View Full Version : Very simple question about combining Chaos armies.

Alex Under
27-03-2006, 18:19
Ok, I know it might seem like a stupid question, but I have a Hordes of Chaos army and would like to add some Beasts of Chaos to it (Minotaurs). I don't have a copy of the BC book and none of my gaming group plays them and at the local shop they don't have a copy and I'm not interested in ordering one if I'm really limited when combining chaos forces :(

So, basic question, how does a BC unit count in order to include them in a HC mortal army? Special, rare? And, combined within the army list, is it playable in official tournaments?

Ok, now you can all make fun of me :cries: for being a crappy Chaos general that doesn't know how to summon the forces of evil to defeat the good guys. :evilgrin:

27-03-2006, 18:37
Beast units would count as core if the general is a beast, special if the general is a demon or mortal.

Special units (as in the special section normally) remain the same regardless of the general.

Completly legal, for all intents and purposes they are one book.

27-03-2006, 19:05
As said by my fellow Flame, If your general is mortal ALL beasts of chaos and daemons become special choices. the only exceptions to this are Dragon ogres and Shaggoths, they count as rare choices Regardless of what army you play.
EDIT: Oh and Giants are rare choices too.

Alex Under
27-03-2006, 19:08
Thanks! Much better now :)