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Mantis Warrior
26-03-2006, 19:35

The savage green beast thrashed against its restraints. Its thick green muscles expanding as it tried to break the Adamantium straps which held it. It roared a thick raw, it spat crude xenos words at the adepts who scouted around it keeping recording its behaviour. A man walked from the shadows, his tall, well muscled body was dwarfed by the Ork leader, a Nob.

‘U da Humie in charge? Let me go an’ I’ll make Ur death quick’ it spat at him.
‘I think not, I think I’ll keep you alive until your broken spirit and body can offer me nothing more’ the man said.
The Ork roared and thrashed twice as hard ‘Let me go Humie! Or me boyz‘ll kill ya’.

The man stayed silent, he watched as the Nob’s anger continued to grow. It thrashed even more, the steel table shaking. The crimson robed adepts backed toward the door. The man watched the adept try to run, but the crimson robed man just stood paralysed with fear. A smile permeated the man's long dark hair ‘hmmm… No’ he said. He drifted away leaving the Ork thrashing for freedom.

He stood outside the Ork’s prison, his back rested on the wall as he waited. Voices drifted down the corridor, slowly the dim candle lit hallway revealed three men. The foremost wore a short thick leather jacket, from around his neck hung a small silver I pendant hung. The silver haired man stopped just short of the door, a large scream echoing from the hall.

‘Hawke, want to divulge what that god awful scream is?’ the silver haired man asked scratching his thick beard.
‘That? Oh, it’s an Ork Nob I captured him on the way from the ruins of Hades. Thought it might be useful for us, especially as we are surrounded by the green sods’ said Hawke.
‘Hawke,’ the bearded mans face and voice did not hide his anger ‘you may be an inquisitor, and a dammed good one considering your age, doesn’t mean you can just give cheek. So, I’ll let this slide, but bear the lesson in mind’ he said.

Hawke shrugged ‘k, I’ll take your advice Dren. You’ve been at this for over a century’.
Dren’s eyebrow rose, his face betrayed his uncertainty ‘too right. I’m older and wiser than the youngest man ever to make it into the Ordo Xenos… hell any Ordo. Don’t betray your old mentors hopes, he saw something in you. I however don’t, but I respect him and trust he made the right choice’.
Hawke just smiled as he walked off into the gloom.

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27-03-2006, 09:16
Pretty good.. but one problem is, I don't think an inquisitor would accept anyone telling him "not to cheek them". Generally speaking, people let inquisitors do whatever the hell they want ;)

A good start though!