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28-03-2011, 22:10
O&G 2250 pts

Played three games now with the latest list, two 1500 and one 2000.
So next time i think i will play with 2250 against someone.
Seems like they want to play that size also.
What do you think?

Orc Warboss (203)
Gear: armour of destiny, Shield, sword of strife.
BSB black orc big boss (135)
Gear: Enchanted shield, Opal amulet (4+ ward fist wound).
Night Goblin shaman (110)
Lvl2, dispel scroll.
20 savage big uns orcs (255)
FCG, add.hand weapon.
25 orcs (210)
FCG, shield.
20 Arrer Boyz (160)
35 Night goblins (135)
Standard, Musician, spears.
3xfanatics (75)
Wolf Chariot (50)
2x Orc boar chariot (2x85)
2x Chukka (2x35)
20 Black orcs (310)
FCG. +1Move banner.
Spindeln (290)
Doom diver (80)
Mangler Squigs (65)

30-03-2011, 03:42
SOme quick notes.
The Savage orc and Black orc units are a bit small. 20 just does not seem enough to me.
I like your character selection though. I like few characters, and a warboss is always a good way to go in an O&G army over a shaman (Just cooler)
I normally run my boys with Add Choppa, but I hear shields do well also. I look forward to hearing how this list works for you.

30-03-2011, 05:09
You seem to be a little magically weak- you might want another ng or orc shaman to help channel dice, and carry a power scroll/stone.