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27-03-2011, 17:39
Hey! As part of my plan to make a full Grishnak, Ugluk and Mauhur list (just becaose I love that part of the books so much) I intend to field... well, Grishnak and his 3 companies of trackers.

Trackers, however, are not only metal but also cost quite the fortune. In sweden you have to pay approx. 15$ to get 3 of them, so fielding a full 24 isn't somewhat out of question. Besides the models are absolutely terrible and horrible.

What unit would fit best as substitues/proxies, do you think? It would have to be Orcs (or perhaps some sort of Goblin?) of course, but everything else seems to have either heavy armor or shields on, which I feel breaks the immersion a bit. Granted, I can overlook a bit of armor as long as there are some models who have both hand weapons and shield!

Any suggestions or advice? I've actually been looking a bit at Moria Goblins since they seem to be about the same size and look not to mention wargear... but I fear they might look a bit too goblinoid. Mordor Orcs look too armoured and barely have any of the weapons, sadly.

Edit: But then again, the Orcs from the north were Moria orcs, so I suppose the Moria goblins are pretty fitting.

Whitwort Stormbringer
28-03-2011, 05:13
Are you sold on GW minis? If so, I'd say you'd be fine using plastic Mordor orcs with just a little bit of converting. Most of them are very lightly armored, and many of them can be painted such that their armor isn't really all that apparent anyways. If you want, you could file down any mail and put a little putty over it, then sculpt it into fur. I would also take a few non-bow poses and cut out their normal weapons, then replace them with bows. Stick mostly to heads without helmets if you can, but really I wouldn't worry too much about the odd orc with headgear here or there making it into the trackers' ranks.

You could also do some orc head swaps onto other lotr figures, although that would probably leave you with a bunch of headless orc bodies and no way of using them.

If you're not totally tied to GW minis, then I think you could get by with a lot of different options. Really take your pick of any suitably light infantry with bows, and get some orcy heads on them. I know Hasselfree makes some metal orc heads, although I don't know how much they cost.

28-03-2011, 16:56
Oh, I am not worried about the headger, but the general look of things. Filing down the mail and using greenstuff to make it look like fur is a solid diea, but I'm sad to say it's a bit beyond my skill since it would look absolutely terrible if I tried something like it, I can assure you! Besides, it'd be an awful lot of work haha- and I've got problems enough as it is to get something painted in time :P

Whitwort Stormbringer
28-03-2011, 17:49
I think you should give it a shot! It really wouldn't be that hard, and you'd probably be surprised at how quickly you get the hang of it. Sculpting something like fur in particular is good for beginners because it's OK if the pattern is irregular - just put a thin layer of putty over the area in question and use a fine point (tweezers, needle, paper clip, hobby knife, whatever) to poke little holes across the entire surface.

28-03-2011, 18:14
Oh, that bit I could do fine! It's painting the fur that would look absolutely horrid.

07-04-2011, 04:00
MAS makes a fur mould (http://www.shop.microartstudio.com/)that you can use with greenstuff. That would speed things up quite a bit. :)

07-04-2011, 06:49
Haha it would I am sure, but there's already a bunch of Moria Goblins right next to me :)

07-04-2011, 13:12
As an alternative to the crazy expensive MAS mold one can buy instant mold, press it against any thing with fur to make a mold, press green stuff ( in a thin layer ) into that mold, pull it out and place it wherever you want.