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20-03-2011, 20:11
I was looking through my supplies and realised i was getting low on dice (too easy to loose those things).

I was just wondering what size dice people used, brand, curved or straight edged etc.

Looking through my collection, i have a lot of 16mm, curved edged, pipped dice.

20-03-2011, 21:21
Well... I would say.... http://www.chessex.com/

21-03-2011, 01:12
My dice seem to procreate. I thought I had about 60, but when I counted up a few days ago it turned out I had 95.

21-03-2011, 02:04

I bought 100 dice from this guy, then got the starter set too. Got some nice blue ones to go with the army. I think 12mm is the way to go. I'm on something like 112 dice. You can never have too many :D

I have one straight edged/pointy die in my collection. It always rolls badly. It's cursed I tell you! Rounded edges all the way!

Darsc Zacal
21-03-2011, 02:41
I second Chessex, lots of styles and colours. I also have more than a few of the GW special release dice like the 25th anniversary and more recent "bone" dice.

Lots of plain ol' dice too... Accumulated from various starter sets, boardgames, and such over years of gaming. Those are the dice I'll use where I feel I'm more likely to lose some.

21-03-2011, 03:05
I buy GW dice. Always.

I've accumulated about 200 over the last number of years.

21-03-2011, 03:29
For mass battle games like 40k and Fantasy, I recommend 12mm dice in a reasonable range of colours - 12mm is easier to roll en masse than 16mm, and a range of colours lets you say "These red dice are unit X, and the blue ones are unit Y with the power weapons" and roll it all at once.

On the square/round edge argument - some people say square rolls fairer. It can, but what you really need is uniform edges, and while it's easier to see a die is uniform if the edges are crisp, a round edge die can still be close enough to fair for most games. Secondly, it's not as big a deal as making sure the dice is a true cube and not short on one side - which many companies don't do (word to the wise, if you like to think your dice are fair, don't ever take a set of vernier callipers to them)

The downside is that square edge dice don't roll as smoothly on hard surfaces, and are less pleasant to stand on. (And for similar reasons, I keep very close tabs on my single D4, the accursed little caltrop that it is). For those reasons, I would normally recommend round edge dice - they're good enough for your average game.
I do have one square edge set, but I use it exclusively for roleplaying. In that case, I'm using only one set most of the time, so if the dice have a bias, it's going to affect things more than if I'm just picking randomly biased dice out from a set of a hundred.

Brand and style doesn't matter much - whatever looks good to you. If you're going to keep losing them though, don't go with a mega expensive finish, but don't be worried about getting something a bit different. It means people are less likely to walk off with your dice by mistake.

However, whatever you do, buy a box which they stack neatly away in! GW's own Dice Cube (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat440150a&prodId=prod1600018) (of which I've had three over the last few years) has the useful advantage that when you put them away in the bigger die, it becomes immediately obvious if you're missing any!
Put three too few dice into a dice bag, you'll probably miss it. Put three too few into a box which neatly holds 27, and you will notice.

As far as stores to buy from, I've bought some stuff from this place recently: The Dice Shop (http://www.thediceshoponline.com/default.asp). They stock a heap of brands and varieties (including Chessex), so look around and get some ideas.
But they don't (as far as I know) stock a box will conveniently take 12mm dice (They do one that does 16mm nicely, but 12mm doesn't fit properly)

The Ginger Ninja
21-03-2011, 09:17
I have a mixture, one of the old GW dice tins, a few random dice from old board games, a set of Chessex Polyhedral dice, a set of medium white dice I got with some playing cards, and a few I have accidently picked up from other people because they looked so similar to mine... :shifty:
Oh well, someone, somewhere, has probably collected quite a few of my stray dice...

21-03-2011, 09:20
I use 16mm dice.

Easier to see from across the table.

Some of them are even GW dice (the bullethole ones).

21-03-2011, 12:57
I bought 100 dice from this guy, then got the starter set too. Got some nice blue ones to go with the army. I think 12mm is the way to go. I'm on something like 112 dice. You can never have too many

Only 112? :p

I've got one of the metal "bolter round" boxes that they did with one of the 40k releases that I use to hold templates, counters, tape measures and dice - that's got about 260 d6 in it (three of the Chessex 3*3*4 dice packs, 7 packs of 20 dice I picked up as Colours a few years back (although there's a couple gone walkabout), and three of GW's dice sets), plus some scatter dice.

Then there's my RPG dice box - a 5" square tupperware box that holds all sorts of dice, including an average dice (2,3,3,4,4 and 5) and an extremes dice (1,1,2,5,6,6) both of which I've no idea where I them picked up (although I've never used the averages one, and only ever used the extremes dice once, in a game of Munchkin - well, it seemed appropriate :D) and even a D100 :).

Total, probably 4-500 dice of various types.

General Veers
21-03-2011, 13:19
Until I read this thread I never thought to count my dice. I buy and use mostly Chessex. I also buy GW and Battlefront dice as well. Almost all in 12mm but I've a few 16mm and I like those better.

23-03-2011, 14:48
For my d6 I always use a 16mm. As for losing dice, I always seem to acquire more than I started with and then try to track down the person I last gamed against in case they've lost any (which is generally easy since I game wit ha regular group). I doubt I'll ever run out of dice though, I have large boxes full of dice (at the last count I had around 150 D20!).

23-03-2011, 16:34
I have two make-up pouches full of dice, with a zip opening which is way more secure than the drawstring dice bags that are the norm, though I keep mostly RPG polyhedral dice there, including 6 siders.

Most of my 6 siders are still in their chessex box or GW tin I got originally, though I've lost a few (notably my Misfire Dice, which is quite irritating).

23-03-2011, 19:27
I like GW dice as they're small enough to carry tons of them around.

From an opponent's perspective, whatever dice you choose just make sure they're bloody easy to read. There is nothing more irritating than playing someone who has `showy' non-standard dice which are hard to read the pips on, as I always find myself desperately squinting to see what the roll is before the dice are scooped up again.

EDIT: Here's an example of something which would drive me potty, although red translucent with black pips is far worse: http://www.chessex.com/Dice/Translucent/23001.htm

24-03-2011, 11:14
i go to partizan event in newark, UK twice a year and buy dice by the pint glass (3). but last year it was only by the large coffee cup as the rescession bit

28-03-2011, 01:35
I bought 25 casino dice off of ebay for $40, I love them.

28-03-2011, 08:35
On a side note - i hate die with symbols on them instead of numbers. They do my nut, but people insist on having them.

"i get two hits and a space wolf!"

28-03-2011, 08:44
On a side note - i hate die with symbols on them instead of numbers. They do my nut, but people insist on having them.

"i get two hits and a space wolf!"

28-03-2011, 13:12
12mm, rounded edges - standard fare with GW starter sets are my favourites. I also use 16mm or tiny red ones (haven't bothered to measure, but they're also GW) as necessary, but the 12mm are much more practical for gaming I find.

28-03-2011, 14:27
On a side note - i hate die with symbols on them instead of numbers. They do my nut, but people insist on having them.
Don't you diss my Inquisition dice. I just happen to have that particular side marked in thrice-barred Roman numerals, rather than little spots. :D