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27-03-2011, 18:50

Warrior Priest - General
Heavy Armour + Shield
Hammer of Judgement

Battle Standard Bearer - Griffon Standard
Charmed Shield
Heavy Armour

Level 2 Battle Wizard - Lore of Life (Or maybe death? Or shadow? Eurgh)
Channeling Staff
Dispel Scroll

Level 1 Battle Wizard - Lore of Beasts
Dispel Scroll


30 Swordsmen
Full Command
10 Halbediers Detachment
10 Handgunners Detachment

30 Swordsmen
Full Command
10 Halbediers Detachment
10 Handgunners Detachment

10 Handgunners
Marksman with Hochland Long rifle

10 Handgunners
Marksman with Hochland Long rifle

8 Knightly Order
Musician + Standard Bearer


20 Greatswords (WP will go in here)
Standard Bearer + Musician



Hellblaster Volley Gun


1989 points

just a fun little list.
My BSB will most likely go into one of the swordsmen units, with the Beast Lore in the other one, or in a unit of handgunners. The lvl2 will go into a unit of handgunners.

Any advice or criticism? :D

(Whoops, forgot to tag the right army)

27-03-2011, 19:31
Just a couple of things,

1. Your BSB cant have a magic std and a magic item
2. You cant have a dispel scroll and channeling staff, both arcane items!

sorry for being pedantic!

27-03-2011, 19:32
Also you cant have 2 dispel scrolls in one army, both arcane items and you cant duplicate like you used to be able to.

27-03-2011, 19:38
See? That's why I post on here, all these little things that slipped out of my memory after a break of 2 years from Warhammer...
I'll update it tomorrow, going to sleep now. Cheers for pointing those (stupid) mistakes out. ^^

27-03-2011, 19:40
Looking at your list in general terms, and as a long time opponent of the empire I would suggest:

1. Ditch the greatswords for flagellents
2. Lose one of the handgunner detachments, upgrade your knights to 10 and get the warrior priest a horse and stick him in there.
3. Depending on your game plan I would be tempted to have 40 swordsmen as a horde with the BSB and possibly another hero if poss with the crown of command, makes the unit handy in combat and a tarpit!
4. From experience I would rather face the hellblaster than 2 mortars, think about that:)

Dark Aly
28-03-2011, 20:55
Having a warrior priest as your general may be a big issue. I'd rather have an arch lector with armour of meteoric iron (or holy relic) and van Hortsmann's speculum or give your BSB the AoMI, He's a bargin for 100 points. I'd try and fit an Arch lector and a level 4 wizard within the 500 point limit for lords and then the 100 points BSB as described above.

Your core are too small. I think detachments aren't worth it when then detract from your main blocks, only buy them is you have the spare points, I'd use the points to make your blocks at least 40. I also don't like missile weapon detachments as it forces you into a more defensive role (but thats just me- others will disagree)

8 knights- You need to be at least 10 to cause disruption. I'd either go 12 with the banner of eternal flame for monster hunting and flank attacks, or 6 (3x2) with great weapons to add kills and support the anvil blocks of spearmen.

A cannon is almost essential as empire troops will struggle against any big monsters. A mortar is excellent, but a helblaster only works for defensive armies and lacks tactical flexibilty so may or may not be useful (see below)

I'd think about army synergy a bit more, at the moment you have a fairly defensive and reactionary army apart from the unit of knights. If you want a more rounded force I'd consider swapping a unit of [defensive] swordsmen for [more offensive] halberdiers and loose the handunner detachments and if you want detachments beef up the melee detachments (1 rank min. for disruption- after casualties). With your current set up your general (priest) may well be isolated from the core of your force and so they won't benefit from his Ld.

I'd disagree with Jadawin about point #1. I think greatswprds are much better than flagellents (both have uses however) as they have more combat potential in subsequant rounds and if you keep your BSB near the Ld 8 (9 if general near too) re-roll stubborn is almost as good as unbreakable, they are also more survivable due to higher WS and armour. The rest of his points are valid though- decide how you want your army to perform;

Defnsive and reactionary
Aggresive and forceful
Or (my favorite)
Well rounded and adaptable

immortal git
28-03-2011, 23:50
ditching the greatswords for flags seems like a terrible idea, i like to have both, now on to the list, i personally dont think that the units of ten handgunners are a good idea, i mean the 160 points could get you 15 flaggelants with a prophet, just something to consider

static grass
29-03-2011, 05:57
You will struggle to effectively deploy 40 hand gunners in your battleline. If you dropped 20 of them you could use the points on beefing up the greatswords who are well worth their life insurance premiums. Get used to watching that unit bleed though!

static grass
29-03-2011, 07:51
iPhone user failure.

29-03-2011, 19:07
With the flagellents/greatswords I can only speak from my experience of facing both and personnally I prefer Gswords as opponents! I agree that Gswords have the staying power but they do not have the fear factor that flagellents do, or the surprising hitting power if your opponent is unprepared;)

Dont forget that against almost everyone bar chaos and deamons flagellents can inflict huge damage on a single unit that can be game changing, Gswords are good at sticking around but I dont think they can win you the game like flagellents and Knights can.

30-03-2011, 18:06
Cheers for the replies, didn't have notifications enabled so I had no idea people replied after my last message... :o

Anyway, it's supposed to be a fun list for when I want to play with something else against my mates. That said I've never actually played with Empire and the detachments looked useful. :p
Looking at the replies, it seems opinions about greatswords/flagellants are divided. I think I will stick to Greatswords simply because I think they look cool, and without flagellants it looks a bit more professional as a whole. The handgunners for a stand and shoot reaction, and the halbediers to throw in some punch in their sides when they/I charge. But I suppose I did go a bit overboard with the handgunners... :p

Anyway, I still have 30 state troops to assemble... halbediers or swordsmen? Keeping in mind that I've already got an unit of swordsmen.