View Full Version : countering dark riders with Lizardmen

27-03-2006, 15:12
I'm collecting Lizardmen and my friend is collecting Dark Elves. In our first game (admittedly only 500pts!) I just couldn't close against his Dark Riders (he had 2x RXB units and 1x Dark Rider units against my 2x Skinks, 2x Saurus) - I just couldn't get hold of them until almost the end of the game. Even Saurus Cavalry are going to have a problem without that magical banner...

Any ideas?

Our next game will probably be 1000pts, I'll be fielding 2 blocks of Saurus, 2 skink skimishing units, 1 saurus cavalry, 1 priest and some lizard swarms

Ivan the Terrible
27-03-2006, 17:35
You don't need to close, just nail them with blowguns. Also, it wouldn't hurt to get some salamanders-they eat elves for breakfast! light cavalry are also vulnerable to magical attacks.

27-03-2006, 20:53
As mentioned (I'm Delf player), A unit of 12-16 Skinks with poisoned blowpipes will own a Drider unit. The Salamanders will own the Delfs full Stop. Get some Salamanders and it will be them asking how to deal with those.

28-03-2006, 00:14
M9 is an absolute pain to deal with. However, you'll have noticed that the Lizardmen list provides specialised answers to every threat... And while I hate to say it, in this case that answer is Salamanders. ;)

I wouldn't recommend sending Skinks out after Driders - it's simply not what they're good at. Magic, on the other hand, is very effective against Elves in general and fast cavalry in particular. You could even argue that that is magic's job in a Lizardmen list: not causing mass casualties, but rather stripping away the support units.

(Oh, and if he ever gets in range then whalloping him with some Kroxigors is nice... But that's not their job either - save them to crack armour!)