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20-03-2011, 23:26
So I used the new OnG book today for my first game since selling my minis at the end of last year and rage quitting the hobby. I really like what they've done with the new book, aesthetics-wise as well as rules wise. If this is the direction 8th is going in then I'm fully behind GW!

Orcs & Goblins Army List

Savage Orc Great Shaman Zotzod Brainzappa w/ Level 4, Fencers Blades, Lucky Shrunken Head
Savage Orc Warboss Skarfang Gobsmakka w/ Armour of Slivered Steel, Dawn Stone, Great Weapon
Black Orc BSB Gorbad Bloodspilla w/ Crown of Command, Charmed Shield
Night Goblin Shaman Nobgrot w/ Level 2, Dispel Scroll
Night Goblin Shaman Zodwort w/ Level 2

22 Savage Orcs w/ Full Command, Extra Hand Weapons
40 Night Goblins w/ Full Command, Netters, 3 Fanatics
20 Night Goblins w/ Standard & Musician, Bows, 1 Fanatic

6 Trolls
6 Boar Boyz w/ Standard & Musician, Shields & Spears, Gleaming Pendant

Rock Lobber
2 Doom Divers
2 Snotling Pump Wagons w/ Spiky Rollers & Out-riggas
2 Mangler Squigs

Dwarfs Army List

Lord Kahz w/ Great Weapon, Shield, MR Kragg the Grim, R Fury, R Snorri, MR Spite, R Stone
Thane BSB w/ MR Gromril, 2 x R Iron
Runesmith w/ Great Weapon, Shied, MR Balance, R Spellbreaking
Runesmith w/ Great Weapon, R Spelleating

20 Longbeards w/ Full Command, Great Weapons, Shields, MR Grungi
10 Warriors w/ Full Command, Great Weapons, Shields
10 Thunderers w/ Shields

20 Ironbreakers w/ Full Command
20 Hammerers w/ Full Command, Shields, 2 x R Sanctuary
Cannon w/ R Burning
Grudge Thrower w/ R Penetrating
Miners w/ Full Command, Steam Drill

Organ Gun

We rolled for scenario and got Battle Line (Hooray!). My opponent won the choice for table side. After deployment, this is how the battlefield looked:
My orc characters all went in the savage orcs, the DS shaman went in the big block of NGs, and the naked shaman went in the NG bowmen. The spells I rolled up were Vindictive Gaze & Curse of the Bad Moon on the DS gobbo, and Itchy Nuisance & Gift of the Spider God on the naked one. The Orc rolled 3,4,5,6.
His Lord and BSB went in the Hammerers, one runepriest with the Warriors, and the other hiding behind the hill.
Note that the "rocks" were considered to be impassable, the two walls in the top right were considered to be two separate buildings, and that was about it for terrain! My opponent won the choice for first turn and took it.

Dwarfs Turn 1
Movement: In untrue dwarf style most of the army moved up. The Longbeards and Hammerers both marched, the Ironbreakers and Warriors left their respective buildings.
Shooting: The cannon misfired, not being able to shoot for 2 turns, and the grudge thrower targeted the big block of NGs but scattered 8".

OnG Turn 1
Movement: In true orc style pretty much my whole army moved up! Except the Boar Boyz, who squabbled (*grumble*) and rolled a 1, but since they were more than 12" from my SO they just sat around and did nothing for a turn. To keep my Trolls in line with my Savage Orcs, they marched but didn't go their full 12". NGs moved up slightly, just to get my bows in range of the Longbeards and my spells in range of most of his army!
Magic: I successfully cast Gift of the Spider God on the NG Bowmen, giving them poisoned attacks. I also got Itchy Nuisance off on the Hammerers, so they probably wouldn't try to charge next turn!
Shooting: The NG Bowmen opened fire on the Longbeards, killing two. The first Doom Diver shot at the RP behind the hill and only scattered 2", allowing me to fly back and smack him. 1 wound done. The second Doom Diver did the same, taking off that second wound. Being able to redirect d6+3" is awesome. The Rock Lobber fired on the Organ Gun but scattered.

Dwarf Turn 2
Movement: The Miners came on the board behind the leftmost Doom Diver. The Longbeards moved up another 6", the Hammerers walked backwards a massive 1", and seeing the approach of 3 things that couldn't hurt units in buildings, the Warriors and Ironbreakers went back indoors.
Shooting: The Organ Gun was the first to fire off a salvo, doing 8 hits on the Mangler Squig and ending its short pathetic life. The Thunderers targeted the Savage Orcs but did no damage, and the Grudge Thrower targeted the NGs again but to no avail, scattering another 8".

