View Full Version : Wolf Tooth Necklace and grenades.

21-03-2011, 19:44
I have a question regarding wolf tooth necklace and the use of grenades, specificly against walkers.

The wording on wolf tooth necklace is "Against models with a WS value, a model with a wolf tooth necklace always hits on 3+ in close combat"

But on the other hand walkers can only be hit by grenades on a 6+ unless stunned/imobilized.

So I wonder which superseeds the other?

21-03-2011, 19:49
Rules from a codex take precadence.

21-03-2011, 20:56
Rules from a codex take precadence.

Only when they differ from the rulebook, which in this case they do not. Grenades have a specific set of rules with what they need to hit that is not based on comparative Weapon Skills, which the WTN relies on.

Also, this should be in 40k rules. ;)