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27-03-2011, 07:50
The Return of Krazyface

Things had changed since Krazyface had last taken to the field, but during this time Krazyface had grown himself. No more was he a right hand man, now the savage orc lead a crack team of his own elite savage orcs and with them he terrorized the countryside, and while he did so other greenskins flocked to him.

One of his biggest steps forward was an alliance with the Stabby-stabby clan. These night goblins helped to swell the ranks and provide the numbers while his elite savage orcs provided the pure power. Together, along with a band of blackorcs and troll that seemed to thing Krazyface owed him five bucks, they created a new Waaagh!

As they won victory after victory it seemed Krazyface was coming into his own, and yet the warboss knew that these were mere skirmishes and that his army had yet to be challenged in a grander scale. So when he saw a large horde of greenskins coming his way he looked forward to his Waaagh! growing even more.

Oh how wrong he was...

This other horde was lead by Warboss Allekx Da Mean and although he had nothing against seeing orcs kill everything in their path he did not feel a savage orc was good enough to lead an entire Waaagh!, and so Allekx Da Mean looks to wrestle control from Krazyface and to the winner went the spoils.

My List:

Lvl 4 savage orc great shaman w/ shrunken head, potion of toughness
Savage orc warboss w/ sword of bloodshed, potion of strength

Night goblin big boss bsb
Night goblin big boss w/ great weapon
Night goblin big boss w/ great weapon
Night goblin big boss w/ great weapon
Night goblin big boss w/ great weapon
Night goblin big boss w/ great weapon
Night goblin big boss w/ great weapon

40 big un savage orcs w/ extra choppa, banner
100 night goblins spears w/ banner, nets
100 night goblins spears w/ banner, nets
20 night goblin archers w/ banner

40 black orcs w/ banner
42 squigs and 15 handlers
Wolf chariot
Wolf chariot

Total: 3000

His List(ish):

Orc warboss with Basha's axe, boar, light armor, shield
Lvl 4 shavage orc shaman w/ scroll, boar

Black orc bsb
Night goblin big boss w/ cave squig

40 orc big uns w/ extra choppa, banner, musician
80 night goblins w/ spears, banner, 3 fanatics, nets
60 goblins w/ banner, musician, spears, shields
20 spider riders w/ banner, musician
10 wolf riders w/ banner, spears, short bows

40 black orcs w/ banner, musician
3 trolls
Boar chariot
Spear chukka
Spear chukka


Battle Reports:

Game 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VLD_woA8AQ

Game 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9rikN5lxi4

27-03-2011, 10:17
Interesting battles o: Always so crazy.
How was animosity? I might've missed it but did you ever squabble with any of your night goblin units or the savage orcs?

I've set myself up for a beating, I asked one great Empire player who I know fields 2x Helstorm rockets and has very good skills - so I'm gonna take a beating with large S5 pie plates but thats what I wanna test out - how long will these hordes of mine last under heavy ordnance? :D

So far you haven't faced the big killer spells or the overpowered template shooting!

2 Suggestions for your current list there: Flaming Banner on Black Orcs, Might want +1LD banner back on your bsb in case of such splits and panic tests! :D

27-03-2011, 11:18
You need better opponents ;)
In both matches, a more devious opponent could have kept one of your units stuck in a building, thus isolating one of your other units. I think the key to beating your list is messing up it's formation with small support units. Those big blocks can get stuck, hindering a lot of your charges etc...
Your opponent also just threw away units to your 2 chariots.
I feel that if you would run into a list with more throw away support, you might find yourself lacking in that same department. All this is as always easier said than done.
Thanks a lot for the reports, you brightened my Sunday morning again.

27-03-2011, 14:46
Grrrr I wish you'd go back to your typed reports, I'm on dial up and can't watch the videos. I love the video's though.

27-03-2011, 15:29
Grrrr I wish you'd go back to your typed reports, I'm on dial up and can't watch the videos. I love the video's though.

dial up- does that still exist?

great battles as always mal, have to say the crazy amount of gobbo bigbosses seams a great idea, considering all the S3/4 going arround ATM so keep it up

27-03-2011, 15:30
Grrrr I wish you'd go back to your typed reports, I'm on dial up and can't watch the videos. I love the video's though.

I know...

When I did written reports people kept wanting pictures but once I started adding pictures it's easier (faster) to do it as a video.

In a way I feel thaty I should do both to let both sides have their way but that would take a lot of commitment.

27-03-2011, 16:06
Yeah I know I understand, I just miss reading your reports that's all.

When I had a computer class during school, warseer batreps was all I did :evilgrin:

28-03-2011, 00:07
Technical questions about the battles. Interestly, both are about your opponent.

1. A unit failed animosity and attacked a chariot (Get 'Em result, right?) in the second game 1st turn. Problem: chariots don't have the animosity rule and so are not subject to Get 'Em.

2. Fanatics released from a unit in a building. This issues in limbo, so judging by what you said you guys played it so that the fanatics die in that instance, correct?

Other than that, good reports. Though, I note, you still aren't putting common goblin big bosses in your Night Goblins hordes.

28-03-2011, 02:51
I think what he meant is that the unit which failed animosity- squabbled with the chariot which was the closest unit i.e. he rolled a 1 followed by a 1, thus making them both useless that turn-

28-03-2011, 04:07
russellmoo is correct, and you are correct on the second count.

I don't like it but it seems to make the most sense.

28-03-2011, 04:38
Amwood is correct. If you roll a 1, 1 on animosity, the "closest" unit has to have animosity in it's special rules to be affected. Chariots, black orcs, and others can not be stopped by a 1, 1.

Just to put it from the book.

Pg, 32, under "The Animosity Table"

"Inflict ... hits on the closest friendly unit that has 5 or more models, is subject to animosity, and is within 12"..."

So if a chariot is the closest unit within 12", and then a unit of night goblins is the next closest, the night goblins are stopped.

So it is kinda nice that it won't stop some of your harder hitting units.

28-03-2011, 15:20
Oh... never noticed that before...

Now I know ;)

29-03-2011, 16:05
Now I'm hoping that I never roll a 1 and a 1.

That and black orc big boss' just became a good buy-

29-03-2011, 16:09
Now I'm hoping that I never roll a 1 and a 1.

That and black orc big boss' just became a good buy-

Tt is a 1/36 chance and even when it does happen the damage doesn't really matter to a horde, and if against another combat army it really doesn't matter if you get the charge or them, plus you can regain lost movement with hand of gork.

The time it's obviously a killer is when you NEEDED them to move that turn.

A handy way around this is to use Gorbad, which is an idea I'm starting to put a lot more thought into.

If you add up what some people spend on their warboss and bsb it comes pretty close to the cost of Gorbad and then after you change your bunker to a wolf bunker you not only have the 18 inch bubble goodness, but he also adds his remaining wounds to the animosity table meaning it's impossible to get the double 1 result.

My problem is that I don't have enough naked wolves to act as the bunker...

29-03-2011, 16:22
I've been thinking about the same thing- except that if I ran Gorbad I'd have to put him in a unit of 10 boar boyz just for the fluffy killy goodness of such a unit- backed up by two hordes of boyz, and a horde of blorcs- maybe not optimal but it will hit hard-