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19-03-2011, 14:21
Hello guys, after a good discussion of dark eldar/human relations in the background discussion I felt it would be good to write up this nice piece of fluff about my rogue trader's dealings with a dark eldar Archon. Enjoy and please comment.

Rogue Trader Heichiro had been waiting in his quarters for the past 4 hours while his crew muttered about at their current condition. They were waiting and they knew not why except for Heichiro and the man across from him. Major Sire Xavier; a baron from minor nobility that was a hardly someone Heichiro would of wanted on his staff for he was too young and arrogant for these matters, yet his family paid for this expedition so they had some right to insure their investment.

"Let me do the talking Major"
"I think not Heichiro, my family has-"
"If you want to return in one piece you shall let me negotiate, these are not Tau"
"they can hardly be much-"
Heichiro put his hand over his mouth and stared all around him.
"Hold that thought...hear that?"

Heichiro didn’t wait for the Major's answer and walked down the ships ramp. There was little in terms of landscape, it was a barren desert; the only sound one could hear was the shifting sand dunes. Though Heichiro knew better, he could hear the sand dunes being disturbed, whatever doing it approaching at breakneck speed.

"What is it Heichiro, what’s the fuss?"

Heichiro grabbed Xavier by the shoulders and stared at him deeply.

"Whatever you do, do not say a word, know that your life hangs on each one you say, these dark eldar are pirates and not the kind you can just pay off, only speak when he are asked too and for God-Emperor's sake don't take their insults seriously, we are not here to fight petty duels and I have little intention of ending up in a slave pen"
"Were you not a noble yourself I would have cut you down where you stand"
"Lucky for me then"

Heichiro turned his back on Xavier and signaled his techpriest to come with him. They could see dust clouds over the horizon and soon the shapes of jetbikes could be seen. Heichiro took a deep breath, loosened his Hell pistol and stared at his techpriest as he fiddled with his data slate. Xavier appeared stern, but he'd be sweating in no time Heichiro thought to himself. Then they were upon them, the sands whipped around them dirtying Xavier's clean white uniform and giving Heichiro and his techpriest a fresh coat of caked sand.

The reavers were circling around them, their black jet bikes adorned with recent victims and one of them even having a live captive dangling
and failing around. Each rider barking at each other with various insults and laughter as they sped around the crew like a wolf pack stalking it's prey. Then a familiar shape made it's way and the reavers broke off: a dark eldar raider.

It was fastened with trophies and captured banners, each of it's spikes had a live captive wailing in vain. Xavier could take no more and vomited:

"There he goes" thought Heichiro.

As the raider stopped in front of him, out jumped eight dark eldar, their splinter rifles aimed at him and his party. Then followed by another who took their sweet time gazing over him before hopping out. The figure was tall and slender, armor as black as night, it's bladed joints chimed together and crackled with electricity. The figure turned it's Twisted gold helmet and gave one last cold stare before removing it.

"I am Archon Ka'dass of the Black Jackals Kabal and you?"
"I am Rogue Trader Kanbei Heichiro, I believe this will suffice"
"And the human next to you"

There was a slight pause as Xavier cleared his throat and wiped off the puke from his mouth.
"I am Major Sire Gustav Von Xavier, Baron of the most Serene Empire of Ishidan, I am pleased to meet-"
"Enough, spare me the pleasantries, the only reason you all are not dangling from my raider is because you were nice enough to provide
us with this haul, now speak what you propose"

Heichiro went into a sitting motion as a chair drone and hologram table materialized, he couldn’t help but gaze over the Archon, she was beautiful
in a sadistic way, her pale skin was firm and she gave away no sense of purpose. He also noticed that the skin of her neck was crackling from her suit's electric current, he dared not think what other devices were hidden underneath. Had she of been less likely to kill you in your sleep she'd be fine company in his crew he thought. Her perfect features were only sullied by her wild hair and fanged armor.

"Care to take a seat? Surely you are tired from all that killing?"
The Archon shook her head and crossed her arms.
"Very well I'll be quick then, I believe you grabbed a few things I have need of"

Ka'dass signaled one of her warriors and quickly a servitor appeared before them, it was covered in gore but largely unharmed carrying a sack of various items.

