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22-03-2011, 02:51
so any thoughts or replies would be greatly appreciated...

General- supreme sorceress, lvl 4 (shadow) pendant, dagger of sacrifice- 320
sorceress, lvl2 (dark magic), tome of furion- 150
sorceress, lvl2 (beasts), dispel scroll- 160
death hag, cauldron of blood, BSB- 225
Assassin, extra weapon, rune of khaine, black lotus, touch of death- 171

45 spearmen, full command, shields, banner of discipline- 345
24 corsairs, full command, sea serpent banner- 290
12 xbows, musician, shields- 137
12 xbows, musician, shields- 137
5 harpies- 55

24 witch elves, rune of khaine, full command, banner of murder- 315
21 witch elves, rune of khaine, full command- 260
10 shades- 160
cold one chariot- 100

hydra- 175

3000 points

22-03-2011, 03:23
On first glance, this list doesn't seem to have any real focus. There's not much in the way of shooting, nor is there much in the way of combat. I'll run over it and give you some thoughts, working on the basis that it's a no comp event:

First up, the level 4 is fine as she is. Lifetaker would be nice to see on her.

Dark Elf mages can't take Lore of Beasts unfortunately, so I'd drop her to a level 1 with fire, and give her a scroll and the ruby ring. I'd also drop the level 2 entirely, otherwisse you're starting to get a bit character heavy.

I'd drop the assassin. he doesn't do anything that the Cauldron can't already make the whole unit do, and he dies so very easily.

If you go with the dreadlord, you won't need the standard of discipline on the warriors. I'd also take a smaller unit of warriors with a musician for the level 4 to stab.

Corsairs don't do anything the witches can't already do better. i'd drop them for another unit of 40 warriors with full command and shields. If you can, bumping both of the big units of warriors up to 50 would be good, but 40 is acceptable.

If you don't want to go with a shooting oreintated list, I wouldn't take any core xbows. They'll be left behind, and will soon have their lines of fire blocked off. I'd put the points into a second unit of harpies, and maybe a third big warrior block if you have the points at the end.

Combine the witches into one big unit of 40 with full command and the flaming banner. This unit, on average dice, will auto-kill and abomb before it gets to attack. I'm not sure the champion needs anything, but if you have points left over then fair enough.

Shades are where your shooting will come in. I'd go with 3 units of 10, and give them additional hand weapons. That way, with Okkams and an extra attack, you have a very respectable combat unit. Still a glass hammer, but they can do so much more damage than their points would suggest. Even so, they're primarily there to shoot and harass, don't commit them unless you have to.

One chariot won't really do anything.

I'd double up the hydra, perhaps even take a third.

22-03-2011, 03:35
How about something like this:

Shadow Level 4, Pendant, Lifetaker, Stabby Dagger

Fire Level 1, Scroll, Ruby Ring of Ruin

Cauldron BSB

50 Warriors, full command, shields

50 Warriors, full command, shields

15 warriors, standard bearer, musician, Standard of Discipline

5 harpies

5 harpies

10 Shades, additional hand weapons

10 shades, additional hand weapons

40 Witch Elves, full command, flaming banner




The third hydra can be swapped for a third unit of shades very easily depending on personal preference.

Basically, the thinking behind this is that you're going to be seeing a lot of Teclis and a lot of Power Skilled Dwellers/13th, so big units that don't give away too many points will be good. I've gone for a more combat orientated approach in the above list, but now you've got me thinking I'm going to look into a shooting list...

22-03-2011, 03:38
I will second everything that Tmarichards said.

I would suggest taking an actual "hitty" unit such as Black Guard, Cold One Knights or Executioners. One that doesn't need to rely on magic or a cauldron to be good, just incase the S*** hits the fan.

Take spearmen or corsairs, but not both.

Esco Thomson
22-03-2011, 13:28
I think both spears and corsairs are fine, but definitely would advocate that fourth Hydra. I think if you can find room I would try to drop a BSB in there (not the Cauldron as the BSB) from my experience the Cauldron is a staple don't get me wrong, but being a Warmachine it becomes an immediate target for any statistic test based kill spell(barring Leadership and Toughness). If you can get a BSB on a Master instead, at least you won't lose both to one Dwellers/P90X...

I forget exactly, mainly due to TV, but I think the DE lists that were great last year were running Crone, 4 Hydras, lots of troops, WE's, and pretty much your magic setup.