OnG Turn 2
Movement: No animosity! The Trolls attempted to charge the Hammerers but failed, going forward 6". One Pump Wagon went 5", the other 16". The Mangler went about average. Everything moved up again slightly, ready to take the charges of the approaching units.
Magic: This phase was fun! 10 dice, yes please. I successfully cast poison on the NG Bowmen again, but still didn't sneakily steal a power dice. The next spell was a Vindictive Gaze on the Organ Gun, but the spell was eaten and removed from my caster's mind. The final spell was a Foot of Gork on the Hammerers, successfully casting and killing 11 of the little buggers. Ouch!
Shooting: In the shooting phase the NG Bowmen killed another Longbeard! The Doom Diver about to be set upon by dirty coal-coloured Dwarfs misfired and rolled a 6, doing nothing. The second Doom Diver targeted the Miners hoping to save its fellow, but scattered 10". Not even wings could correct that bad a shot. The Rock Lobber targeted the Organ Gun once again and landed smack bang on target, but rolled a 1 to wound.

Dwarf Turn 3
Movement: This turn was bound to be interesting! The Hammerers steamed into the Trolls, the Miners reared the Doom Diver, and the Longbeards attempted to charge the Savage Orcs but failed. In a vain attempt to save the cannon, the Warriors blocked the Pump Wagon's charge path and the Iron Breakers set up to take out the Boar Boyz... Forgetting the imposing sight of the Mangler Squig roaring for food on the hill next to them. The Rune Priest stayed tucked up in bed inside the building with his hot mug of mead.
Shooting: The Organ Gun barked again, and 5 Savage Orcs took lead shot to the head. The Grudge Thrower shot at the NG block and misfired. Hooray! The cannon then targeted the pump wagon bearing down on it with a grape shot and misfired. Double hooray! The Thunderers took aim at the Savage Orcs, dropping another one.
Combat: Combat this turn was rather brutal. The Miners made short work of the Doom Diver and overran a whopping 8", which was just enough to trigger the release of the fanatic from my Bowmen which went straight through the unit, cackling with lead-fuelled glee the whole way and knocking down 3 stunties on the way. In the main combat, the Trolls made short work of the Hammerers, killing the rest of the unit while only taking 2 wounds themselves (though I made 8 regen rolls out of 10... Teehee). I had almost won the game right at this point but then on the reroll the bloody bastards roll insane courage. Bah!

OnG Turn 3
Movement: Lots of charges! The Boar Boyz charged the Cannon, the left Pump Wagon charged the Warriors infront of it, the seond Pump Wagon went into the flank of the BSB, the Mangler Squig went through the Ironbreakers like a hot knife through butter, killing seven of them. The Savage Orcs charged the Longbeards, and the NG Bowmen about faced to shoot at the miners. Fanatic moved 10", fast git.
Magic: Four dice this phase, plus one channel. Bah. First spell was 'Ere We Go on the Savage Orcs which was promptly dispelled. With no dice left in my opponent's dispel pool, I decided to try the fun new spell and with the majestic dance that only Savage Orc Shamans can pull off, a big green hand descended from the heavens and scooped all the NG block up, depositing them 18" towards the Dwarf lines. Release the fanatics! 3,4,3. Oh yes, good show lads.
Shooting: In the shooting phase the NG Bowmen killed another single Miner. They were trying to whittle them down one at a time evidently. The remaining Doom Diver spotted the Rune Priest relaxing in the building and decided they would have none of that! One speeding goblin through an open window later and the khemrian rug was ruined, stained with mead and blood. The Rock Lobber had another brilliant round, missing completely.
Combat: The Pump Wagon rolled into the BSB with glee, but he passed all of his armour saves bar one. Then the angry BSB struck back, killing one of the poor Trolls. At the very sight of their comrade's insides spilling all over the battlefield, the Trolls were induced to emesis and hurled the contents of their stomachs at the two Dwarfs. It was all too much for the BSB who copped a fish bone to the eye and went down quickly, and the Lord himself took two wounds! Good show old chaps! The lord then struck simultanously while being stomped into the ground and took another troll with him before he was crushed to a pulp. Insane courage that, bitch!
In the other combats the Pump Wagon only managed to kill 3 Dwarfs but then one of the Snotlings on the back threw a rock and brained another. The Warriors struck back, smashing the Wagon down to 1 wound. He lost by one but passed his break test.
It didn't look good for the Longbeards going into the combat, and this proved to be an astute assumption. Nine wounds later, and only doing two themselves to the Savage Orcs, the Longbeards wet their armoured pants and turned to flee only to be run down by Gobsmakka and his ladz. The Boar Boyz failed to kill the Cannon crew (*facepalm*) and the remaining crewer passed his stubborn test.

Dwarf Turn 4
Movement: Well, things weren't going too well for the stunties. Keen to get the greenskins back for their insolence, the Miners charged the NG Bowmen. The Ironbreakers moved back into the building lest the Mangler have more of them for supper.
Shooting: This phase was brutal. The Grudge Thrower landed dead on the NG block, killing 10 of the poor little buggers. The Organ Gun rolled a 10 and took down 6 Savage Orcs, followed by the Thunderers felling a further two.
Combat: The Cannon was destroyed, allowing the Boar Boyz a reform to face the thunderers. Excellent. The Warriors kicked the remaining snotlings off their Pump Wagon, and the Miners won combat vs the Bowmen but I passed my steadfast LD5! Success!