"I take it you wanted this, it must be very important if you let us raid a hive full of your kin for it, now where is the payment"

Heichiro's techpriest made a gesture and a line of chained figures were pushed off the ship's ramp. There were an assortment of humans, eldar and
even a few orkz were amongst the "cargo".

"I'm sure you'll find them good enough, the orkz are something I threw in for free, they make fine fighters in your arenas from what I hear"

Ka'dass made a gesture and a reaver landed nearby dropping off a figure Heichiro was all to familiar with, a Haemonculi. He was terrible to look at,
tentacles were protruding out of his spine, slithering across the sand instead of feet; those were little more than hawk-like talons. It had six arms, each carrying exotic "medical" devices ranging from barbed bone saws to a large saw bladed scissor-like tool which Heichiro dared not imagine it's use. The Haemonculi slithered by his crew and proceeded to examine each chained person, checking for anything awry, he stopped at a man who was praying
furiously, his hands trembling. The Haemonculi gave him a fanged smile and stared at the Archon who nodded. Her cold eyes turned to Heichiro.

"Surely you don't mind if we....try the merchandise?"
Heichiro stared at the man for a few seconds, then turned away and nodded.

The Haemonculi picked up the praying man with his one of his tentacles and caressed his face with his taloned hands. Then a scream drowned out the shifting sands as a talon created a large gash from the man's cheek down to his jaw, The Haemonculi as the other Dark Eldar, seemed to get a high from the sight of this and even more so as the Haemonculi sewed the wound with what looked like barbwire.

"Good meat......" the Haemonculi whispered to Heichiro as he slithered by and gestured to the reavers who chained the poor souls to their jetbikes and sped off happily, the victims screams drowned out by the roar of their bikes. The servitor was then prodded across to the techpriest who wiped off the bloody chucks from it's chest panel and with a few clicks the servitor came to life and walked up the ramp to the ship.

"Well then human what else do you have for us?"
Heichiro crossed his leg and leaned towards her.
"I have a job for you if you're interested"
"And what might that be?"

The table in front of them suddenly lit up and a hologram of a figure in flowing robes appeared before them, it's grey skin alarmed Xavier.

"This is Aun'el Doran'ro, a member of the Ethereal Caste, he is currently on his way to a planet in the eastern fringe, he won't arrive...ever"
Ka'dass studied the hologram and smirked
"It was to my understanding you are allied with the Tau Empire no?"
"Yes but his death will further my cause and make you rich"
"It should if you are willing to kill your own allies"

Another hologram appeared, this one of a dark eldar sitting in a room full of macabre trophies, his features hidden behind a ornate mask.
"I believe this is the actual Archon of "your" Kabal no? It's to my understanding you cannot return to Commorragh without a sizeable force to watch your back.
What if I were able to...remove him"
Ka'dass chuckled as did the rest of the dark eldar warriors present.
"You expect me to believe a human can kill off someone I have planned it's lifetime to kill"


The laughter continued until a large serpent-like creature slithered out from behind Heichiro, it's four arms carrying an assortment of exotic guns and blades.

"I trust you're familiar with this particular Sslyth"
Ka'dass and her warriors all fell silent in the sight of the large serpentine creature, a delighted smile went across Ka'dass' face.
"I admit, the fact you have that thing is interesting but you don't think I'd fall for a fake"

A splinter pistol quickly appeared in hand aimed at the Sslyth, three quick bursts put the creature down, it stumbled over wailing in pain.
"You had better rethink that offer?, if that was Archon Kai'Vess' Sslyth it wouldn't be on the floor, now as much as I find your betrayal amusing
I think I have the right to renegotiate, your entire crew and 5000 slaves"

Xavier drew his auto pistol and humans in Tau-like armor materialized from the sand dunes, their pulse rifles aimed at each Kabalite Warrior who all stared at their Archon. Heichiro lit a lho-stick and took a puff before putting his own hell pistol on the table.

"You don't think I was prepared no?"
Ka'dass smiled coldly at the remark.
Suddenly Heichiro could feel the warmth of his Iho stick disappearing, the air suddenly got cold around him. He could feel the blade towards his neck, the
creature holding it was jet black and covered in runes.


