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24-03-2011, 13:59
Hello all

Ive actually played some games of fantasy now so I have a rough idea of what I want in my 2000pts as opposed to the last time I made a list where I was a total noob.

C&C would be much appreciated.


lvl4 wizard w seal of destruction-shadow-245

Arch lector w AoMI & Sword of sigismund-200


BSB w full plate & Standard of arcane warding-113



40 Halberdiers w FC-220 *BSB goes here*
Detachment-20 Swordsmen-120

10 Handgunners-80 *Wizard goes here*

30 Swordsmen w FC-200


29 Greatswords w FC-320 *AL goes here*

Mortar x3-225




So, basically its balanced with 3 Big blocks of infantry in the centre and then 5(yes 5!) artillery pieces to cause damage before the swirling melee of doom begins.

Feel free to tear it apart.

24-03-2011, 17:08

Nice list, looks a lot like mine.

A few things came to mind:
-More protection on Bsb only fpa isnt enough, i recommend Aomi or AoD.
-I love pistoliers, they do good damage on elite blocks or my opponent spends
2-3 turns shooting/magic on them.
-I dont like the Hellblaster, change to a hellstorm or drop it.
-Get some protection for your mortars etc, a fast unit will be at them in no time.
i some times use archers and 10 crossbows for this.

Have fun!

24-03-2011, 17:14
cool thanks for the critique!

I cant take the magic banner if I take AoMI for my BSB.

I thought about pistoliers, Ive tried outriders and they were great but were wet paper when hit with any missiles.

I like the helblaster as it can devestate units and really gives the enemy a worry. I was gonna use the 10 handgunners as protection for them since any fast unit getting near will get a face full of lead and die!

Ive tried a helstorm but it missed every single time I fired it but that was at 1000pts, guess it has more chance to hit stuff at 2k. I will have to test it out, magnetising the weapon is the way to go for me!