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25-03-2011, 00:48
This list goes against most everything I believe in..except in Ardboyz:evilgrin:. I wanted a Chosen Horde with maximum survivability, so let me know what you think and any changes that make sense.

General: Sigvald In Chosen 425
I figure rerollable Stupidity at Ldr 10 is something I can live with. I like treating Dangerous Terrain as open ground and always marching. I'm not completely sure about this choice

Lvl 4 Sorc Lord Heavens In Chosen 320
Charm Shield
Inf. Puppet
Nec. Phy
Heavens has great spells for reaching out and doing damage. Something my army lacks.

BSB Tzeentch In Chosen 203
BoSec - Shadow
Power Fam
A way to get 1 extra Power Dice and I like the sig spell.


50 Khorne Maruders w GW, FC 300

18 War of Khorne, Hal, Sh, FC 376
Ban of Et. Flame

5 Mar Horse of Slan w Spear, LA 91

5 Chaos Hounds 30


37 Chosen w GW, FC 865
Wailing Banner, FoG


Chaos Warshrines X3 390

Anyway, the plan is to keep the Khorne Mar's under Sigvald/BSB bubble if possible as I advance. This list is serious VP denial, but I'm worried about my core units being concentrated on. No Hellcannons this time, I used 3 last year with mixed results. The Chosen will be extremely difficult to destroy, but I'm worried that opponents will just attempt to stay away from them. Hopefully I can get some decent damage spells out of my Lvl 4 and force the action.
Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated, I don't want to change the build completely but I own a lot of WoC and can definately do some swap outs if they sound more optimal. I don't think most of the people around here will have an answer for the Chosen Horde, so I want to keep that in the list..but maybe not as large? Not sure.

25-03-2011, 01:35
You need to read up on the WoC FAQ regarding the BoS. I'm afraid it's changed substantially!

I'd also be tempted to strip down the horsemen or swap them for hounds so the sum points of your disposables is under 100, making it much harder for people to gimp wins off you (something denial lists might try if they don't think they can win big).

25-03-2011, 02:09
I forgot about losing the extra PD, changed it. I need the MHorse for minimum core points, but I could beef up the warriors instead. I'm considering switching the Warriors to a Tzeentch HW/Sh unit anyway, just not sure I want to give up the hitting power..but I might have enough with the Khorne Marauders and the Chosen. I'm still debating this list, which is why I put it up. Thanks.
The biggest change I'm contemplating is dumping Sigvald and putting in a regular Tzeentch Lord, but I really like the leadership 10 and stubbornness..just in case I don't get the '12' somehow. Plus if I can get the Chosen the right rolls in the first turn, I might move him to the Marauders depending on the situation.

25-03-2011, 02:41
You've got so many eotg rolls from your shrines I don't think you need wailing banner... Why not +1ld banner then add a lord with stubborn crown? You can give the wizard lord a shrieking blade so you can reroll 9s and 10s from the shrines still :)

I'd keep the warriors as they are (well I might add a model and make the horsemen naked with no command)... they'll be really good at storming buildings! Unfrenzied shield warriors might be better for holding buildings though.

26-03-2011, 18:10
I've been completely rethinking this list, based on the scenarios that are listed and some advice that makes sense. I'm still going to run a unit of Chosen, just not quite as big and with 2 Warshrines instead of three. I'm also dropping Sigvald and replacing him with a Mounted Chaos Lord in a unit of Knights for the mobility and hitting power. Anyway, the completely revised list:

General: Khorne Lord on Chaos Steed In the Knights 344
Axe of Khorne Not 100% sure on this
Charm Sh
Nec. Phy
Crwn of Cmd

Sorc Lord Lvl 4 In Chosen Heavens 345
Ench Shield
Inf. Puppet
Mask of Eee! Strictly for EoG rolls

BSB: In Chosen Tzeentch 188
Brnze Arm of Zhrakk
Other Tricksters Shard


50 Khorne Marauder's with GWs, Muso, Bnr 292

24 Tzeentch Warriors with HW,Sh, Muso, Bnr 462
Blasted Std


28 Chosen of Tzeentch with GWs, FC 650
Fav of Gods
Std of Discp

9 Khorne Knights with FC 455
Banner of Swiftness


Chaos Warshrine 130

Chaos Warshrine 130

Total: 2996

I think this list does a better job of point denial and fits the scenarios better. I wish I could fit some Dogs in it and I'm taking a slight risk with only 2 Warshrines, but this is the strongest list I can think of for the first round since I know my biggest competition is a couple DoC players and a couple Skaven players. Input would be greatly appreciated and I always appreciate tips and advice.