Ka'dass slowly walked over to Heichiro and took the Iho stick out of his hand and relit it. then proceeded to inch it towards Heichiro's forehead.
"Wouldn't do that if I were you"
"And why is that human?"
"I'd hate to have bits of your pretty Lhamaean head all over me"

Ka'dass quickly realized what he meant as a laser was pointed over her.
"Markerlight....so you use whatever your dirty hands can acquire....but I've also prepared for that"
The sky quickly opened up and in a blink of an eye, dozens of jet black raider ships appeared each full of bloodthirsty warriors.
"You forget that unlike you.....even if you strike me down, I will be back and see you again in my slave pen"

Heichiro sighed and took the Iho stick out of Ka'dass' hand, as he raised it to his ice caked lips he revealed something in his jacket that quickly
wiped the smile off Ka'dass' face.
"Interesting....a vortex grenade I see"
Heichiro took a few puffs from the Iho stick and tapped some ashes on the mandrake's barbed blade, then blew a puff of smoke in Ka'dass' face.
"Why yes it is and you won't be coming back if there's nothing left of you"
Ka’dass breathed it in and chuckled.
"But so will you, you don't value your pointless life human like the rest of your short lived vermin race?"
"But the life of a human rogue trader surely isn't worth the same as a dark eldar Archon"

Ka'dass laughed uncontrollable as she paced back and forth, markerlight trailing her with every step. She looked at the two sides around her, pondering at her next move. Heichiro sat relaxed, Iho stick in hand using a mandrake's blade held to his neck as an ashtray. Xavier's auto pistol was shaking in his hands, the terror in his face bringing smiles to the warriors opposite of his barrel end. The techpriest blankly stared at the two sides and his right eye flickered like a camera lenses recording the scene.

The sides staring each other down were of great contrast, on the rogue trader's side of the table there were humans enclosed in black tau-like armor,
their image fading in and out from their active camo, only the blue light from their three eyed helmets were visible as were their heavily modified
pulse weapons.

Each man had a markerlight on a dark eldar, six of them on the Archon herself. There were also a few hive gangers on their ship's landing
ramp, each of them a giant of a man, they all carried heavy weapons ranging from stripped down heavy bolters to massive shoulder strapped lascannons, their heavy tattooed faces eager for bloodshed as their rebreathers pumped a range of stims and chems through their pulsing veins.

Crawling on the ship's hull there were the grey skinned reptile-like creatures known as the loxatl, each of them strapped with bandoleers for their belly mounted flechette blasters, their hides were glowing various colors in wait for the upcoming slaughter, finally, two crimson figures towered over them all, these were space marines though they beared no imperial symbols, they did however both sport a black closed claw on their left shoulder plate. Each one wearing a horrible death mask, their plasma guns sizzling in their hands.

The dark eldar were an equally assorted crew of scum. There were dozens of raiders hovering abroad them, each of them carrying bloodthirsty kabalite warriors with their splinter weapons aimed closely. There were also winged bird like figures who were appeared to be fused to their artificial wings and talons, they circled around like crows over a caress as the reaver jet bikes followed suit.

The most terrifying were the two tall armored figures who appeared next to the Archon, each of them enclosed head to toe in wicked curved armor and carrying large swords as tall of themselves. Each side stared at each other eager to get within grips, the only sound was of the Archon pacing and Heichiro putting out his Iho stick on the mandrake's sawblade. The Archon finally stopped as Heichiro was in the middle of lighting another stick.

"I'll do it....even for free since you have amused me, a human who gladly sells off his own kind to xenos, allows me to enslave 10000 souls for a hulk
of flesh and machine, gladly betrays those he calls his benefactors and finally has no problem with trying to double cross the dark eldar and fail as well as surviving it, I'm delighted to see what you will pay next so I shall kill this Tau for you and see what is in store between you and I"

Heichiro smiled and stood up slowly, the mandrake's sawblade ever so close to his neck.
"I'm glad we could come to an agreement then Archon Ka'dass, now I believe this concludes our negotiations"
"That it does human, if you have any more interesting things for us just follow the trail of horror, we shall see what becomes of you"
She then climbed back onto her raider and put on her helmet as the markerlights were still fixed on her. Then the raider's engines came to life and it hovered towards the light in the sky. Heichiro let out another puff of smoke as the mandrake faded back into the shadows

Xavier walked up to Heichiro but was brushed aside as he walked up the ram, quickly followed by the rest of the crew. While on deck the crew were bragging and telling tall tales amongst each other as Heichiro made his way for an elevator, as it closed Xavier hopped in.

