empire!!! :D