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27-03-2011, 13:42
Hi Seers

Been out of 40k for an age but my brother has asked me to get back in and accompany him to uk tournies. I would only have him as a regular player, the rest of my games would be tournies. He mentioned to me that tyranids are to broken to use, and this got me looking at the book. Thinking of collecting them as I can keep the model count low with nidzilla lists.

I am wondering how nids fair against Tau? Any nids players got any pointers for me? Are they to broken for tourney play?

Help me out guys. As brothers do, I would love to prove him wrong!

Sorry for spelling etc, on a new tablet thing. Have not worked it all out yet. :)

Many thanks for any advice.


Mr Zoat
27-03-2011, 14:50
Nidzilla isn't very good anymore.

Tyranids are broken, as in 'badly put together and tend to collapse under pressure'. I doubt that anyone would complain about you using any Tyranid build.

27-03-2011, 16:12
Nidzilla isn't very good anymore.

Tyranids are broken, as in 'badly put together and tend to collapse under pressure'. I doubt that anyone would complain about you using any Tyranid build.

Agreed. If you're looking for a raw power tournament army, Tyranids are probably not the way to go right now. They can and have won tournaments, but it's an uphill battle for them to do so.

I think most players would agree that the top armies right now, power-wise, are, in no particular order: IG, Space Wolves, and Blood Angels. (Actually, probably in that order :).) GK may or may not be very strong. Preliminary evidence suggests they're somewhere around BA power level, but they may turn out to be slightly worse. Other good armies are vanilla SM (Vulkan list, Pedro list, melta-biker list) and Dark Eldar. I'm pretty sure everything else falls below these, though there could be some debate about where Orks sit.

Now, if you're not going full-on cutthroat WAAC, OP, and just want something that can compete in tourneys, then yeah, you could play 'Nids. They have some strong lists, but 'Nidzilla is not one. I think a major concern for them, though, will be that mid-sized 'Nid creatures are going to be getting mopped up by GK force weapons, but we'll see how that pans out.

27-03-2011, 17:56
Thanks for the replies, IG are off limits due to hgh model count and a personal hatred of tanks. That same hatred covers marines. I love to read about them, I dont want to paint the same guy over and over again lol.

As for the broken bit can someone elaborate as to why? I am planning on buying my force in one go so need to be sure of my choices before going any futher.

Im not really looking for a strong tournament style force, its just thats mainly where it will be used :)

27-03-2011, 19:00
The thing with the Tyranids codex is that it's very poorly written, and so we had a lengthy Faq that nerfed us at every turn. And if you were interest in the nids for fluff reasons, and were perhaps a fan of them in 4th ed...well this edition's fluff is very bad, especially by comparison.

Just in general advice: get hive guard, don't touch Lictors, Proyvores or Warriors (Shirkes and Ravs included), with Tyrants either go winged with Gargoyle screen or on Foot with an attached Tyranid Prime and Tyrant Guard brood, ignore the HS choices not called Trygons and Tryannofexes, and get Tervigons with Termagants.

27-03-2011, 19:02
Warriors seem pretty good with bone swords and whips..
The rest i mostly agree with

27-03-2011, 21:57
The problem with Warriors isn't that they're killy in CC, but their toughness. Without Eternal Warrior, all three wounds go poof against any S8 attacks, which are very common these days. With missiles, powerfists, meltas and the new psyflman dread from GK, they get vaporized and end up loosing assault if they don't kill every power fist or thunder hammer their is. I just find find them not to be worth it in any for, and go for genestealers or MCs or gaunts.

28-03-2011, 02:29
I disagree with what most is said here. I play nids and do very well. Me and my friends play very competitive list and I face off vulken/th/ss spam, IG mech spam, BA, SW, elder, and orks battle wagon spam or killa kan spam. I win about 80% of the games and our vulkan and ork player won't even play me if I bring nids he hates them so much. And all these players play at mini ard boyz tourneys, so they bring the cheese and face the cheese.

I run the swarmlord with gaurd, ygmarls hive gaurd, genestealers, 1 tervigon and the 2 or 3 trygons.

With so much large targets they have a hard time dealing with them, genestealers outflank and ygmarls go after heavy weapons in cover to tie them up so my big hitters can get there.

28-03-2011, 04:11
I don't see you disagreeing with any one Lennysfury. No one doubts that Tyranids can compete, but there are a lot of really bad units in the codex, the rules were written badly (Trygon Tunnels and the Lictor's Phermone), along with how so many MCs cost nearly the same despite radical differences (HT=/=Mawloc, fex=/=Tervigon, etc.).