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18-03-2011, 15:46
Another short battle report from my 1k empire vs Lizardmen. Hope you enjoy!

"again?" Rudolph Lundgaren let out a sigh
"yes sir, they have been seen ambushing sheep farms south of Liegerland" the sergeants reply was almost apologetic. almost
"Poor sheep, cretinous little creatures, probably think the pond thingies are their friends until they are gobbled up by a carnosaur" Rudolph was only just getting used to being a fully fledged battle wizard but that no mean lessened his knowledge of his enemies.
"I weep for them sir" the Sergeant replied sarcastically. Sergeant Grolf of the Liegerland Raiders was your typical Swordsman, tall, dark and handsome. Except for the massive scar that ran over his right eye down to the top of his cheekbone. And the fact he smelt of fish.
"I appreciate your concern Sergeant but I do believe our main task now is to intercept this force and make sure no more innocent sheep are killed."
"I agree, but what do we do about him" Grolf signalled a figure currently kneeling in prayer by a ruined shrine to Sigmar.
The figure was deep into his devotions, but even while kneeling you could tell he was a huge man, clad in finely crafted full plate armour, such quality that it could only be Dwarven . At his side lay a massive 2 handed hammer, intricately carved with runes of power, the word Sigmar branded on its head. He was a warrior priest and his name was Hale.
"Do not worry about him Sergeant, he looks like he can take care of himself" Rudolph was always uneasy about having Warrior Priests around, they always seemed to make it harder for him to focus on the winds of magic, their aura exuding protection from the Human-God.
"Higglety pigglety" Rudolph muttered under his breath.
"Nothing. Let us get ready Sergeant, we should leave within the hour"

FOOOM!!! the sound of the mortar to his right was deafening.
"Shut that infernal noise up, im trying to concentrate" Rudolph yelled, his ears still ringing from the explosive discharge.
The battle was going well, the enemy skirmishers had been killed by the glorious charge of the knightly order accompanying the Raiders, and had disappeared into the misty swamp in front of Rudolph and his handgunner bodyguards.
Beyond the swamp Rudolph could see a large unit of massive Lizardmen warriors repositioning themselves for the charge of the now rampant knights.
Too his left, 2 quadrapedal monsters were being prodded into battle by the little lizardmen known as skinks. He remembered that these monsters belched immense gouts of flame and too his horror saw the unit of swordsmen with Grolf advance towards them seemingly unaware of the danger.
They were being lead by Hale, the warrior priest driving them forward, filling them with religious zeal.
Focusing his attentions to the task at hand, Rudolph summoned a mighty orb of blackness in his hands and unleashed it towards the monster threatening the Swordsmen. It missed.

FOOOM!!! the mortar fired again, to his knowledge it hadnt actually hit anything yet.
The battle had turned somewhat. The knights were tied up in brutal hand to hand with the larger lizardmen. The swordsmen had been heavily toasted by the salamanders, but were now engaged in fearce fighting with them, a battle which was swinging the way of Hale and Grolf.
After a bit of magic duelling Rudolph managed to conjure another ball of darkness and flung it at the other unit of lizards dragging most of the unit too their doom.
"I have to do something to help the knights" Rudolph declared.
Rudolph whispered a dark word and drew a magic line in the air. He flung it at the lizardmen in combat with the knights. Or he would have but he knew something was wrong the instant he had drawn the final line. Magical feedback exploded from the finished symbol and struck Rudolph full force. Everything went black.

"who am I?" Rudolph awoke dazed and confused. He remembered nothing.
"You are Rudolph Lundgaren" replied the handgunner
"what am I doing here"
"You were battling the lizardmen, but you got hit by some sort of feedback"
"Feedback" He really had no clue what was happening
"You remember your a wizard right?"
"A wizard?" All he wanted to do was sleep.
"yes, you lead us to victory, the lizardmen fled shortly after you were knocked out"
"nrrghhhh" was all he managed before unconsciousness claimed him once more

18-03-2011, 19:02
I like the fluff. Poor lizards!
Did he take a skink priest etc, or an oldblood?
Nice report,

19-03-2011, 17:40
Yeah he had both a lvl 2 and an oldblood. Skink got caught in combat with my knights for 3 turns, Oldblood was in the unit that got mostly wiped out by a pit of shades.

Shadow Lord
23-03-2011, 12:02
yay, Rudolph for the win!! (hope his lucky streak holds up...lol).He actually pulled his weight in that battle. Keep up the writing, it's really funny to read!

28-03-2011, 14:08
Cheers shadow!

Ive had a few more games with him and he still has a perpensity to blow up himself and the unit of handgunners he is with.

When I get the time il write something else. I have a 3 way 1000pts game vs 2 lizardmen players tomorrow. Il probably use lore of light for a change!

31-03-2011, 02:09
Heeheee I liked this a lot!

31-03-2011, 16:37
Good batrerp... and very nice format! Keep it up! :)