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18-03-2011, 20:23
Savage Orc Shaman lvl 4 Shunken Head 255

Goblin Shaman lvl 2 Dispell Scroll 115
Savage Orc BsB Sword of Strife Ench Shield War Boar 161
Goblin Big Boss great weapon Potion of Toughness 59

20 Orc boyz ad choppa FC 175
25 Savage Orc Big Uns Ad Choppa FC 310
40 Goblin Shields FC 3x Skulkers 200
5 Wolf Riders Spears 55
5 Wolf Riders Spears 55

20 Black Orcs Shields FC 295
9 Savage Orc Boar Boyz Ad Choppa 215
Orc Chariot 85

Doom Diver
Rock Lobber
3 River Trolls


Great shaman goes with the savage orc biguns
BSB with savage boar boyz
Goblin shaman and big boss in the block of goblins

My thoughts here

The wolf riders go after war mach/shooty units. the Goblins go down the middle with the orcs on either side. Having some hitty in the the goblin unit with the skulkers and the big boss will surprise most people that will just think they will be an easy kill. They will still die pretty well, but they will kill some of yours as well.
The river trolls will do thier best to stay 12 inches of the general and the bsb... so I hope no to fail but so many stupid test. I went with river trolls cause they are just COOLER models :).

19-03-2011, 14:18
Hey, a few thoughts:

I like the use of skulkers to shift the shaman and goblin boss to the second rank to keep them safe. Tho if you do this you could swap the potion of toughness for the cheap unit support items iron curse icon and obsidian trinket.

I think all the orc units are a little small for purpose, maybe swap the normal orcs for extra savage and black orcs. And I'm not such a fan of champions and musicians other than to cover a challenge or for the skulker shuffle, so that could save a bit.

What's the plan for the boar boys, other than being lethal!