"Are you mad?! you want to kill an Aun?! an Aun, do you realize what will happen our our world should we find out"
Heichiro leaned back and stared at the ceiling.
"Do you realize what we will gain from his death?"
"I fail to see the worth of whatever comes from it"

Heichiro pushed him against the wall and stared at him with his piercing eyes.
"Listen Xavier, do not give me a lecture of morality or try to be the pious hero, you and I....we not nothing more than merchants of death, we
broke contact with the Imperium because we solely wanted profit, had we stayed with the imperium we would not enjoy the life of luxury we enjoy
in our empire. Have you taken a look at what we do, we sell weapons to whoever has the funds to pay for them, we hire aliens to fight our wars, hell we even have two red renegade space marines on board. We are hardly the enlightened peaceful empire our King says we are and even he knows it, the Tau'va? what tau'va?, we only use that as a way to keep the commoners in their place, in the end we not nothing more than businessmen who profit from everyone else's misery and business is booming".

Xavier went silent
"Xavier, look the reason the Aun has to die is simply because it will open a path for us to better our relations with them, once the Aun is dead and the dark eldar have left we shall rescue the survivors and send aid to those injured, thus this will benefit us greatly".

The elevator stopped and opened up to the ship's bar.
"Now I need a drink"
As Heichiro walked off he turned around and tossed something to Xavier.
"Put it in the dump and shoot it out after we've reached orbit, we don't wanna led the dark eldar to our homeworld"
Xavier slowly nodded weakly as the elevator doors closed. Heichiro then turned and sat down putting on his microbead.
"Helmsman take us into orbit, I tire of these sands"
"Yes my Lord"

A tall armored Incubi approached Archon Ka'dass"
"Lady Ka'dass, do you really want to do the human's dirty work? He will no doubt betray us"
Ka'dass leaned back and glared at the Incubi.
"Perhaps....but he has proven interesting as of late"
"Yes however-"

A node in her chair was glowing, Ka'dass gave a look of annoyance and put her hand over it.
"What is it?"
"The tracking device you put on the human has stopped responding my lady, what are your orders"
Ka'dass smiled fiendishly.
"Nothing, leave them be"
"Yes my lady"

Ka'dass turned to the incubi.
"See what I'm talking about, this human will prove to be quite fun"

19-03-2011, 22:55
Well, mate, it's interesting to see the results of our little discussion. You may want to proofread this though. There are a few oddities of word choice.
I particularly like the bit about betraying the Ethereal but perhaps Heichiro should offer more than just a request; perhaps an opportunity where said Ethereal will be less defended that usual. I can imagine the Archon enjoying that betrayal and respecting Heichiro's ruthlessness (she probably would see exactly what he plans to do when she takes said Ethereal).
I don't think Heichiro would live after this encounter though. He's just too rude. Ka'dass might well like Heichiro's guts, but she would not tolerate the disrespect. Heichiro would be Mandrake food within a week (or perhaps after his next payment).
Finally, I don't think any Dark Eldar would admit that a Human "allowed" them to do anything. If, for example, Heichiro had done something to sabotage the hive's defenses, some mention of facilitation may be mentioned, but "allowed" implies that Heichiro could have stopped Ka'dass if he wanted to.

20-03-2011, 03:12
glad to see you enjoyed some of it. I can see the odd word choices at times, originally I thought that if Ka'dass was a full fledged Archon she wouldnt put up with any of his behavior. Thus I decided that she would be a disfavored Lhamaean of a Archon that she's plotting to overthrow. Heichiro knows better than to do business with lots of influence.

The reason for the mexican standoff is because I wanted to show that even though Ka'dass is basically a up and coming Archon she is still very clever true to her Lhamean roots. I had Heichiro stay calm and toy with his life on the mandrake's blades to show his calmness even when he fails with his ploy and to show that he's equally clever. Though mainly I wanted to show that both characters are equally clever devils.

Oh I very much intended for both Ka'dass and Heichiro do basically be constantly trying to outwit the other and get one another killed. Both of them are ruthless, Heichiro likes to leave no evidence, Ka'dass likes to use whatever she can to overthrow her nemesis and Heichiro knows this so will easily try anything to make sure he doesnt have to pay her.

Originally there was more to the story but I realized it was too long so I cut out the part where Ka'dass actually does attack the tau ships and Heichiro tries yet again to trick her but only after she tries to kill him on his way there.