OnG Turn 4
Movement: The Boar Boyz and the Savage Orcs charged the Thunderers, hungry for more stunty blood! The fanatics went nuts, going through the two remaining warmachines and both doing wounds! Huzzah. The Mangler was still hungry and went through the warriors, killing the remaining six. Om nom nom indeed. The Trolls marched up, keen to get into that building and smash some Ironbreakers.
Magic: 4 dice again this phase. Sigh. Failed to cast poison due to a bad mushroom (poor gobbo, don't eat the yellow ones!), and failed to cast Foot of Gork on 3 dice. Sigh.
Shooting: The combined shooting of the Rock Lobber and Doom Diver only killed 5 Ironbreakers.
Combat: As was anticipated, the Savage Orcs went through the Thunders in no time whatsoever and overran into the Grudge thrower... Over the top of a fanatic. 3 more Savage Orcs dead. Bah! The Boar Boyz elected to stay still. The NG Bowmen and Miners continued their handbag fight, killing one a piece. Dwarfs held to handbag again next turn.

Dwarf Turn 5
Movement: Um... Yeah.
Shooting: The Organ Gun opened fire on the Boar Boyz, scoring 6 hits but only wounding with 3. Two dropped to the ground, heavily concussed.
Combat: The Grudge Thrower went down in one round of combat and my Savage Orcs overran again... Onto another fanatic. 5 died this time. Bloody goblins! The Bowmen won combat against the Dwarfs, by killing the remaining midgets. Hooray!

OnG Turn 5
Movement: The Boar Boyz charged the Organ Gun, and the Trolls charged the Ironbreakers. Savage Orcs turned around incase the retarded warmachine hunter boyz failed in their job.
Magic: Tried to cast poison on the Trolls but failed. Sigh. Nothing else of note occurred.
Shooting: None to speak of!
Combat: Only did two wounds to the Ironbreakers, who didn't hurt the trolls but passed their break test. The Boar Boyz did a single wound to the Organ Gun. Le sigh.

Dwarf Turn 6
Movement: Nothing.
Shooting: Nada.
Combat: Squat. Literally. S3 Orcs suck at combat.

OnG Turn 6
Movement: Savage Orcs (what was left of them) charged the Organ Gun. Trolls charged the building.
Magic: Poison off on the Trolls on four dice. That's what I'm talking about.
Shooting: None to write home about.
Combat: The Trolls and Ironbreakers smacked eachother around a bit but neither wanted to go home. Organ Gun died finally thanks to Boar Boyz!

So quite obviously a roaring first showing for the OnG. The VPs in the end were about 2300 to me and 145 to my opponent, but in his defence I have played for much longer than my opponent and know the rules back to front which helps immensely.

I'm pretty happy with my list as it is right at this moment. If anything I'd try and beef up the Savage Orc Boyz a bit but I just don't have the points. I think I'm happy with the 20 bowmen over another block of NG as it gives my shooting phase a little more oomph when the poison spell is in play. I learned a valuable lesson with fanatics... They will probably do you the same if not more damage than your opponent. But that's ok, as long as they hit the opponent first! OnG magic is awesome, especially anything to do with Gork. That guy is awesome and deserves another idol constructed in his honour after this battle.

So I hope you enjoyed the report. Questions, queries, and comments welcomed and much appreciated.

21-03-2011, 16:58
Good battle.

The mangler squigs did what I expected: 1 gets shot, the other does tons of damage, and then goes crazy.

I keep trying to figure out a tactical way to use them but you can't control their movement like pumpwagaon (bouncing them against the side of your units to keep them in place).

Thanks for the report.

21-03-2011, 22:08
I was also thinking of changing the ordinary Boar Boyz into 5 Savage Boar Boyz w/ Std, Muso, and Banner of Eternal Flame for the same points cost as a threatening unit to regen monsters like Hydras and Aboms, but still also able to munch down on warmachines when I play Empire/Dwarfs but critically is immune to panic while frenzied.

What do you think about this idea Malorian? I was quite underwhelmed with the BB...

22-03-2011, 03:50
It's an interesting idea, but I doubt it's effectiveness on hydras and abons unless they were already wounded.

Safest place for flaming banner is in a big unit.

Keep the boar boyz (no matter if plain or savage) as cheap and point effective as possible.

22-03-2011, 11:50
Oh, they would only charge once the DD or RL had taken off a wound or two no doubt. :)

05-04-2011, 01:40
Question, where are you getting D6 + 3 from on the Doom Diver's redirect?

Good report as usual.

05-04-2011, 02:04
Question, where are you getting D6 + 3 from on the Doom Diver's redirect?

When firing blind you adjust your scatter roll by the BS of the crew of the war machine. Once this is done roll the now d6" for the gobbo with wings and you get a potential of 9" of redirect or an average of 6.5 or so.

05-04-2011, 02:39
Well you have two things (technically) wrong here;

- With indirect fire you scatter artillery minus the crew's ballistic skill only if you score a direct hit. If you rolled an arrow it just goes the artillery dice amount as normal.

- Technically speaking this cannot be considered a D6+3" adjustment since more often than not you will be taking that 3" away from the D6 to get bc in the right direction.