View Full Version : Weird Quirks

25-03-2011, 12:00
As the name implies, what weird quirks do you have when either fielding an army or in game play.

I have one, when fielding my Ork Army i have an attatched BBQ Boyz, 5 boyz that move from location to location over the board (of course with the other players permission). It is to bring a bit of comedy releif.

25-03-2011, 13:33
When I play my Orks I have a few quirks. Firstly I say @dakka dakka dakka@ whenever i shoot and have to shout "WAAGH!" when calling one. Finally with them I also have to use my objective marker of 6 Death Skullz carrying off a freshly looted SM statue form the Honoured Imperium box.

When I play my GK I recite the 666 words when deploying.

With my Guard I tend to start each of my turns with some made up quote from the Imperial Guardsmans Primer.

Before the first turn with my Nids I bend down to look close at a enemy HQ model and say "yummy".

I think it's fun to do these things and helps me get into the mindset of the army :)