View Full Version : Ogre Dual Leadbelcher Conversion?

26-03-2011, 12:09
I've seen several conversions of Ogre Leadbelchers holding 2 cannons(1 on each shoulder) and havent been able to find them again.

Does anyone know what im talking about and can post those pictures here or direct me to them via link?

Im ready to utilize my ideas and want to know how the hands and cannons were fitted together before i start cutting away.


26-03-2011, 20:45
I may be mistaken but weren't they in White Dwarf or on the GW site for a staff painting competition or something?

27-03-2011, 05:05
possibly, i remember seeing a few posts like that on here a few months ago but for the life of me i cant seem to track them down.

guess ill be using good old fanshion trial and error to figure it out :rolleyes:

27-03-2011, 07:13
Even on Coolminiornot I haven't found any D:
Maybe there are some converts on the painting and modeling forums of the Ogrestronghold

27-03-2011, 19:47
the ogrestronghold hasnt turned up anything either, im at a loss.
the mini's looked great, but the natural positioning of the ogres arms and hands make it hard to have both hands over the shoulder. i guess i could use the bellower arms or irongut arms and see how it goes.