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Pawn of Decay
21-03-2011, 09:39
Last weekend I went to a Fantasy Doubles Tournament called Winds of Magic. My team mate and I took Warriors of Chaos, and even with some bad luck in our magic phases, managed to come out on top and win the Tournament. It was a great day and has suddenly launched my enthusiasm back into the direction of Fantasy.

Due to this I am now planning a Warriors of Chaos Army for the Autumn Throne of Skulls Tournament, which is increasing to 2,400pts. I want this army list to be competitive, and a bit outside the Usual Marauder Hoard Spam that is appearing a lot around my area. All Comments and Criticism is more than welcome, but please try and keep Criticism to a constructive level. If you think the list is just **** out right, please offer some ways to improve it. 

Anyway enough of me rambling. On to the army list.

Lord: 16.04%

Chaos Lord 385pts
- Mark of Khorne
- Juggernaught
- Sword of Swift Striking
- Armour of Destiny
- Shield
- Dawnstone

Hero: 6.67%

Chaos Sorcerer 160pts
- Mark of Tzeentch
- Level 2
- Spell Familiar
- Ironcurse Item

Core: 43.33%

Chaos Warriors (23) 476pts
- Mark of Tzeentch
- Full Command
- Banner of Rage
- Halberds and Shields

Chaos Warriors (24) 474pts
- Mark of Tzeentch
- Full Command
- Blasted Standard
- Hand Weapon and Shields

Chaos Warhounds (5) 30pts

Chaos Warhounds (5) 30pts

Chaos Warhounds (5) 30pts

Special: 16.67%

Chaos Knights (8) 400pts
- Mark of Khorne
- Full Command

Rare: 17.08%

Hell Cannon 205pts

Hell Cannon 205pts

21-03-2011, 10:48
Don't you want a unit for watchtower? Or is this scenario not being used in ToS autumn? Have you considered using just 20 sword n board warriors?

If you get spare points it may be worth bumping the hounds up to 6 models so you get max attacks when fighting warmachine crew.

Personally I wouldn't take the juggerlord to a tourney... In most games he'd be okay but I think it is fairly likely he will be sniped in at least 1 game.

Don't put the jugger in the knights. Run him solo for a million reasons.

Pawn of Decay
22-03-2011, 13:24
Hmm ok. Now I am fairly new to Fantasy at the moment... and without my Rule Book here, I have no idea what the Watch Tower is. So that is something I will have to look into.

The Warhounds being bumped up to units of 6 makes sense.

Why would you not take the Jugger Lord? And out of curiosity, why would you not have him in the Knights? He has worked for me at 2,000pts, and always goes with the Knights.

Any advise etc. is deffinately appreciated.

immortal git
23-03-2011, 17:47
the watchtower is a scenario where the objective is to hold an objective in the centre of the board at the end of the 6th turn. what harwammer is referring to is that at the start of a game, you can place a unit of 20 or less men in the tower, if you win the roll off for first turn (i think) i personally dont think you have a damn thing to worry about as you have the best men for the job, you can just walk up into buildings and start swinging those axes and usually remove people frokm it in quick succession