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17-03-2011, 13:17
Battle 3 of 3: Blood and Glory vs Brettonians 2200

My List:
122 General of the Empire w/FPA, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might
161 Arch Lector w/Meteoric Armor and Ironcurse Icon, GW
220 Halberdiers x40 w/FC

133 BSB Captain w/FPA, Holy Relic, Biting Blade
265 Light Wizard Lord w/Talisman of Endurance, Dispel Scroll
145 Swordsmen x20 w/FC

300 Flagellants x30
254 Knightly Orders x10 w/Standard, Musician
185 Crossbow x20 w/Eternal Flame Standard, Musician

65 Master Engineer
150 Mortar x2
200 Cannon x2

Lord, Paladin BSB, and Life Mage Prophetess (Lvl 4) with 8 Knights of the Realm
Knights of the Realm x9
Knights of the Realm x9
Men-at-Arms x25
Peasant Bowmen x14
Knights Errant x6
Mounted Yoemen x5
Trebuchet x2
Pegasus Knights x3

Blood and Glory: Brets had 9 - 3 for 6 Breakpoint. Empire had 7 - 3 for 4 Breakpoint. Empire won roll for side, plopped down on the side with the hill for the "Cower in the Bottom Right corner with the Hill Stategy". I rolled Shems Gaze, Speed of Light, Net, and Banishment. Brets rolled Awakening Wood, Throne of Vines, Shield of Thorns, Regrowth.

Deloyment: Hill in bottom Corner, Fence and Dangerous Terrain out front of Empire. His side doesn't matter because you alway fight on the Empire side of the Board :). Empire won roll to go first, but it never matter because Bret player was going to pray anyway.

Empire 1: Move out just a bit. Median Winds of Magic, AL casts Ward on Himself and Hammer on General. Both Cannons bounce hits into his Trebuchets resulting in 2 Dead Trebuchets on Turn 1! Mortar kills 6 Archers. Xbows kill 2 Yeomen.

Brets 1: He positions his Knights for Charges, sends his Peg Knights screaming across the board. 9 Winds, dispel Throne of Vines. Awakening Woods kill 1 Knight. 3 Flagellants die to Archers.

Empire 2: Knights charge Yeoman who stand. Flags, Halberdiers and Swords move up a bit. 8 (2 4's) Winds of Magic, pay attention now Empire Generals and see how the Light Magic works. 3 Dice at Net on Generals Knights, dispelled. 3 Dice Banishment on Peg Knights, killing 1. 2 Dice on Speed of Light on Flagellants. Cannon misfires Grapeshot at Peg Knights. Cannon misses Peg Knights. Mortar kills 12 Men-at-Arms. Xbows kill 1 Errant. Knights destroy Yeomen and reform to recieve Errant charge.

Brets 2: Charges everywhere. 2 buses of Knights slam into Flagellants, Men-at-Arms hit the front of Flagellants, Errants hit Knights, Pegasus Knights charge Cannon. Low Winds of Magic, nothing cast, thought he could dispel Speed of Light but you can't because it's an Augment that stays in play until next Magic Phase. Pegasus Knights kill Cannon and reform. Knights and Errants push (Emp lost but held). Speed of Light Buffed Flagellants (10WS & 10 Init) kill all 13 Men-at-Arms, 2 Knights from each unit :evilgrin:. They lose 5 from remaining Knights. One Knight unit flees (lost by like 8), other Knights roll 2 for Leadership and stay put. Flagellants reform to face Knights.

To Be Continued...

17-03-2011, 13:31

Empire 3: Halberdiers move up to cover Flagellants flank but I mess up and leave too much room for Brets to get in. Wizard Lord gets off Enhanced Speed of Light so all 3 units are buffed. (Brets dispel dice failed). Cannon kills one Pegasus Knight. Mortars scatter. Combats remain locked, both Knights and Flagellants are now hitting at Str 3.

Brets 3: Knights Rally. General/BSB/Prophetess Charge flank of Flagellants. Peg Knights dart towards Artillery. 3 on Winds, dispell everything. Flagellants do some damage but are destroyed. Empire Knights finally win and run down Errants.

Empire 4: Halberdiers Flank charge Knights. Swordsmen move up. Knights head Northwest around swamp. Once again the Enhanced Speed of Light is cast. Cannons kill last Pegasus Knight. Mortars miss again. General's challenge, pushed. Combat with Halberdiers/Knights is a push. Hard to kill Empire State Troops when you need a 5 to hit.

Brets 4: Knights charge Swordsmen. Failed Regrowth attempt by Prophetess (she had a bad dice day). Swordsmen defeat the Knights with the help of the BSB Captain. Halberdiers/Knights remain in combat.

Post: We ran out of time, no Blood and Glory achieved so we went to Victory Points. Empire win something like 1300 to 400. I had fun, Kevin was a great sport. Ended the tourney 2-1, finished "out of the money". 1st, 3rd and 4th went to WoC. My Dark Elf tormenter finished 2nd. Thanks for reading.

17-03-2011, 14:04
Losing both the trebs first turn was harsh. After that he had little chance against your strong formation.

Thanks for the report.

18-03-2011, 02:03
Yeah, losing the trebs really hurt. Not having any luck in the magic phase made things much worse.

I've played against Ogres so much, I was thinking the Speed of Light was a remains in play that I could dispel in my phase. I'll pay more attention to spells that I don't know in the future.

Still a fun game, Steve!

18-03-2011, 03:26
Had a blast Kev. Some accurate Cannon play early helped a bit. I thought that if your Pegasus Knights were deployed opposite the Hill full of Xbows and Artillery they might have totally rolled the flank.

Quick rule of thumb regarding spells: Most Augment/Hexes are not RIP spells, they last until start of next magic phase. Some of the Life, Amber, Death and Shadow Buffs/Hexes are RIP, none of the Light/Bright/Metal/Celestial are.


Life: Throne of Vines and Shield of Thorns
Amber: Kadon
Shadow: Enfeebling Foe, Withering
Death: Purple Sun, Doom and Darkness

Gabacho Mk.II
19-03-2011, 20:33
Very well written report. Well done and thanks!!! :)