View Full Version : Frost Blades

Dante blackfur
26-03-2011, 01:31
Ok this one is a quick question, What would you suggest I use to either substitute or make frost blades? I was thinking maybe the blades from bloodletters and green stuff some ice teeth plus a paint job? Or another option I thought Might be cool, since my book say it doens't matter what they look like they "Count as" power weapons, I could do a halbred style weapon?

What do you guys think? thanks for all the help! :)

26-03-2011, 01:53
I think in the old space wolf book Frost blades were descriped as being like chainblades but with teeth from a kraken killed by the warrior on Fenrus. In saying that if you read the space wolf novels the Ragnars blade is once decribed (I think by a Dark Angel as being a demon weapon) so most things go. If I was doing it I'd veer away from Halberds they say Custodian. I would look at evisorators, Seth's blade etc. Then paint the teeth like bones or shards of ice.