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20-03-2011, 05:55
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Hey All!
I have an old Daemonette Army I am looking to sell. They are the older metal models, the Juan Diaz sculpts. Here is what I have.

79 daemonettes
27 seekers (the mounted daemonettes)
2 tit snakes (the mount from the lord of Slaanesh model)
1 chariot (this is converted form a dark elf chariot and 2 seekers)
1 mostly completed conversion for a daemon prince or Keeper of secrets
1 soulgrinder (converted to have a single slaaneshi boob)
1 box of the newer plastic Daemonettes
1 masque of Slaanesh

Most of this is un-built and unpainted, but all the parts are there and it's in good shape.

I would like to sell this army as a single whole unit, but I know that the newer still available stuff isn't all that valuable. As such, I will give most of it away as a toss in.

What I am looking for is $1000.00 These guys are valuable and out of print, and from what I've seen on ebay, just the pewter models would cost about $1300.00 so I think it's a pretty good deal.

If you are interested feel free to post in here or send me a PM. I'll listen to offers too, but make em reasonable.

20-03-2011, 06:07
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