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21-03-2011, 12:24
Having never taking the plunge with VC before i picked up the book today and started planning out a list i would like to work towards.

List is a mixed of what i want for modeling and what i think will work on table top too.

375- Vampire lord- lvl 3, supernatural horror, infinite hatred, ogre blade, armor fortune, lore of death

200- vampire- dark acolyte, lord of dead, sword of might, talisman of endurance

150- wight king- bsb sword of kings, flayed huberk

308-36x skeleton warriors full com.

80-2x5 dire wolves

495-35x grave guard full com. banner of barrows

175- varghulf

208-6x black knights full com. barding

im not sure how these armies work... so pull to bits please

21-03-2011, 18:57
Dire Wolves don't count as core, so you only have 308 core (and more than this in Heros and Lords) so you're currently illegal.

Black Knights and Varghulf are good working together.

Check out the Vampire armours and protections, they're better I think than the protections you've given your vampires.

Maybe give your skels one of the static-CR banners? (War Banner or that "count another rank" one in the codex?)

21-03-2011, 18:57
Looking to min/max:
Ghouls, no skellies, no dire wolves.
Grave guard are your bread butter.
Varghulf/Black Knight combo is common but not very effective(in my experience ymmv)

Otherwise it really depends on your local metagame. If people don't play tuned up lists then this will be fine. Like people always say pick models/armies that you like the look of , get them painted, and have fun.

22-03-2011, 00:09

470 - Vampire lord- lvl 3, dark acolyte, supernatural horror, infinite hatred, ogre blade, walachs bloody hauber- lore vampires

150- wight king- bsb sword of kings, flayed huberk

300- 35x skeletons full com.

168- 20x ghouls, ghast

435-30x grave guard full com, barrow banner

80-2x5 dire wolves


208- black knight full com.

How is this for a revision? black knight/ghulf combo is purely for modeling ideas