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25-03-2011, 18:18
I am a huge dungeon crawl fan. I just love bands of intrepid heroes killing monsters for treasure and gold. I decided to try my hand at a quick SBG scenario to kill some time and figured I'd share. Its not a perfect dungeon crawl, but it makes for a fun skirmish.

Halls of the Dwarf Lords

A LotR SBG Dungeon Skirmish Scenario

Set-up: Choose a playing surface roughly 2ft by 2ft. The surface should be set up like a series of rooms and hallways. There should be at least 4 rooms on the board and they should be roughly 4”x4”

Each player is allowed to place 1d3 pieces of terrain (pieces of furniture, pillars, etc) and one treasure chest in any rooms they choose on the board. Up to half the rooms may have doors, rounded down. Roll off to see who places the first piece, then players take turns. No room may contain more than one treasure chest.

Finally, starting with the first player to place terrain, each player places a staircase roughly 2” in diameter in any room or hallway that does not contain a treasure chest. That player's models will enter the board from that player's staircase in the first turn. Staircases may not be placed within 10” of each other.

Forces: Each player has 150 points to spend on their force and it must contain at least one Hero. No more than 90 points may be spent on any model. There is no bow limit. Mounted models may not be chosen. The force may contain only all Good or all Evil models, but is not otherwise restricted in model choice. Gollum, Tom Bombadil and Goldberry may also not be chosen.

Starting Positions: Each player's models move onto the board from the edge of each player's staircase as if it were entering from the table's edge. Both sides roll for Priority in the first turn.

Objectives: The battle is fought until one side no longer has any models left to fight.

Special Rules

Treasure: Any model that ends its movement phase in a room and has no enemy models in base contact may search for treasure. Roll a D6 and on a roll of 6 it has discovered something. In addition If a model ends its turn in contact with a treasure chest and has no enemy models in contact with it, it may open the chest and automatically find a treasure. Roll a D6 to see what the model has found:

1)Trap!: The model takes a hit that wounds on a 4+. If the model survives, roll again on this chart, treating further results of “Trap!” as “Nothing.”

2)Dwarven Draught: The model finds a bottle of fine Dwarven spirits. The model may drink it at any time to gain a Fate point, even if it is not a Hero.

3)Dwarven Shield: Follows all the normal rules for shields.

4)Dwarven Throwing Axes: Follows the rules for throwing weapons.

5)Finely Balanced Dwarven Axe: Two Handed weapon, but the model fights with no penalty.

6)Dwarven Jewels: The model finds a cache of finely wrought gems! The model will fight more fiercely in combat to defend them, so it will always count as having +1 Fight value in combat. In addition, any model that slays him MUST spend its next movement phase picking up the jewels, gaining all the benefits for carrying them but not moving that turn.

Each room may only be searched once for treasure. Mark that room to show it is now empty. Each chest may only be opened once. Opening a chest does not count as having searched a room.

Models carrying treasures should be noted. If a warrior ends his movement phase in base contact with a friendly model it may give that model one treasure it carries. If a model carrying a treasure is slain, place a treasure marker where that model falls. Any model that ends its movement phase in contact with that marker may pick up and use that treasure.

Unless both players agree, only treasures may be traded. Other equipment is considered too personal to trade or too low-quality to loot by comparison.

Morale: The corridors of the Dwarven halls are filled with treasure and each warrior is willing to fight to the death to collect his share. Forces are never considered Broken.

Doors: Use all the rules contained in the Fortress section of the rulebook. All doors count as Heavy Doors (Defence 7 Batter Points 2).


I use the Dungeons & Dragons tiles to build my Dwarf halls, ignoring the grid on the floor. For furniture I use the HeroQuest furniture models. One side should definitely play an Evil force for the best dungeon-crawly effect! Even better if the Good player as many Heroes as possible and the Evil player uses lots of Orcs!

Obviously, if you want more detail you can give terrain special rules, add rules for moving objects or swapping regular equipment or the like.

I enjoy this scenario because you can collect a force from a single box of miniatures (marking one trooper a Hero of course). Terrain is easy to find or make because aside from the walls it is minimal. With a little work, it is not hard to make walls from insulation foam that can be moved around to create halls and rooms if you crave a 3D effect. All in all, very easy to get a painted force/board up and running.

31-03-2011, 18:17
Hey this is really cool. Thanks for posting this :) I'll have to give it a run.

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great post m8