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Sgt Cambria Russ
24-03-2011, 23:51
Heys Guys i love the new stormraven & wondering if their is anyway a storm raven can be used in others chapters. Is the technology of the stormraven only kept with the adept techs of the blood angels?

Does the plastic kit come with the BA wings icons moulded into the hull or are they added????

I would love air surport with out having to get a battle barge.

24-03-2011, 23:55
No they're not molded to the hull. The reason in the BA book for why no other chapter had them was that they Techmarines are basically greedy and don't want to share their STCs with Admech.

Just play a BA successor chapter.

Sgt Cambria Russ
25-03-2011, 00:01
God dammn those greedy bastards

unfortunatley im starting A Imperial Fists army and aint turning back now. I would love just to paint one up yellow but!

25-03-2011, 00:09
Didn't one of the recent WDs have the rules for the SR, and mention that you could use it in an SM army if you and your opponent make a "gentlemans agreement"? Obviously I'm not talking about an official addition to the codex, and haven't seen the WD article myself (not bought it in years!)

25-03-2011, 00:13
The rules were in WD, but there wasn't any mention of it being allowed in other Space Marine armies.
Shame really, I'd like one for my Space Wolves.

25-03-2011, 00:15
AT present, only the BA and GK have access to the Stormraven, but you could always use the model as a Caestus Assault Ram.

Another option is to leave it at ground level and proxy it as a land raider (seen quite a few people doing that).

25-03-2011, 00:23
in friendly games im sure some people wouldnt mind it. just ask before hand.

Sgt Cambria Russ
25-03-2011, 00:31
Yeah it would still be sweet in friendly's, they had a few stat in the white dwarf which i have. But yes they doo look very cool indeed.

25-03-2011, 00:39
The reason in the BA book for why no other chapter had them was that they Techmarines are basically greedy and don't want to share their STCs with Admech.

Just play a BA successor chapter.

This is incorrect. The reason given in the Codex is that the other Marine Chapters simply haven't been given them by the AdMech yet. The reason you gave is for why only the BA have 'Baal' pattern Predators.

@OP: This has come up before, right before the model was released. Just ask your friends if it's cool. If they say yeah, then sweet, if not, oh well.

Nomrana Est
25-03-2011, 00:40
When I was chatting to a member of GW staff a few weeks back, he showed me the WD in question, and said that the rules in the WD are legal for other SM Chapters.

Mind you, I didn't buy the WD in question, and neither was I interested in the SR, but that's the impression I got off the staffer.

25-03-2011, 00:45
The staffer was likely trying to sell more stormravens. In that WD it mentioned the BA having them, but not other chapters. There is also nothing stating that other chapters can take it (which I think is kinda important).

25-03-2011, 00:52
Never trust anything a staffer says. Never ever. Their job is to sell stuff, and if they can sell more of those things by telling people that they can be used in any Marine army, they WILL do it.

Other Marines can get the Caestus, which puts the SR to shame in any aspect anyway.

25-03-2011, 13:03
At the Chicago bunker there is a house rule taped to the counter stating that all marine chapters can use the Stormraven. Now I'm sure this is meant to increase sales but at least they are allowing people to use them.

25-03-2011, 13:53
Officially, for the time being only BA and Gk can use the Stormraven.

So, the idea is that everyone buys a new GK or BA army in order to use this particular kit.


This summer will be the 'Summer of Flyers', a new expansion pack. There are a lot of rumours going around that the SR will be made available to every marine chapter with this expansion.

So then, everyone buys an SR for their existing space marine chapter, presumably the people who bought the new army in order to use the SR will buy one again for their other SM army.

At least, I'm sure that's what GW's plan is! :)

(Personally though I think it's something that a lot of people 'house rule' as it doesn't make sense that just the BA would be able to use it).