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25-03-2011, 09:17
Trying to settle on a list for the GW Warhammer Doubles tourny at the end of May, I'm taking Orcs and Goblins and my mate is taking Chaos Warriors. So far this is what we have:

1000pts of Orcs

Orc Shaman, Lvl 2 Upgrade 100pts
Orc Big Boss, BSB, Potion of Toughness 100pts

40 Orc Boyz, additional hand weapon, full cmd 315pts

20 Black Orcs, full cmd, Banner of Eternal Flame 285pts

Giant 200pts

1000pts of Warriors of Chaos

Chaos Sorceror, Lvl 2 Upgrade, Mark of Slaanesh, Crown of Command, Iron Curse Icon 165pts

20 Chaos Warriors, additional hand weapons, Mark of Khorne, full cmd 380pts

10 Chosen, halberds, full cmd, Standard of Swiftness 255pts

5 Chaos Knights 200pts

Nothing too fancy just a run down the field and try to smash the enemy first kind of list - of course neither of us has much experience with either armies or making them work together so any tips would be most welcome :)

You also get to take a piece of terrian, and we were thinking Idol of Gork to help with charges?

25-03-2011, 11:58
The orks are good, they have a solid core of troops with which they can mow down enemy troops. Just watch out for any long-ranged units.

The Chaos list is also highly useful, but you might want to consider throwing in a couple of marauders if you can spare the points.