Though both Heichiro and Ka'dass are trying to use/kill one another Ka'dass is always a step ahead and enjoys the attempts while Heichiro finds some self satisfaction in equally staying ahead. Though all the while they can each get something out of one another they can't get else where.

An assassin who kills for the fun of it, a human who is as equally clever and has a calm ruthlessness. Though Ka'dass gets a better kick out of it, Heichiro's crew have to constantly stress over the chance of accidents happening.

I very much intended Heichiro to be somewhat nonchalant and coolheaded as I found the unique working relationship between the two to be very interesting.

I dont think I understand what you mean by dark eldar would admit that a human.....do you mean a dark eldar would never give credit? not even sarcastically? That was the intend

It would be helpful in the future as this would be the first piece of fluff I've written involving eldar of any form.

21-03-2011, 04:53
Well explained. You have me convinced.
So long as they're both trying to kill each other, I imagine they can be as rude as they want (within reason).
Good move with the disgraced Lhamaean bit, although I am confused on a couple points. How can a disgraced Lhamaean afford the backing of a Wych cult and Haemunculi coven as well as the help of at least one Mandrake (although I guess that could have been for the color of her hair or the tears an Human with red skin)?

I didn't quite here sarcasm in that exchange (admit...). I can see a Dark Eldar saying such a thing sarcastically, but only if the human were stupid enough to say it first.

What would be helpful?

21-03-2011, 17:08
I made no mention of wych cult troops there were only reavers, scourges, kabalite warriors,incubi and a haemonculi present. I figure as a Lhamaean who made off with half her Lord's kabal she naturally made deals with the Haemonculi that will be fullfilled once she takes power and also mandrakes can be bought with whatever they fancy, in this case, slaves, misery and purpose.

The reason I picked a Lhamaean is because they feel alot more believable in terms of who could possibility be able plan a coup the best or gather others to them. To me a Lhamaen felt like a perfect fit, I felt she'd be slightly more tolerant as she's trying everything she can to usurp her lord and take over the kabal even if it means doing a human's dirtywork, though of course as a poisoner by trade she intends to kill Heichiro when given the chance but likewise Heichiro expects the same and tries to kill her off as well.

I always imagined anything that comes out of a Dark eldar's mouth is always in a sarcastic tone to throw everyone off.

22-03-2011, 16:20
I really like this story.
For me, it seems like Heichiro thinks he's crafty and sneaky (and compared to most Imperials he sounds like he is).
But when he's confronted with Dark Eldar, I think he realises that he's in a whole different world of backstabbing.
I think it would be good to see him coming to terms with having to 'up' his game..?

22-03-2011, 18:16
Indeed he does, he's my character in the RPG Rogue trader so it was easy to put him in this situation

05-04-2011, 15:04
Hey Okuto, followed your link here after browsing the intersting discussions in the background section about seperatist imperial worlds. Great story, I was really interested to see how you would handle the dark eldar/rogue trader exchange, especially after seeing a lot of prescriptive comments made by others along the lines of "dark eldar would never do this, dark eldar wouldn't need to do that" etc. I think you did it well, the rogue trader came across calm as he knew any other reaction would certainly get him killed (as opposed to probably getting him killed ;)) and the eldar came across as alien (which I think sometimes gets missed and they just seem like nasty humans) and you do get the impression that just because she hasn't killed him yet, doesn't mean she can't or wont.

My only criticism would be about the mexican stand off scenario which I think could use a little more pace and with several things happening at once. Instead it read to me like this,

A: "Aha, you thought I wasn't prepared!"
B: "And you thought I wasn't prepared for you being prepared!"
A: "That may be, but you didn't count on me being prepared for you being prepared for me being prepared..."

I think it would be better if a few things happened all at once rather than one grand trap following another. Hope that helps anyway, it really is a good short story!

05-04-2011, 16:16
thank you sir, I wanted to speed the mexican standoff as I had originally intended to make the fluff piece small but I kinda wrote too much so cut alot of the mexican standoff bits out. Most of those bits were more of the techpriest's observation so that readers could get a sense of the scene better but I cut it out to save space. Also I wanted to keep the quick pacing up with the double crossing standoff. I figured it'd slow it down if I went to much into the techpriest's perspective