View Full Version : Hellcannon query

22-03-2011, 17:40
OK, so I am most likely being very dim here, and I am very new to the game so forgive me....

But why does the GW website show the Hellcannon as having T7?


22-03-2011, 17:41
Because GW makes mistakes, just like everyone else.
And that's not such a huge mistake, before they had spider riders as M10 and dwarfs as M6 on the website. :p

Lord of Skulls
22-03-2011, 17:43
Probably because someone made a typo. Unless it is altered in an Errata, the value given in the armybook is the correct one.

The GW site also showed Dwarves as having movement 8 and Orc boars as movement 18 for some time....

23-03-2011, 11:22
Those are the old stats it had before the current book, IIRC.