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26-03-2011, 21:14
OK, OK, yes I know it's nothing astoundingly astonishing. But I would rather like to use C:GK to represent an Inquisitional force. I plan on using Coteaz to represent everyone's favourite puritan-turned-radical Inquisitor, Gregor Eisenhorn. I would like to create a force representative of him towards the end of the trilogy - Eisenhorn accompanied by Bequin, Betancore (mk2), Fischig, possibly Aemos...and Cherubael.

Here is where my query to the general populace of Warseer comes in - not really to be a force of judgement about whether I do this or not, but out of curiosity about fluff inclusions pushing limits. With so much furore over people using C:GK for 1k Sons/World Eaters/Death Guard/Tanith First & Only/The Emperor's Stag Party/whatever, I was curious as to whether people object on grounds of power balance or fluffyness, or what.

I feel that the Daemonhosts featured in C:GK are nowhere near the scale of being that Cherubael should be represented by. So my plan instead is to build upon the Inquisitor scale model of him, mount it on that big oval base, and use the rules for the Dreadknight. No additional weapons , although possibly the teleporter because he's pretty darn fast when unleashed in the books. "Dark Exc." represents his ability to simply d!ck on other Daemons cos he's that hard, and if I recall correctly, the other power the Dreadknight has is Hammerhand, so that's pretty suitable. For me, it seems appropriate to represent something of the scale of Cherubael.

So considering this will be an army of Eisenhorn & retinue (all converted), accompanied by some "stormtroopers" (Warrior Acolytes with hot-shot lasguns and carapace armour, few meltas sprinkled in) in Chimeras to represent requisitioned troops, and wouldn't have sillyness like a Grand Master to make him scout or scoring...would you mind me using the epitome of godly anti-daemonness to represent one of the greatest and most terrible Daemon Princes ever overcome by the Inquisition?

As I've said, this won't really affect my decision - I'm going to do it anyway because I think it's fricking cool. However, I'm intrigued about other's reactions to uses such as this, based within the fluff, and what else is the internet forum for if not debate*? :)


*We know the other ones, but aside from whinging, the other one isn't family friendly. Keep it clean, people. ;)

Lord Damocles
26-03-2011, 21:32
That seems one of the more reasonable counts-as suggestions for Codex: Grey Knights.

(Although I did like the rocking out Emperor's Children) :shifty:

26-03-2011, 22:07
Dreadknight seems a bit big to use as Cherubael, honestly. I could see using one of the special character models for him, like Draigo, justifying the armor, weapons, and such as his daemonic gifts. Use the Inquisitor model, put him on a 40mm base, and I can see that working.

26-03-2011, 22:48
Using grey knigths as deathwatch is an option.