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19-03-2011, 00:08
As the title stated I was curious how many of my fellow gamers often find themselves on the road/move nowadays. In my personal experience of having to been "on the go" frequently, I was wondering how others have adapted to relocating their collections, assembling and painting, and even playing when away from your “home” base.

I am often traveling in an RV so being able to overcome some of these obstacles has been all too common challenge. Cramped table spaces, poor weather, safety of one’s miniatures, and even finding stores to game in are all hazards I’ve experienced. :eek:

I have been writing some articles related to these various experiences here: On the road and Gaming (http://www.rvschooner.com/?tag=/Gaming) and I thought I would ask my fellow wargamers what they’ve done in similar circumstances to mine and what they’ve done to overcome such challenges.

-Thank you for any additional ideas/suggestions/etc. that help those of us who are not in a "stable" gaming environment! :D