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20-03-2011, 12:32
From recent info, it appears the Dark Eldar '2.0' wave will be spread across April, May and June. Now it's all but confirmed what the wave will contain, but what I'm interested in is what you think will be in the Scourges plastic kit. It will probably be a wealth of fancy weapons, and the wings may be just what some BA/Tyranid/Tzeentch players have been lokking for in plastic.

What are your thought on the contents of the kit? Obviously, there will be enough for at least 5, with one squad leader. Or maybe 10 like the Kabalite Warriors box? What are your ideas on this?

20-03-2011, 13:12
My guess is five models/box, priced the same as hellions. Most likely mounted on 25mm infantry-bases. Arms and heads compatible with the rest of the plastic kits. Given how the wings might not take as much place as the skyboards, and how the number of spare heads might not be quite as high, I wouldn't be surprised to see a fairly generous choice of weapons. At least two blasters per box would be welcomed by the Trueborn.

20-03-2011, 13:36
If it's 5 models per kit, I'd guess there would be:
1 heat lance
1 haywire blaster
1 blaster
1 shredder
5 splinter carbines
(and possible venom blade/splinter pistol for solarite)
Maybe a splinter cannon and dark lance if GW doesn't want to be super gay and make us buy MORE warriors. Hopefully.
(am I missing a weapon?)

scar face
20-03-2011, 14:06
I doubt it will come with lots of weapons- GW will want you to buy other models to get the desired weapons or there wont be enough of said weapons and you'll have to buy 2 scourges boxes.

20-03-2011, 15:03
Hoping it's 5 models with 2 of each special weapon (as per the standard codex rules).

If not, I damned well want GW to do a DE bitz sprue :(

20-03-2011, 16:50
Considering the big "thing" about the Scourges (other than the wings :p) are their special weapons, I believe we should be seeing quite a few of them.
My personal theory is that it'll be a bit similiar to ye ol' Devastator kit - two each of the unique and/or most likely to be used weapons (such as Heat Lances) and one of each of those less likely to be used - as well as those already present in other kits (such as Dark Lances).

Most likely 5 Scourges/box, hopefully with enough Splinter Carbines to equip them all (not that I'm gonna use 5 of 'em, but it'd be nice to have some extra in case I want to make a tooled up Trueborn squad some day).