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27-03-2006, 07:54
This is my first tomb king army using High Queen Khalida, please comment


High Queen Khalida - 420 pts


Liche Priest #1 - 165 pts
Serpent Staff
Dispel Scroll

Liche Priest #2 - 160 pts
Cloak of the Dunes
Dispel Scroll


10 Skeleton Warriors - 100 pts
Hand weapon, Bow
Blessing of the Asp

10 Skeleton Warriors - 100 pts
Hand Weapon, Bow
Blessing of the Asp

10 Skeleton Warriors - 100 pts
Hand Weapon, Bow
Blessing of the Asp

20 Skeleton Warriors - 180 pts (Liche Priest #1 goes in this unit)
Hand Weapon, Shield
Light Armour

10 Light Horsemen - 160 pts
Hand Weapon, Bow
Blessing of the Asp

1 Tomb Swarm - 45 pts


19 Tomb Guard - 265 pts (Queen goes in this unit)
Standard Bearer
Banner of the Undying Legion

1 Tomb Scorpion - 85 pts


2 Screaming Skull Catapults - 220 pts (liche priest #2 goes with these)
Skulls of the Foe

This is 2000 pts exactly, as you can see, I am going for a highly defensive army.

I will hopefully set some of my archers on a hill and let them come to me. my tomb guard will keep my queen alive for as long as possible, and I will keep the TG near the archers (using here ability to cast the Incantation of Righteous smiting without being able to be dispeled) my archers will always shoot twice. I will also have one of my priests in my skeleton unit to keep them alive as long as possible, and one priest by the catapults so I can make one of the catapults hopefully shoot twice, and if he needs to get out of there, I gave him the cloak of the dunes/. the tomb swarm and tomb scorpion are for taking out his/her artilery, or mages if the opportunity pops up. (the only reason I took a swarm is because I had that exact amount of points left and they also fit the fluff of the poison queen)

Poison Units:

High Queen
Liche Priest #1
all 30 archers
10 ligh cav.
tomb swarm
tomb scorpion

as you can see most of the units in the army have poison. Befitting for the queen of poison herself

well, let me know your thoughts of this army (and take into mind the fluff)

27-03-2006, 22:22
some one outt here has to play tomb kings and have an opinion